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Armenian-Azerbaijani Hostilities Still Gaining Momentum After 6 Days Of War

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Armenian-Azerbaijani Hostilities Still Gaining Momentum After 6 Days Of War

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On October 3, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan addressed the nation regarding the ongoing war with Azerbaijan and the current situation in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. He declared that high-ranking Turkish military personnel are in Azerbaijan and are leading the hostilities against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (an Armenia-affiliated self-proclaimed state).

“According to our military, in addition to the Azerbaijani army units, Syrian mercenaries and terrorists, special units of the Turkish army are involved in the attacks. We have information that 150 high level Turkish military officers are in different Azerbaijani command centers and control the military operations. What I mentioned here show how fierce clashes are taking place on the frontline,” he said.

According to Pashinyan, the developments of the previous day showed that 150-200 soldiers of Azerbaijan attack every military position of the military of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (formally known as the Republic of Artsakh). These attacks are repeated several times during a day and are supported by missile and conventional artillery, armored vehicles, aircrafts and UAVs.

According to him, Nagorno-Karabakh has been fighting against “an Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorist attack, the volume and scale of which is unprecedented.” Pashinyan claimed that despite numerous casualties and losses of military equipment from the Karabakh side, “the enemy was unable to solve a single tactical problem,” and “intense fighting continues.”

“The resilience with which our soldiers, officers, generals and volunteers withstand this heinous attack is unbelievable. Our soldiers and volunteers spare nothing and demonstrate unimaginable acts of heroism. Today hundreds of armored vehicles, dozens of airplanes and helicopters, hundreds of UAVs of the adversary have already been destroyed. Manpower losses of the adversary are over a few thousands. AT this moment fierce clashes continue in different parts of the frontline, in some cases the Defense Army units have appeared in rather unfavorable situation, in other places confidently keep control of the situation,” Pashinyan said.

According to the Prime Minister of Armenia, “Turkey and Azerbaijan pursue not only military-political goals, there is not only the issue of territories.”

“Their goal is the Armenians, their goal is the continuation of the Armenian genocide,” he said.

According to Pashinyan, Armenia is “able to defend itself,” and the end of the current conflict can only be the victory of the Armenian side.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Al Jazeera, published on October 3, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that his country cannot afford any more ‘futile’ negotiations with Armenia.

“We are not in a position to listen to statements like ‘Stop it, we will work [with you], we will negotiate, we will help.’ We have heard this many times. We do not have time to wait for another 30 years. The conflict must be resolved now,” he said adding that that the (military) settlement to the conflict with Armenia must be found “as soon as possible.”

Armenia and Azerbaijan are indeed in the state of de-facto war. The ongoing Armenian-Azerbaijani war has likely become the first military conflict of such a scale between two state actors of the comparable power. Even now, after the 6 days of war, it is already clear that the final number of casualties will be counted in thousands.

While so far the Azerbaijani side has in fact has not achieved any real breakthrough on the ground, the ongoing military confrontation has once again demonstrated a successful employment of the concept of the wide-scale usage of unmanned aerial vehicles: reconnaissance, aerial targets, loitering munitions and drones carrying bombs and missiles. This allow the Azerbaijani side, with an apparent help from Turkey, to successfully detect, uncover and strike Armenian artillery and fortified positions. Regardless the reality of Armenian claims about the supposed usage of Turkish F-16 jets to cover the employed UAVs, the Azerbaijani side gained a full control in the air dimension.

In own turn, the Armenian side had time to conduct an extensive engineering work preparing a wide network of fortified positions across the region. This allows Armenian forces to keep most of their positions despite the air dominance of Azerbaijan.

In the current format, the conflict has been developing under a more or less classic scenario with the consistent frontline, which Azerbaijani forces try to push and further. Nonetheless, their gains were limited and as of the fourth day of the war, it entered into the phase of artillery duels amid the Azerbaijani air campaign. Up to 80% of casualties of the both sides are a result of rocket, artillery or air strikes.

Nonetheless, forces of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republics and Armenian units (which Erevan calls ‘volunteers’) are an underdog in the event of the large-scale prolonged conflict with the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc, even if Armenia openly enters the conflict. Therefore, the outcome of the war will significantly depend on the ability of Azerbaijan (with help from Turkey and its mercenaries/militants) to use its air and numerical advantage to develop the advance and make some gains while the regional diplomatic situation allows this.


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So many of former Armenian leadership are inside N-K to lead its defense. And Armenia complains of Turkey military personal helping Azerbaijan?

If Armenian troops pull back from N-K, Turkey will pull its advisors.


LOL, OK, what a deal.

If I send ten thousand ZOGbux to your Gaypal account, will you stop poasting? That seems like a similar bargain.


“his Gaypal account” :)

John Wallace

Did you forget to put the R between the two O’s in your name.

Damien C

Armenia should just level Baku with Iskander missiles that’ll either end it in a hurry or ramp the whole thing up to pop-corn and pizza levels


More business opportunities for Turks to export their terrorist Islamist mercs from the breeding grounds in Idlib and north Syria, while Putin joyrides with Turks in Idlib and issues joint statements with Zioterrorists Trump and Macron.


