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Armenian-Azerbaijani Clashes Risk To Escalate Into Regional Conflict. At Least One General Already Killed (Videos)

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Armenian-Azerbaijani Clashes Risk To Escalate Into Regional Conflict. At Least One General Already Killed (Videos)

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The conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the border area of Tovuz on the border between two countries has been developing since July 12. Both sides have been actively employing artillery and heavy weapons and accuse each other of provoking the conflict.

The Azerbaijani military reported that Major General Gashimov Polad and Colonel Ilgar Mirzaev were killed in clashes with Armenian forces on July 14 morning. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said that a total of 7 personnel have been killed in the fighting. Kerim Veliyev, deputy defense minister, claimed that nearly 100 Armenian soldiers have been killed over that period.

The Armenian side denies any casualties caliming that it was successfully repelling the ‘Azerbaijani agression’. At the same time, Baku insists that Armenian forces, supposedly responsible for the escalation, also suffered casualties.

Armenian strikes on positions of Azerbaijani forces:

Azerbaijani strikes on Armenian forces:

The Turkish Defense Ministry already declared its full support to Azerbaijan, condemned the ‘Armenian agression’ and vowed to assist Baku in the ongoing military standoff. It’s expected that Turkey and Azerbaijan will expand its military cooperation and further due to the developing conflict. Ankara will also increase the supplies of military equipment and weapons to Baku.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization, a security bloc that includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, condemned the clashes and called on the sides to abide the ceasefire regime. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is deeply concerned by the clashes.

“We are deeply concerned about the shootings on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. We call on both sides to exercise restraint and respect their obligations under the cease-fire. Russia, as we have already stated at various levels, is ready to provide its mediation efforts for a settlement, as a co-chair of the Minsk group,” Peskov said.

Armenian-Azerbaijani Clashes Risk To Escalate Into Regional Conflict. At Least One General Already Killed (Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

The current situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is highly dangerous and may turn into the regional conflict. Both sides widely employ military propaganda instigating the confrontation and do not demonstrate signs of the readiness for any comprehensive de-escalation. Furthermore, a pro-Western foreign policy posture of the current Armenian government during the past years undermined its relations with Russia. It’s unlikely that Moscow will intervene in the conflict if there is no direct threat to the existence of the Armenian statehood. Also, Russia and Turkey, the main backer of Azerbaijan, currently have productive bilateral relations in the economic, military and diplomatic spheres. Therefore, it’s even more unlikely that Moscow would risk its joint projects with Ankara to save face of its theoretical allies in Armenia. In own turn, Azerbaijan enjoys a strong support from the Erdogan government that in the even of a full-scale military confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan will apparently support Baku by military means.


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  1. lovethemapples says:

    This escalated very quickly. Lets see how it goes.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      No chance of a major flareup, the Russians have very strong influence on both and Turkey has its handsfull in Syria, Iraq and Libya. The Zionist parasites and Americunts are arming Azerbaijan, but it is a very weak and corrupt state run by the same Aliyev family of pimps like Saudi faggots. The Azeri people are corrupt and not fighters, the Americunts pushed this failed offensive and Azeris took a beating despite $8 billion in just western and Zionist weaponry.

      1. lovethemapples says:

        Russia is the biggest arms supplier to Azerbaijan. I doubt your source is accurate.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Armenian military is based on the Russian model. Very professional. However, the NATO cunts and Jews have been pushing weapons to Azerbaijan.

          Advanced Israeli Weapons Sold to Azerbaijan Exposed in SIPRI report along with US, UK and French weapons.


          1. Satellitte says:

            Azeri have better equipment and more fund than the Armenian and less enemy. Armenian have their biggest foe in the region Turkey.Thank to the Russian 102nd Military Base protecting the country.

          2. lovethemapples says:

            Wrong comment section i assume. Your comment is irrelevant to mine. You are comparing militaries. At least attempting, but for Armenia you mention training, for Azerbaijan you mention technology. Different components of military power. Apples and oranges mate. Would you prefer to repost with clarification?

