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Armenia Wants Russia To Expand Military Presence On Its Territory. Is Moscow Really Interested?

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Armenia Wants Russia To Expand Military Presence On Its Territory. Is Moscow Really Interested?

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Armenia is interested in the expansion and buildup of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri, Armenian Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan said in an interview with Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

“The question of expanding and strengthening the Russian military base on the territory of the Republic of Armenia has always been on the agenda, and the Armenian side has always been interested in this for the simple reason that the base in full force is part of the Joint Grouping of Troops (Forces) of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Russia, and, therefore, the expansion of the base’s capabilities automatically entails an increase in the potential of the joint group operating on a bilateral basis in the Caucasian region of collective security,” the minister said.

He claimed that “the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry took into account the existing military and political realities in the region and made the right steps towards strengthening and re-equipping the base.”

“And I am sure that this process will be long-term,” Harutyunyan added.

At the same time, Moscow has not declared any real interest in the increase of the military presence on the territory of Armenia. The value of the permanent military base there dramatically decreased in recent years as Russia now has a major stronghold on the Mediterranean coast, in Syria.

In the light of the recent statement of the Armenian Defense Minister, it is interesting to show how the position of the current Armenian leadership regarding the cooperation with Russia and in particular the base in Gyumri evolved.

The ongoing deep crisis in Armenian was caused by the lost war in Nagorno-Karabakh and the earlier collapse of the country’s regional positions due to the anti-Russian policies employed by the current political regime in Yerevan.

Just several months ago, circles close to Nikol Pashinyan were openly declaring that they should orient towards the ‘West’ and Armenia needs no strong Russian military presence inside the country. No, this situation changed.

However, it does not seem that the Armenian leadership has learnt the lesson as it continues to deny the sad reality that the Azerbaijani advance in Nagorno-Karabakh became possible and successful only thanks to Armenia’s own actions.


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Frankly, Armenians are cowards and like the Zionists want to hide behind a stronger power. The losers had some of the best Russian weapons systems but simply did not fight or even mobilize. They just dropped their weapons ran faster than Usian Bolt. Russia should wash its hands of such pathetic creatures.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia shouldn’t say no to the opportunity of expanding any military presence


Do not agree at all !
One never protects those who doesn’t want them !
Armenian President end PM were both Sororos pro Western candidates chosen by Armenian population on the anti-Russian – pro Western agenda !
While Russia vas always protecting Armenians from Turks and permitted their survival as nation and while huge number of Armenians work in Russia … send that money back to Armenia !!
So Russia is only good to be USED?!
There is already Russian military base there with some MiG-29’s. That is plenty

Jens Holm

You forget the resrtructering was based on too much anarchy and chaos after the USSR collapse. Someone had to help them.

Putting in Zorro is nonsense.

The rest is only partly crap. They systematicly took all the muslim parts of Caucasus with hard militaruý force and restructured them totally against the local wishes.

Tjetjenia in the North is a terrifying example among many.

Kenny Jones ™

Who do you think is next when Turkey swallows the Transcaucasus? Russia of course, they will expand their influence by fueling insurgencies in the northern Caucasus, then reaching the -stan countries
Russia isn’t doing this for Armenia, it is doing it for itself, no matter what the corrupt gov of Armenia thinks of it


insurgencies blah, blah,….
Russia has already military base there… what insurgency?!?
How can Russia stop Turks if they really want to be suicidal ?!
… with another military base?! Nonsense!
If challenged openly by Turkey , Russia will wipe out Turkey out of existence !

Jens Holm

I would hesitate, if I was Russia. They easy can confront with Turkey there too.

I would try to be friends trading more with them – again.

Jens Holm

2 stuoid comment in 4 lines from You. Very impressing.

It was modern warfare against ancient russian equipment. Armanians was not even able to try to make seek and hide.

And number 2 ealting to cowards and zionists makes no sense at all. Many many died and for nothing, so those didnt ran away. You dont see how overwhelming those Azarbajanois were and and are.


They held their own despite having mostly older equipment actually. They made the Azeri’s pay dearly in lives too. Yes they could have done better, but it’s not fair to criticize them to that extent.

Jens Holm

The socalled defence was a joke all over and looked like planned suicide even it wasnt.


Well then you need to look at the casualty figures again. The Azeri’s lost nearly 3000 soldiers plus 500+ Syrian terrorist-mercs, despite all their new Turkish, Israeli and Russian equipment. If Armenia had invested more in modernizing their air defences, artillery and drones they would have held.

Jens Holm

That must be the Armenain version.


It’s literally from the Azeris own figures.

Jens Holm

Im correct.




Jens Holm

Many still deny to understand and calculate Russia has its own agenda as well as Assads.

The same for USA/SDF. People dont get USA try to reduce and starve Assads to the correct seize and it partly pays off as a succes.

