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JUNE 2023

Armenia Released Video Showing First Syrian Mercenary Captured In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Armenian forces has captured a Syrian mercenary who was participating in the ongoing Azerbaijani attack on the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

On October 30, the Armenian Unified Infocenter released a short interview with the captured mercenary, who revealed new information about the activities of his comrades in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The mercenary, who identified himself as Mehred Muhammad Alshkher from Syria’s Hama, said he was a member of a 200-men strong unit. According to him, two other units of Syrian mercenaries were supporting Azerbaijani forces on the same front where he was captured.

“They deceived us in order to implicate us, the leaders, they brought us, told us this is the village [that you should capture] and left,” Alshaker said, “There are men [mercenaries] who never held a rifle in their life.”

The captured mercenary was wearing the official uniform of Azerbaijan’s border guards, which was distributed to all Syrians fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Syrian mercenaries fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh were reportedly recruited by Turkey, which promised them monthly salaries of $1,500 to 2,000.

According to a report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 2,350 Syrian mercenaries are now supporting Azerbaijani forces. A total of 217 mercenaries have been killed in the battle, so far.

The deployment of Syrian mercenaries in Nagorno-Karabakh is a clear example of how Turkey is using its proxies to further its interests in the region.


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Stinking ugly Turk terrorist rat.

Mustafa Mehmet


Ida Acobian

best turk is dead turk



probably Donmeh Turk!


where was the great goat when you needed him? you will never get your shekels now you silly turd

Mustafa Mehmet

he is a dirty old Armenia man. nothing but propaganda… NEXT

Jens Holm


Springtime for Hitler again.



Jens Holm

Very good Hitler was no twin



Typical of a Danish Dolt!



Jens Holm

Nice example for things having at least 2 sides. Im not for Hitler should be forgotten, but I dont think he and people of that kind should be showed only by their good sides and making fun of the bad ones, so they are accepted.

Other systems should be promoted much better here, because they actually works and are permanent but also can and do devellop themselves during time.

So I compare the differnces.

Here comment to almost everything is vital and some or many muslis dont understand we never can accept what we think about Islam and show it in pictures and youtubes as we wish.

We see it as a vital threat against us, we cant accept that we should be runned by muslims and their many harams at all. Some here migh behave a little better abouty it, but we also know Our own extremist need targets and muslims by that are the best targets – all of them.

So my proposal for that is, that muslims stop their own extremists, which 90% or more kills mislims and not us.

We already has Our own extremists such as Hitler and Stalin , and we also do have small Chritian sometimes violent ones, which almost only are visible as Trump supporters. Those are supported by muslim extremisme.

I dont want that.

Instead I tell and expalin about how we actually are and people can take the good parts of ideas, if they are allowed by their masters and themself.

The systems for Hitler as well as Stalin didnt live, because they were driven by people, which didnt wish the rest of us well.


Sorry but the song is tricky, it doesn’t present any good part of hitler. I like the melodic line and that it sounds controversial at first but it’s actually politically correct.

Regarding muslims problem it was 200% previsible, the politicians who brought them en masse in EU, denying the reality and common sense and endangering people and freedom, should be punished the first.

Jens Holm

It very complicated. There also has been moving populations around the world and unwanted incommers as well as wished and imported for.

It would be different if those many people were asked for and did contribute. Europe try to reduce the amount of low educated and low incommers by education, because there are too many of them. In several countries like Spain and Italy we have too many youngsters, which cant get a job.

I only partly agree in You version of the denials. Its very much a question of too many and also too fast.

Fx Sweden had a very good plan systematicly taken in extra people to expand Sweden by well orgabized entrence and integration. That system was overwhelmed by Syrians and also others. By that they have big problems, which they hardly can handle – no jobs, extra crime, not good housing for all.

Denmark has limited incommers in a hard and sometimes illigal way. By that the we can handle most of the incommers well even its very bad, we have to pay that much extra for nothing.

..And we have no solution. Should we shoot people before they arrive.

If I have know the integration is that slow and now and then close to none, I would have figted harder, that we only took the ones, we needed. The fokus would be those, which in their homelands had shown, they could learn something.


Been in Sweden few times, Malmo zone. Have relatives around. All shops are owned by muslims. This was the dituation on some countries in Europe before ww2, all shops were owned by jews. So working class started to embrace fascism.

Also highschool girls are walking in goups being afraid to be molested by other muslim youngsters, that last part I’ve been told by my relatives who are also migrants.