  2. FlorianGeyer says:

    The bloodstained hands of the Western ‘Desperate to Start Another War Cult’ are all over these senseless conflicts. just as they are in Yemen,Syria,Iraq, much of Africa,Hong Kong,Libya,Venezuela,Bolivia,Equador,Ukraine, and many more target nations.

    The West, particularly within NATO, can see no other way to hold back their Tsunami of debt, other than creating havoc in other lands, in order to plunder their resources.

    1. Jimmy Jim says:


      1. Kim Jong-un says:


    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes: Iran ready to help ease tensions as Zarif to visit Baku and Yerevan.

  3. Assad must stay says:

    hopefully putin can intervene again and bring some kind of peace

  4. Free man says:

    Azerbaijan has been preparing for this war for years.
    They will never give up on Nagorno-Karabakh.
    Another never-ending war.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Another stupid Jew cunt.

  5. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

    armenia go full throttle and decimate these azeri and turko mongol bastards….Indian swati weapon locating radar is on d way

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      eat to much bake beans again 99p boy

      1. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

        hello there my dear friend Mustafa! it me your friend!! always good to see you around here…hey i wanted to ask you …are you ok as a Turk citiven with all the wars Erdogan is getting your country in?? arent you worried that he will do damage to turkey/?

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Actually, the CIA believes that due to lack of any resistance the Turks will achieve all their goals. Pepe Escobar in Asia Times and even the CIA mouthpiece Al-Monitor has the same analysis:

          Erdogan: Turkey on path to ‘unstoppable power’ in region

          Turkish president throws his lot in again with Russia and Iran in
          Syria, expands plans for influence in North Africa and moves to convert
          the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque. In the next three years, Erdogan said, Turkey will be an unstoppable power in the region, in a partnership with Russia, Iran and China and a major beneficiary of the One Belt, largely due to its size and geographical location at the crossroads of Eurasia.

          1. JIMI JAMES says:

            In other words them cocksukers of the eu-epp pro lgbtq fraternity are asking for a severe assflogging if anything vying for the same sex marrage masters of sin,no?
            Looks to me there is no hope if one betrays faith for the burnt offerings of incest!

        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Not at all re takis. 2023 coming be ready

          1. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            why whats on 2023? re Mehmet?

          2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            We’re coming to get our Island back… create. Rhodes.. Samos.. Chios.. koş.. leros.. lemngs.. ikaria.. mytilene.. meis.. plus western trace.. all the agreement finishing 2 year time

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Just don’t land paratroopers on Crete, the rocks are sharp, a naval assault would be just fine :)

          4. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            ahahahhaha…did you ecaped from the asylum? ahahahhah so funny

          5. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            Be patient not long now.

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        He is the stupid inferior Hindu filthy cunt “paul” posting with all his trolling accounts. Last week the idiot was pro-Turkish and now in every thread anti-Turkish crap. The other CIA cunt “objective” has the same pattern, these dumb morons must think everyone is stupid. The Indian rats are dying in the streets and can’t even feed themselves a single meal, but troll for their western masters. It is quite entertaining.

        1. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

          in ur country 400 people died drinking acid to treat corona..ur general gets killed by USA at will……and i am no Turcko supporter but yeah i recoginize their fighting capabilities and strategy

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            In your shithole of a country 1 billion crap in the streets, so you guys should be more interested in basic hygiene which rest of the world mastered a million years ago. Secondly, the Turks have the support of NATO behind them, so who will stop them. Egypt can’t even stop Ethiopia from daming the Nile and killing off its agriculture. The scales are same as China whupping you guys and chucking your starving soldiers in the ravine.