Hasbara Hunter

But I think this news from article is more important then what Bibi does:
“Russia has officially announced its readiness to shoot down Israeli planes in case of further raids on Syria”

“Russia has officially announced its readiness to shoot down Israeli planes in case of further raids on Syria
Russia threatened Israel to prepare to attack IDF planes.
Russian President’s Special Envoy Alexander Lavrentyev made a report in which he underlined the reluctance of the Israeli side to respect the agreements reached between Israel and Russia on the de-escalation of the situation in Syria. Lavrentiev noted that Moscow’s patience has completely dried up, and that if Israel does not abandon its aggressions against the Arab Republic in the near future, Russia will be ready to attack Israeli planes, not only at- over Syria, but also in airspace over neighboring countries, or in international airspace.”

Hasbara Hunter

Russia’s doctrine is a Good one:

They prefer Diplomacy…but if the AngloZioNazis want War…they will get their War…


war as last option …and same goes for the US – NATO!
They all get nuke up their arse if they insist !

Jens Holm

I see none of that.

Hasbara Hunter

Obviously you didn’t read this recent article…but you thought it necessary to post some Bullshit anyway…do you EVER read anything before posting? Or are you just posting to make a couple of $hekels to buy your daily ration of Booze & Drugs?


Jens Holm

My world is not as narroweminded as Yours. I have been reading whats written and understand most of it well.

BUT I also follow other spurces for it as well. Here we have detailed focus programs for interesting devellopments and by that also Armenia and Caucasus.

So I do relate but add what found on not only danosh focus programmes but other sources by internet.

I can only confirm, I see You write close to nonsence.

Russai in so many ways has bad doctrines. One is very visible here. It again and again in best parrot mode is told Nato, EU, USA, Jews, CIA and whatever will take over attack and this and that. Here even nukes are meant – for fun or what?

We just want normal relations and people in the new countries to behave and work semilar to us and raise their livingstandards by structures, which USSRs denied to implement. Here we do invest in education for new jobs creating productions and services, so we can sell to thbem and be paid back.

By that some has become members of EU and several now are afflies even things are problematic as well. But tha alternative anytime is remaining behind the black curtain even the walls, berbed wire and landmines are gone.

None should blame us for helping and wishing other then Ourself well even its for own cost benefit as well.

Hasbara Hunter

Can you send me some links or references confirming the statements you make?

cechas vodobenikov

normal relations for jens=LGBT sado-masochism gangbanged by amerikans

cechas vodobenikov

difficult to see when LSD strong and boyfriend sold your eyeglasses to buy more crack

Supreme Blyat

Finaaly the S-300 will be turned ON.

Trap Is Not Gay

“Veterans Today” is anti-Russia and anti-China CIA paid shills.

The user “HiaNd” is paid shill as well.

johnny rotten

Russia does not need parasites, it had enough during the Soviet period, as they became lovers of the West then let them support them, Russia has already given.

Jens Holm

USSR was collapsed all over all the way to Vladivoistok, so the systematic non devellopers anytime has been the Communistparty kindly insisted by KGB.

You are lover of the ones, which crashlanded You, but of course look anywhere else to have normal country relations to the rest of the world for devellopments.

And Yes we do support them as an investment for expanded cost benefit. They cant buy Our stuff if they dont ptoduce and has no money or fx minerala – and vice versa.

Some old song should be a learner for You and Zoro: “If You cant love the ones You love, then love the ones, You wish” – And teach Your children well. Thats what normal relation are here and not only for EU and USA.

If Russai want something there, they could open as we do. If not, they should not spild millions of lives as they have done since Bolsjevisme was invented. Communisme soon only will be a comma in any history book.

jade villaceran

russia will open as you do? dream on, russia has his own sovereignity unlike you western puppets of usa who always lick their master ass

Lone Ranger

Armenians are like the french…
F…. you Americans, we are better than you, who needs you, look at us…ehm, we are so winning…olala…
We are simply better than you…
WHAT?Adolf who…?
The Germans are here…?
We love you Americans, Please come…
We love you so much….
You need EuroDisney?
We will build it…we wont go….but we will build it…
Americans ole…
Armenitards in a nutshell…

Jens Holm

I didnt know You were Armenian :)


The Russians should reinforce their presence in Armenia, along with their peacekeeping force in NK to have a swift response to any future Turkish surprises.

Jens Holm

I think the Russians are doing fine as they do. The Kiev intensions didnt work at all. A low profile by Russians seemes to be better.


They should have a presence in the area in case they want to cut off the flow of gas and oil from Central Asia via Azeri an Turkey.


100 % true!
Btw where were Soros & the Demonrats during the war and the recent time? It is always the same with them. First they lure people into very stupid and dangerous actions with empty promises and then they let them fall like a hot potatoe.

Trap Is Not Gay

The comment section is full of shills from the US/Israel (HiaNd, Jens Holm, Tommy, etc), just ignore.

That news is great, the larger the Russian presence the more secure the world.

cechas vodobenikov

This may be polite diplomacy; there is no pressing need by Armenia or Russia to increase presence

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