Jens Holm

Malmoe has been changed a lot and unfortunatly not to the better. It has many jobs ofr low educated people and therefore many small homes partly paid by the kommune and state.

When the times changed a lot of those jobs wasnt there anymore. Thats why so many incommers are there. Unfortunatly its known for too much but also good shopping.

I only recognize a few countries in Eurioe with the dominancem You descriebe, but many jobs at that time was specialisted in handcraft as tailors and soemakers.

Germany fx only had 400.000 Jews. Denmark 10-12.000, where half of them were refugees from Estern Europe.

You has dominance in the Jiddish area fx Poland, Lituania, Belarus, Ukraine and some of the big towns in Russia.

In Ukraine towns like Donetsk and Kharkov had 30% Jews.

But the important in that visual views AGAIN is and was, they educate themself to middleclass and dont do as the traditions being low in reading and writing too. So they has been in an empty very needed gap between the upperclass and the non educated keeping themself in the dark.

So the main blame seen from here is – as I have written many times before – that almost none from the rest of the non upperclass didnt take those many jobs an´d created many more jobs – as we did in western Europe.

Not only feudals delayed it. It certainbly was the church keeping people in correct stupid faith versions but also didnt reward any kind of initiative and

I can add a book titel, which show it well. Its named “Geology from before the world was created.

Soo Jews were very good victimes for anythingm which went south and Hirler too. Romas too.

As written before we have no such problems according Jews. Many were integrated and the few with curly hair was accepted and worked and paid for themself.

I add we always has had better taxsystems in here then in East and Arabistan. By that people could not be rich witoit they at least got taxed some and the ones working for them got taxed too. Thats exactly what was wrong in East too. There was feaudals and there was Peasents(in the short version). No more. ……………………………………………………….

And Yes its muslims boys which are not raised as we live here and the girls/vomen trying to follow what we do. So its muslims which rape and molest muslims. Its the same with the crime here in Denmark. The main shootings, knives and like that are muslims attcking and killing muslims. Not only of course.

So its about raising those boys – parts of them – that all vomen and female has a right for being with no herasment whereéver they like and be friends with muslim and non muslim boyes being together in schools and in jobs side by side after qualification and not by gender. …………………………………………………………

Things very very slowly are changed to the better here. When I was upgraded by extra school 30 years ago there were females about 16 to 18 years old there. They kept themself isolated and they was there because their fathers and brothers could not handle the administrative things for selling pizzas and vegatabiles. It was acepted because they those Young women was in the little office for the shops.

It ow has improved, but we see the group terror, where some muslims and also very much vomen doing absolutly nothing try to force those voman(and men) onto, what they once came from.

To me its often against Islam. Sunni also says, You should raise Your kids, so they are doing well for them as well as next generation. Here the parents has changed the inviroment, so the parents and the rest should see, that they and their children cannot have the same inviroment as from where they once came from. And they did leave because it was a too bad place to live.

…And we do Our best to upgrade them to it. Main part of the education in Sweden is free. They get free housing, food, clothe but often no respesct for, incommers will live unrealistic here paid by Sweden or Denmark.

The opposit entrence for a minority of danes are, that if theý dont contribute and even makes a lot of minus and “all are criminals”, thise people should live in tests and given a service just above what UN give to refugees.

But the majority has chosen, they from day one should be in the same livingstandards as we have – even in the low end.

A good thing also is – in Denmark – that we have tranlated the Khoran to danish. Many many cant even read and write their own language. Danish in the better end is needed, so we learn the Danish and they can show womens and females right according to the Khoran is mush different from, what their ather and mother has heard from someone, which oly has Islam in a pamflet version and a local 100 years old Sharia decided and admiinistrated by men.

We try to treat those not integrated ones harder with vitual whips as well as candy, but they dont belong here and insist. And no one will take them home. We have high criminals here, which for many reasons never will get Our passport and they are in a limbo.

Here Malmoe has been a center for those big problems. And its a problem for Denmark too, because You are 20 minutes from Copenhagen by car, cheep train and 45 minutes by hydrofoil – And we do have the same problemns here even we have less of that kind and maybee handle it better.

There are 2 versions. One is too much crime and ones is equal rights muslims molester almost only muslims and both versions are hidden by many of the muslims, because they see the rest of us as Christian Infidels.

By that Islam too much is like Múhammed told it. There has to be walls around every family, so it can keep itself in line as a family.