          2. Saubhik Ghosh, frnd of israel says:

            only time will tell who whips whom….do u know India is d largest IT exporter in d world and Iran is d largest jihad exporter in d middle east and dat tells volume about ur country….u guys must come back to ur old Zoroastrian fold and behave in a more civilized way….and dont kiss chinese arse so much…u guys will meet d same fate of Uighurs

  6. FANFARONE says:

    I like how Twerkiye poses as a world class super-power sporting mighty ambitions, yet they are unable to take action in their neighbourhood in order to assist their brethren azeri to take back nagorn karabah – such loozers & posers LOL

    1. lovethemapples says:

      was there a request for assistance?

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      The only posers are hato and ever more incumbent cia/us chickenhawks,either way they lose!

      1. Jimmy Jim says:

        GAS THE KIKES!

  7. Paul says:

    Azeri a$$**les are losing just like Turks.Hope Armenia destroys azerbaijan

    1. guest says:

      Worry about China giving you another hiding.

      1. Paul says:

        China should worry about NATO plus Japan ,India and southeast Asia.They are getting banged economically.Internally China is weak,they have an aging population.Plus if they attack india we would just nuke them.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          You filthy Hindu idiot, needs to learn to wash your black stinking arse first ROFLMAO.

          1. Paul says:

            You filthy Shia are getting killed by saudi and israel and dying like rats.Worry about that

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Bait the stinking dog, Apu you stupid motherfucker, how did you become Paul ROFLMAO.

          3. Paul says:

            Filthy Hassan and hussain were effed by Abu bakar. ;)

          4. Paul says:

            Old one.Now show me the pic of that pig qassem soleimani mutah product :)

          5. Zionism = EVIL says:

            LOL, dumb slum dog punk.

          6. Paul says:

            Iranian as$ ***es are effed as well as you guys don’t have the youth population while Sunnis are effing you in Kurdistan and balochistan. I’m enjoying the last days of Iran ;)

          7. Zionism = EVIL says:

            ROFLMAO, stupid dot head :)

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            Youth population isis got slaughtered by retired men you demented kweer punk!
            fkn derr incest!

        2. JIMI JAMES says:

          Just by mentioning ageing,proves you are one very petty weak troll (period)
          By the way you are not aware of the asian situation,lets just say experienced men do it better than the lousy inept spiritually weaker miseducated trolls of todays!
          No india would not nuke them,that is not part of the Commonwealth ye weak sob!

  8. Dillon Francis says:

    If turkey gets involved in the conflict Russia will for sure as well. If Armenia asks for direct Russian assistance Russia will most likely help as well. Armenia and Russia have a bilateral security agreement that dates back to the 1990s. It is separate from CSTO agreements. It is well known that the CSTO is basically Russia. That is it. So one shouldn’t be surprised that that organization issued such a milquetoast response even though one of its members was attacked.
    Armenia’s foreign policy has not become more pro-western since 2018, that is a foolish thing to write and the author provides zero evidence to back up his claim. Russia and turkey may have decent economic ties but they have been and continue to be geopolitical rivals, both in the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Asia, and MENA (most notably in Syria and Libya). Who is the author of this imbecilic piece?

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      People are reading too much into a localized border spat since the break-up of the USSR. Neither Azeris or Armenians want a conflict. Azerbaijan has far more to lose as oil money has turned Baku into the Dubai on Caspian. The Azeri society is corrupt to the core and its military is even worse than Saudis, so a full scale war without Turkish help is not possible. Russia will cool the situation down fast, and it already has. I was in Baku a couple of years ago and it if full of Russian and western tourists, “businessmen”, NGO’s, Zionist spies and the spying center on the Caspian. So I doubt that any major conflict is about to happen. The Azeris pushed their luck and got whacked.

      1. Dillon Francis says:

        Yes. For the aliyev regime it would be a major gamble. If he lost the war it would mean losing power and maybe even his life.
        I do suspect that some within azerbaijani elite and among the average folk have drunk their own Kool aid regarding the superiority of their army.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          You have very good grasp of reality. Azerbaijan is a corrupt family run police state and I was surprised that it is also an arms trafficking and money laundering capital for the Black Sea and Caspian region. There were literally crooks and whores from every part of the ex-USSR. Armenia is more educated and homogeneous, though poor, without Iranian trade and oil, it would have been in worse shape, but its military and airforce is very good and Armenians are very disciplined and nationalistic. The Azeris, I found were more like Arabs.

