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Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Moves To Moscow’s Streets

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Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Moves To Moscow's Streets

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Since the conflict along the Armenian and Azerbaijani border appears to have subsided and is back to its usual low-intensity simmering, it appears to have moved to the streets of Moscow.

The Armenian public organization “Pravoy Put” claims that Azerbaijanis stopped cars with Armenian plates and beat people who were in them.

According to unofficial data, there is at least one victim with a knife wound. It is also reported that officers of the National Guard and other authorities were involved in suppressing the clashes.

There is also a video showing one of the incidents.

There appears to also be a sort of “economic war” taking place.

In Moscow, one of the largest wholesale food depots, controlled by natives of Azerbaijan, refused to accept trucks with Armenian apricots.

On Friday, July 17th, one of the largest wholesale and retail food centers in Russia, Food City, which is located on the 22nd kilometer of Kaluga highway, unexpectedly banned the sale of Armenian goods.

As a result, 50 trucks with Armenian apricots and prunes (which are perishable goods) ended up in the dump.

Representatives of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow immediately arrived at the market, but no one spoke to them in Food City and the visitors were escorted out by security.

“Officially, we received an explanation that this decision was made by the leadership of the shopping center in order to avoid conflict situations between Armenians and Azerbaijanis,” spokeswoman for the Armenian Ministry of Economy Anna Ohanyan said.

The situation can be regarded as an attempt to impede the sale of goods from Armenia on the territory of Russia on a national basis, said the Armenian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Vardan Toganyan.

“One gets the impression that individual legal enclaves in Moscow are guided by Azerbaijani laws and follow instructions from Baku, thereby feeling outside of Russian jurisdiction,” Toganyan added.

In his opinion, “this behavior is also aimed at provoking interethnic tension in Russia.”

Meanwhile, Azerbaijanis on social networks began to post various videos where they crush Armenian apricots.

And the Armenians launched an “apricot flash mob” on social networks. As a result, the Armenians in Moscow came to the markets and bought almost all the Armenian fruits in just a few hours.

Some bought up tons of apricots, and on July 19th a campaign was announced about the free distribution of eight and a half tons of Armenian apricots and peaches to everyone at the Armenian church on Olympic Avenue.

A strong reaction among Armenians was caused by the Telegram statement of the editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan.

“After all the evil and choking contempt that you have shown towards Russia in recent years, do your information troops and you yourself consider yourself entitled to wait for help? In fact, after all that you have done, Russia has every moral right to spit on you and grind you. But it won’t do that. I’m sure. It will help this time too. Because Russia is like that. Generous and noble, my homeland, beloved,” she wrote in her post.

And the conflict was actually settled on July 19th.

“Today and yesterday, in the second half, the issue has been fully resolved. I mean, the issue of organizing the sale, distribution and storage of agricultural products has been resolved. Because thanks to the capabilities of the Moscow center, the Moscow market, various retail outlets, markets and large logistics centers “Bukhta”, “Shchelkovsky” and so on, the goods arrived and were redirected to Food City. The trade is going on, and there are no problems with this issue this morning,” Vardan Toganyan, the Armenian Ambassador said. This was confirmed by the city authorities.

In regard to hunting Armenians or Azerbaijanis on the streets to beat on them, these “patriots” should, likely, consider enlisting in the army and defending their homeland’s borders, since that’s where the fight should be. Not presumed patriotism on the cities of the capital of a third country.


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To sum up. Azerbaijanis of Russia are boycotting Armenian products, beating their citizens. Armenians (the ones close to Kremlin) of Russia are going against Armenian leadership.
Basically a message from Russia to Pashinyan that “mate you went too far”, come back to your vassal status.

Potato Man

Russia have been protecting them (Armenians) and save their ass before and they go to EU and ask for help from them and want to be part of EU to get free money.

They suck Israeli diC as well IAF (F-35) used Armenian airport before to launch attack against Iran.


I understand Armenians too. They want Russian protection along with western investments. But one can’t have both, gotta choose one of them

Potato Man

That’s what that clown (Nikol Pashinyan) trying to do, ofc Russia having none of that BS.


Bunch of freeriders. Can’t say if it is only Pashinyan or freeriding is in Armenian nature.