But that closed world it the main probæem, because 2 of 3 crimes in the world is among family members and affiliates.And its here the even snotty litle boys learn they are high about their sisters, other girls and even high ranked teachers in the schools.

…And we see it well. So many boys dont get education and therefore are not qualified for a job. By that they are angry at the rest and make their own rules and inviroments ignoring the rest of us. And we feed them. They think we are stupid when we do.


Strange things happen in the Islamic world, many years ago in Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Syria people wanted to be more like the West, women were wearing skirts, men consumed some alcohol, then something happened. They refuted the western culture and jumped back in the middle age. I see what happens in Western Europe as a continuation of this process. With education or not, let’s not forget Al Bagdadi, Al Zarqawi were medics, Osama studied in USA, Pol Pot in France, Kim Jong Un in Switzerland… You might overestimate the influence of education over religion and politics. I see that overconfidence in the power of influencing others as a nostalgy of Europeans, since they were the civilisators, long, long time ago. In contrast Americans and Russians know very clear that negotiating skills must be backed by a long gun.

Rhodium 10

They promise them many goats pens and Donkeys to have sex in NK…they showed videos of destruction of Armenian trucks, tanks, artillery gun….but they didnt know that infantery soldiers are in their places ready to fight in a rugged and mountain terrain that NK soldiers know!


triggered turko mongolo bots 3…..2….1 start

Random Dude

Volodya. You are still here. Missed you man


Volodya :D seems like you still see russian agents everywhere hahaha take medicine today , schizophrenia is big deal

Random Dude

It is a big deal. but not bigger than the spanish speaking french living dutch white male:))). Come on dude. Why keep pretending? We all know you are from the same country where my stripper is from. No shame in that, you Volodya seem like a decent guy.


dutch ? spanish ? wtf , stop with drugs bro ? anyway spanish stripers are ok. :D dude i didnt know that your shithole ukraine can import strripers :D you are main exporter of stripers so stick with facts.

Random Dude

Romanians are the best. But you would be lucky to be Romanian. EU passport wouldn’t hurt you:)))) But sadly you are not.

catalin zt

I am Romanian and i f*** u all goat lovers of mohammed the paedophile!


They tell me that in Bucharest if you see a Black person you ask for his autograph? – because he must be a visiting football star!

Random Dude

Why Armenian Minister of Defense has soldiers in the same uniform (Azerbaijani Border Guards) sitting next to him? Though ASALA is gone, I wonder how many Arab Armenians came this time?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5258012c6baa29afcfb2273b19299c8e0f6e0bdb19904833c8a4a9c9e4e86f3c.jpg

jack duras

why shoes he will not need them soon??

Jens Holm

Many versions are possible. Another one could be they are slow and therefore only can catch people having no shoes:)

Jens Holm

Why not???

Random Dude

Or they don’t have shoes to put on mercs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b1e89a10a8c6b02f7d186c9e9f1400a66b9b7decf0ec182513784b931a66952.jpg

Jens Holm

Thats sandals. They are for people not good at making knots. Jesus was one of them.

Random Dude

Sandals like on most of these guys? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d99b21c3bfc05e9eaadb6b2d5adc3dd06ed68ace08e290f12fdc8562d65c108.jpg


and worse still to die stupid ! – embrace Christianity, Jesus is Lord!


When is the ZIo world going to recognise that Armenians have occupied that land for millennia and are still the majority ? Stalin would have given it back to them at the end of his reign if he had not been poisoned by the ZIOs first!

Israel should stop arming the Azerbyjanees – after all the Armenians are only repeating the same arguments they have used to occupy Jerusalem!

Those pesky double standards of the Talmudic Worldview – are a bitch!

Random Dude

If someone gets in your house, kicks out your whole family, they become the majority, cuz you are not there


Except that 2000 years is a long time to bear that particular grudge? Argument doesn’t work for the Palestinans though does it?

Nothing to do with the fact they are Christians in Armenia of course . The Talmud says such nice things about Christians.

Random Dude

didn’t understand any of those 3 statements. can you elaborate what you mean?


Nagoro Karaback was wrenched from the Armenians by Stalin who did not want Armenia unified and too strong. Armenians consider this their ancestral land. Just as Jews consdier Israel their ancestral land. Israel is funding arms AGAINST Armenia and supporting the Musliims.


turk rats and jew dogs are the same animal, they both send suicide drones because animals do not fight morally


Most of the Turk rats are Jew dogs – they are called Donmeh – a particularly nasty sect of Judaism that turns white into black ! – they are Sabattean Frankist origin conversos

Random Dude

I consider your house as my house and claim that land belonged to my ancestors. In fact most of Asia should belong to Mongolia, and whole Europe to Italy. Why do you think there is international law? To just ignore and claim things?:))))))


You must be a democrat because that is what they are doing to the USA – I note that the ring leaders are well protected in their own houses behind high walls with security though. A case of do as I say not as I do !