          1. Dillon Francis says:

            That’s it in a nutshell. Armenia’s economy was doing rather well in the 00s and once again the last two years. The new government got rid of many monopolies and the economic field is more conducive to start ups. Plus diaspora Armenians have more confidence that they can invest in Armenia. That said more work needs to be done. Once the usa loses its position it won’t be able to dictate sanctions against Iran. In that case Armenia and Iran can really grow their trade, and of course Armenia is the only EAU state that borders Iran, a huge potential market for EAU states.
            While azerbaijan has bought a lot of military hardware over the past 20 years, that doesn’t translate into a competent fighting force. Just consider the saudi military and how they are doing in Yemen.
            Were you in baku for work or vacation?

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Work and research on the Caucasus. I am a mechanical Engineer and have worked in petro-chemical sector.. Good point about the Armenian diapora. When I worked in California, the area around LA had a large Armenian community and quite linked to the homeland.

          3. Dillon Francis says:

            True, Armenia will be a part of the OBOR initiative. Though azerbaijan is trying its hardest to get regional states to avoid Armenia altogether.
            I also suspect that the increase in tensions along the border was encouraged by the west in order to see if Russia takes the bait and commits 100% to Armenia. Of course if turkey got involved or Armenia looked like it would lose the war Russia would join to prevent a decisive loss of Armenia. But these border incidents, can be used not only to test Armenian resolve but also as a method of entrancing Russia in yet another western bait. Just as they have tried on a few occasions with turkish and israeli provocations. Russia knows better.

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Over the past years, during my travels and just observations I have found the post WW2 Anglo-American Zionist imposed world “order” has totally broken down as the US has been exposed as a bankrupt failed state and Europe is now too weak to assert itself at any level. China’s rise is partly due to the greedy western nations agenda of globalization aka cheap manufacturing, it may have worked in dirt poor uneducated cesspools like India, Bangladesh, Philippines etc, but they miscalculated China’s unity and strong national vision.
            The election of selection of an shallow loudmouth idiot like Trump was basically is a pushback against globalization and western decline, however it was too little and too late as China quickly overtook the US in all aspects of economy and even education. The failure and irreversible decline of the US and west in general can directly be attributed to their short-sighted and idiotic obsession with global domination and control fantasy, manifesting in sapping endless wars and bankrupting their economies. The collapse of the USSR actually gave them a false sense of “winning”, but in reality it removed the tri-partite power balance.

            China simply filled the power vacuum with very clear and focused rise. Along with China’s rise many other powers of the old world like Turkey and Iran also found an opening to reassert their influence and wear down the over-extended aging west. So these types of localized conflicts on the geo-strategic fault lines will continue for a few more decades until power totally shifts to Eurasia. China already is the number one economic power and most likely the military superpower too as its military has modernized at the same pace as its economy. So as they say, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for turbulence ahead.

  9. Paul says:

    Fu€k azergayjan :D

      1. Paul says:

        $h!@ donkey worry about israel

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Bait the black Hindu dog ROFLMAO.

          1. Paul says:

            Filthy $hi@ hope israel destroys all the $hi@

  10. guest says:

    It is crystal clear that Turkey and the US are instigating this conflict.

  11. JIMI JAMES says:

    Real ranks,both sides atleast fight on their frontlines,unlike cia/usa/hato chicken hawk loudmouths:

      1. Jimmy Jim says:


      2. JIMI JAMES says:

        The one in the centre understands some element of pain atleast but the others,
        are the kind who sqeal like baby piggies fkd, when they get moderate test put on them,
        Because they had no experience to concieve what real pain is,where as the brave no matter what guts hanging out,collect them with one arm trying to escape sinking ship?

  12. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

    why are Azeris so usless?? let me guess…hmmmmmmm they are trained by turkey and they have turkish equipment in their army…

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