I don’t “understand Armenians” since American gov. are proven liars and can’t ever be trusted.
I don’t think it’s only about “investments” either.
Armenian elite’s attracted by greed a,d Western promises are betraying even basic interests of SURVIVAL of their own people (defended only by Russia) and stupid Armenian sheeple are following them into abyss.


If what you say is true (I sincerely hope it is not) than Russian foreign policy towards Armenia would be a foreign policy of African banana republic thug and not foreign policy of the world military super power, which is Russia’s current status.
Talking like that is disrespectful towards Russia.
Armenia needs Russia because they are defenseless against Azerbaijan +Turkey.
So you are just badmouthing Russia.

Potato Man

Nikol Pashinyan went to EU and asked from help, but the Russian are protecting them, do you really think Azerbaijan & Turkey wouldn’t fuk Armenia by now?

I remember Turkey killed 1.5 million ethnic Armenians and do this day countries back Turkey or just ignore it… the fact is Armenia is poor country compare to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia would give up Armenia if Turkey come to the other side.
EU and Russia would like Turkey more than Armenia bud.

BTW that clown Nikol Pashinyan just look him up…he is just a clown.


I really don’t understand your comment.
Why are you telling me all those things?!
To tell me what I have said myself already…
Of course they are still protected by Russia to the extent… and under the condition…
That goes even without saying!

So why are you saying all this that is obvious …Only with more words and extra added, not so important details.
Armenia can’t have both ways and Russia knows that, everybody knows that.
If Armenia turns to West (NATO) they will be destroyed one way or another.

That Russia would “sell” Armenia to get Turkey on her side is just Western propaganda and huge hogwash that can buy people who know NOTHING about Russia!
Russia NEVER sell or betray a true allay !
They are not U.S.!

So I am wrong person for selling Western bollocks anti-Russian propaganda….
But than if you live on the West how else you could think than through Western propaganda?

Potato Man

1. you edited your comment and no I don’t remember what you said and what you add to it.
2. “Talking like that is disrespectful towards Russia.” fuk no, what (lovethemapples) said isn’t fuking disrespectful towards Russia.
3. “So why are you saying all this that is obvious” you have to tell a child a hundred times so the child understand.
4. “That Russia would “sell” Armenia to get Turkey on her side is just Western propaganda” Oh please if Russia cared about Armenia they wouldn’t let Pashinyan be the PM.
5. It is Armenia you dumb ass that selling itself to EU/NATO buddy not Russia when did said Russia selling Armenia to get Turkey?
“Russia would give up Armenia if Turkey come to the other side.”
“EU and Russia would like Turkey more than Armenia bud.”
6. “Russia NEVER sell or betray a true allay !” IT IS FUKING Pashinyan that is betraying Russia, you good in the head buddy???
7. “They are not U.S.!” NO SHIT!!
8. “So I am wrong person for selling Western bollocks anti-Russian propaganda”
Buddy buddy I’m backing Russia and but you sound like sucking Armenia dick only and using “Russia is fully backing Armenia BS” and claiming Armenia is not betraying Russia bud.
9. “But than if you live on the West how else you could think than through Western propaganda?”
The fuk? One I not pro-western bud, two “propaganda”? for what

***”I really don’t understand your comment. Why are you telling me all those things?” You got mad and could think or didn’t understand me bud.
Here: Armenia wants to join EU/NATO, they are bartering Russia and that’s what (lovethemapples). But you think Armenia is not bartering Russia and you think Russia would back Armenia. Now read what (lovethemapples), “So you are just badmouthing Russia.” It is not bad mouthing Russia.


Nice try to put me against Russia, but no im not badmouthing Russia. If Russie indeed was the supporter of Armenia in this situation they would have said so. All they said was that they are concerned about the situation. And make no mistake the relations are not the same. Armenia is an ally of Russia in Eurasian Union and CSTO. But the support never came. Unless you are saying that Russians are not compitent?


Of course “relations are not the same”. Everybody knows that.

If you are not against Russia that can be only good news for me.
And if you are trying to support them, than you have strange way to do that.
I can’t agree with your logic because things are never “black and white” in life (except when one is George Bush of course).