Now with Asia and Mongolia you are exagerrating ad absurdem. Put your Ego aside and recognise that NK has always been Armenian and Stalin had no right to do that and the majority in this region were always Armenian who should have self-determination. Secondly, International Law is bent and twisted by the ZIos when it suits them. 1. WMDs in Iraq 2. Kosovo and Bosnia 3. Israel The latter has broken more UN resolutions than there are pricks on a porcupine. So international Law my ass What about God Given Moral Law – now that has gone out of fashion!

Random Dude

I have no problem with NK being independent if they choose so via referendum. If I can recognize that, you must recognize that 7 surrounding territories have absolutely nothing to do with NK and as a result NK has no direct border with any country other than Azerbaijan. So how do you suggest to solve this problem? Have NK as a landlocked independent country? Or want to invite the population of those 7 surrounding territories (around 700thousand) to the referendum?


is Alaska part of the USA? is Gibralter part of Spain? Are the Canary islands Spanish or Portugese?

No I think the borders should be redrawn to recognise the demographic in situ and the traditions and history.

Random Dude

Are you suggesting to reverse the course of whole colonization?


Again you are exaggerating ad absurdem. Look if there were no proxy involvement and Israel was not furnishing fire power to AzerB they would sort it out between themselves. Did you even look at the Map I sent you?

There are several areas where small concessions of territory would have Armenia linked with this very mountainous region which has always been “colonised” by Armenian Christians.

This territory was not freely given away by Treaty or Agreement like Alaska or Gibralter it was stolen by Stalin and re-assigned. Time to correct the errors of a Dictator .

Jens Holm

Referring to Stalin again and again makes no sense. The area changed by the Tzars, then came another kind chaos and by that several collapses there named as Osmans and Iran as loosers of WW1.

Even the Britts had Azerbaidian for a while.

And the rest before that is ignored too. I can blame Stalin for many things but not the results.

Seveal of use systemticly ignore a lot from there such as killing Armenians, Checkens left to anywhere else and local disputes.

None of You update maps during time and try to makes most things more frozen the Mount Ararat.

It makes no sense to find anything, whioch works. You all has to relate more to facts.

Some here even ignore the many which was displaced by the NK war one not many years ago.

You have to accept those socalled countries all are fragments and mixted into each other and find solutions for that. It is stupidisme to insíst in a Greater Armenia as well as a greater Azarbaidian. The great should be to accept You hardly are countries and by that not ruled by tanks and as the newest invesion drones too.

As written before Leaders for war should be the first to be killed, and I hope all agressive soldiers kill each other, so the rest can live in peace.

What is it about Your culture. Causcasus is like Syria and partly Iraq. In Syria 25% of the population is not even in the country and even insist in, they never will return.

Why are those peacefull ones – probatly the majority in Caucasus also – not respected.

Both of You have to look at more detailed maps for, where who is who lived and lived. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5fb2a0533e81297eccd79026b16baa0d79515b27e21e5b9199f426d8d63a1900.png


Good map that was helpful and informative.

We are not talking about AzerBjan but Armenia and the history of its borders with surrounding lands. The Genocide they suffered in 1917 alone should be enough to grant them control over their Motherland – after all the Jews did exactly this with The Holocaust and the Balfour Arrangement ( I won’t call it an Agreement since it was never ratified by the British Parliament).

Random Dude

I don’t think im exaggerating. Just trying to understand what you are suggesting. Lets do it in more accurate way. What is your suggested solution for this conflict?


Plebiscite in the disputed region and then redrawing the boundary to recognise this. This would mean reversing Stalin’s articificial boundary ( probably).

Random Dude

ok, how about the landlock problem?

jack duras

100% agree


I thought you might be interested in this audio reading – no time to elaborate but many insights into historical context … particularly the image of the Kapparot depicting St Nicholas II (RIP)

Excerpts from “Greeks and Phanar (Greek bishops in Serbia and Turkey)” by Srdjan Novaković



Good one ! – surprised it has not been excised from YouTube

Herzle was not such a bad guy actually – he was practical and looked for solutions to the JQ – the whole movement went dark when he died ( suspected poisoning by the Zios) and his role was usurped by Chaim Wiesmann.