It has been claimed that Mataghıs has been captured recently. If true, that means Talysh is besieged and that town is about to fall also.

Rhodium 10

Azerbajan cannot retake NK…mountains, heights, ATGM /Sniper teams/ constant supply of weapons Armenia, Russia, Iran…too much for Azeri army!


Maybe not the whole NK, but they have advanced a little on multiple fronts. About Russia… they are just watching so far. Why? I think they want Pashinyan to resign or at least, obey Russia completely. Our words will not determine what is happening or about to happen in the field. We can only watch.

Lucia West

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John Wallace

Azerbaijan youtube channel. Not found the Armenian version .. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9m21a2rI1_0DItLvHcuCw I don’t back either side but do wonder if perhaps Kim is too busy making money not to have the time to show crocodile tears in support of Armenia.


It’s kinda funny the topic is 6 days of war, I remember something else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-Day_War Glory to the IDF, pride and honor.

John Wallace

The Russians said years later that Sadat did a deal with Israel to let them attack Egypt and win quickly so that Israel could concentrate on attacking Syria , their number one enemy. That is why years later the Egyptian military assassinated Nasser at a military parade where a group jumped off a couple of trucks and opened fire on the entourage of Sadat . As a reward for his treachery Israel signed a peace deal with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_RuvQOFeeo

Arman Melkonyan

The Turk is an abomination.

Donmeh Zionists and Talmudic Freemasons along with the eagerly collaborating Turks committed the genocide of the first Christian nation of history, the Armenians.
 The most influential and powerful Young Turk leaders were Donmeh Zionists, as was Ataturk himself. (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was also a Freemason. Just consult the lists of Freemasons posted under the category of ‘Foreign Leaders’ on most any Freemasonic website.)

Talat Pasha was the HEAD of the Freemasons of the Middle East.  This is an official FACT recognized by world Freemasonry.  Freemasons never repudiated Talat Pasha the *highest* 33rd degree Freemason.   Talmudic Freemasons are proud to count him amongst their own illuminated international community.  
 Israel, ADL and almost all Zionist organizations and prominent American Zionists including United States Congress members always helped and lobbied for Turkey until very recently when the Turks turned against Israel but only for show to placate the Muslim masses. Still, the supposedly antisemitic Turkish President Erdogan and his son do lots of business with Israel which included selling ISIS oil to the Israelis. The Turkic Azerbaijanis buy all of their most sophisticated military drones and weapons systems from Israel which led to Christian Armenia’s pulling back of its ambassador from Israel.
 Israel ADAMANTLY refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide to this day. Because Zionists are RESPONSIBLE for the genocide of the first Christian nation of history the Armenians.

1. Karabagh (Artsakh) was an Armenian land centuries before the birth of Christ. Azerbaijan didn’t even exist until 1920! 2. The population of Karabagh was 95 percent Armenian when that depraved Bolshevik Stalin “gifted” it to the Azeri Turks like it belonged to him. 3. Karabagh was still 85-90 percent Armenian after half a century of Azeri oppression and ethnic cleansing attempts, when the conflict started in 1988. 4. Karabagh was a semi-autonomous region even if legally recognized as part of Azerbaijan.  Remember: Hitler was also “legally” elected.  And Turkey today has illegally invaded Cyprus, tortured, raped and killed thousands of Greek Cypriot Christians (More than 1500 Greek Cypriots were abducted and transferred to Turkey in 1974 never to be seen again. All these “missing persons” tortured to death in the great Turkish tradition undoubtedly. There is plenty of reading material available on the bestiality of the Turks.) BUT both Europe and the US; both China and Russia do plenty of business with the Turks even though these hypocrites LEGALLY voted in their United Nations Assembly that the Turkish invasion of Cyprus is ILLEGAL and that Turks are LEGALLY BOUND to leave Cyprus. 5. What matters foremost is JUSTICE and self-defense to preserve one’s right to live. NOT only what is “legal.” Remember, Jews. Only 75 years ago it was legal to kill Jews in Europe. 6. If Karabagh is overtaken by the Turkic Azerbaijanis and their Turkish and ISIS allies, they will exterminate the Armenians where they find them exclusively through humiliation, rape and torture. The Turks are gloating about what they will do all over the internet.

Fight and resist the depraved Turks and Azeris. Recognize and support the Karabagh Armenians’ right to survive and the necessity of their independence and self-determination just to be able to live in peace.


to all who are here for having good quality analyses and reports we must not forget about Turkey from the beginning of their involvement in Syria and Libya from the beginning they were lying cheating and presenting images and video’s that after some viewers took screenshots and asked to specialists about authenticity and you certainly all remember how they got caught with photoshopping and so on even their numbers can not be trusted i can only pray that one of the days that old erDOGan will be put asleep because this man is becoming a very traitorous and dangerous megalomaniac HE must be stopped, or Turkey US and Israel will destroy ME and trying to destroy the Caucasus to imho, but I am sure PUTIN will not allow that

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