And what would you do exactly in their position?
Russia is playing usual game of not “putting all eggs in the same basket” which is very pragmatic and realistic approach.
They try to play “good relations” with all players till all the cards are not played.

Situation after the latest color revolution in Armenia (as you probably know) is “delicate”.
Russia can’t renounce completely support to newly “elected” pro – Western government to preserve its decisive influence in country. They know that Armenia can’t survive without them.
Russian military base is in Armenia .

So they just adjusting themselves to the double-faced game of Armenian PM who is seeking to get as close to the West as possible, while showing smile of prostitute towards Russia.

So Russia is just observing Armenia closely with service MINIMUM towards them till Armenian gov. shows their true colors. That’s my 2 cents.


I am not pro or anti Russia. I will remain neutral if it is still allowed over here.

Lone Ranger

5 year olds…
Revenge of the apricots…Part Deux…


OMG OMG Russia is on the brick of collapse! Russia is a failed country! Panic now!


Keep dreaming.


Thanks for reminder, that U.S. media have been parroting in last 20 years!
Yet the facts on the ground show that new USSR and country ready for total collapse is only:
United States of Losers and not Russia!


Do you have a single link in support of your affirmation?


Ha ha ha good joke !
Just read the every day news about your own, ever more, FAILED country!


Well, I read news about your shithole every day too. Joking :D


US is in such dire straits now, that having civil war and becoming another global “shit hole” is one of your realistic options.


Goodjob Azerbaijanis.


They are neighbors and share culture and blood. They should live together in peace.


They should be part of Russian Federation.


They were part of USSR, but seems like none of them liked it.


You are wrong as usual.
USSR did plenty for development of those countries specially Ukraine (that was destroyed completely by Jewnited States and their Ukrainian neo-NAZI’s)
After the USSR collapse Ukraine was much more industrialized than Russia.

Plenty of communists liked it in USSR, but they have lost support of their own people.
Their “revolution” vent through their anus…they have lost moral compass, had too much privileges, so they couldn’t guide the nation with success.

The rest was negative influence of U.S. through dollar and limitless printing machine scam of worthless fiat currency.
Country of liars (everything about US is false including landing on the moon.)

They were destroying Russia and all other countries of ex-USSR through corruption trying to turn them into modern colonies.

Every your comment is either anti Soviet or anti Russian…how interesting (since you are “friend” of Russia).


USSR is not Russia only. If USSR did a lot for those countries it means they have done it themselves. And if they don’t want it now, again it is their decision. Unions are not forced.


Send the spetsnaz and round these fuckers out.

Panthera Pardus

Spetsnaz are not for internal missions.
there is a good summary here (dated 2016)


I see. They should have added another amendment to the Constitution then :D

However, no problem. They have the OMON.


” “One gets the impression that individual legal enclaves in Moscow are guided by Azerbaijani laws and follow instructions from Baku, thereby feeling outside of Russian jurisdiction,” Toganyan added. ”

There is a similar situation with immigrants old and new within their enclaves in the UK.


Moscow is guided by Russian law. And if it fits for Russian geopolitical interests to punish Armenians for who they choose to be their PM, then they will do it.


Russia doesn’t “punish” countries for choosing pro-Western PM, but your friends from Washington do that very often.


Washington does that too, but as well as Russia. Ukraine, Georgia.


There you go again, pretending to be pro-Russian while slandering Russia and telling lies.
How can you say such nonsense?!
Poroshenko did NOT ask Putin for help!
He just got scared and run away to Russia from Western paid neo-NAZI’s.
And what about Georgia?
What could have Russia do after staged color revolutions?
Do the same thing ?
Russia RESPECTS international law and sovereignty of the countries and they don’t do color revolution or intervene in sovereign countries in way, shape or form!


So Russian forces on the streets of Crimea before the so called referendum was within the international law? Which law is it that you speak of?:)))) This will be hilarious, go ahead im waiting.


both are non-states and belong to Russia or new Soviet Union.


Everybody involved should be stripped of Russian citizenship (if they have one) and deported not by first airplane but by one way rocket (not ever to return to Russia even as tourists) !!

If they are so keen to fight Armenians they should go back to their country to fight war and not to attack people in Russia on the street like pack of rabid dogs.

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