PS thanks for the positive support on my comments! – makes a welcome relief from the bannings and downvotes

catalin zt

By the race,there are only two (2) races who MUST be DELETED from the face of Earth for Us ALL to live in HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and Freedom and those SCUM races are ANGLO-SAXONS and JEWS! ALL will be just FINE when this PARASITICCAPITALIST races will be ERADICATED from adult to small baby! They do not have baby’s but future GENOCIDALSTERRORISTS ! AMEN!


The passion shouts off the page in large capitals which tells me there is a personal story behind the words for which , as an Anglo Saxon, I feel compassion on seeing how it has driven you to extremism. Think for a moment -passion aside.

Race has nothing to do with the issues. Only the Worldview being projected down from the “top of the governance pyramid” is important. This Worldview is entirely Talmudic and therefore money powered. Indoctrination of the Talmudic Worldview of Governance and corruption of people and institutions are the hallmarks.

The Jews have been eradicated many times in History with pogroms and explusions and genocides – and yet here they are again? – pillaging America and imposing Talmudic Worldview on the US Constitution.

This Does not work !

Changing hearts and minds is the only way. Two steps would really act as a catalyst for that:

1. Eradicate the privately contolled fiat currency Central Banking System 2. Expose and Debate and make Transparent The Talmud so that all can see how young Jews are indoctrinated.

Jens Holm

Most of that is highly incorrect and very biased. If so Hamurabí was a very good writer for us. Maybee Hamurabi is for rabbit or Rabbi too.




Unfortunately if you don’t support your opinion with argument it becomes difficult to understand what your point is!

Jens Holm

If someone tryed to use an antivirus and a malware program on You, You would not exist.

You probatly has inspired Monsanto too.

We are not parasites stealing from lazybum people producing absolutly notthing we need apart from dades for christmas.

Steve Standley

They’re fighting like rats. Turkish troops must have been trained by the IDF.


turks are poorly trained , syrians with ak47 are serious thread for them so nobody is surprised

Mustafa Mehmet

yes Charlie. make sure you don’t come face to face with Turkish komando.

Servet Köseoğlu

Big Time For Armenia.. Mehred Muhammad Alshkher from Syria’s Hama with Assault Rifle was game changer…xD

Антон С

You can’t hide an awl in a bag.

catalin zt

As i always said : it is not them arabs,muslim,nazis,ukraineans,colombians,syrians etc… It is the ANGLO-SAXONKHAZARIANJEWISH MAFIA on Earth behind them causing ALL this genocide and suffering on the World in the name of capitalist-fascist Globalism!! Full Stop!

catalin zt

By the race,there are only two (2) races who MUST be DELETED from the face of Earth for Us ALL to live in HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY and Freedom and those SCUM races are ANGLO-SAXONS and JEWS! ALL will be just FINE when this PARASITICCAPITALIST races will be ERADICATED from adult to small baby! They do not have baby’s but future GENOCIDALSTERRORISTS ! AMEN!

catalin zt

Both races are greedy,fake,genocidal,capitalist leeches on the sweat of one other,liers,save facebuild face,sneaky,back stabbing mentality,materialist only,war instigators for own profit and sooooooooo on! We must UNITE the whole World to DELETE THIS ANGLO-SAXONJEWISH CANCER from here otherwise those 2 SCUM races will Finnish us ALL!!!!!

Jens Holm

We actually go to school, educate us, find our skills, work hard and get rewarded for, what we actually do.

Dont compare us with what illietrate infantiles do in deep dark state corners do to keep themhelf in the dark.

Statistics say Your are too many times more the last 100 years then You deserve. Thats because we had hope for You and feeded You. Ypu has just used all our help and in medical help as well to add Yourself.

So Your we scums by accident has added You. Saudis has taken Your fingers and toes:)

Jens Holm

Its just because You are nothing and behave like minus.

Jens Holm

They painted the black sea with Your tail too.


A mercenary from Lebanon fighting for Armenia against Azerbaijan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk71Rpf9fdk

Jens Holm

So what. You already has made chaos Yorself too.

Ida Acobian

Enjoy turkish troll https://t.me/virtual_sehid/17


Good so Armenians can eat those pigs.

Jens Holm

Hesbollah cant effort using dollars and instead has changed from Lira to Shekel and Trump is angry.

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