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Armenia – New Point Of Instability

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Armenia - New Point Of Instability

Armenian protestors

Armenia is a country in South Caucasus, which is the key Russian ally in the region. Armenia also has an open territorial control with neighboring Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Every so often, the Nagorno-Karabakh region becomes a point of escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan triggering local armed hostilities. More about the Nagorno-Karabah conflict and Armenia can be found in the following videos:

The US and the NATO have been for a long time conributing efforts to shift Armenia’s foreign policy course for own political purposes because this country has a strategic location in the region. Currently, Armenia is an active member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union and hosts two Russian military bases.

On the other hand, a notable part of the Armenian elites is deeply integrated with the so-called West. Large Armenian diasporas exist in the US (for example in California) and France.

Over the past few days, Armenia has faced a new wave of political instability. This situation is actively used by the liberal opposition in an attempt to stage the so-called velvet revolution (a bloodless coup d’etat).

Police have detained at least 29 people who were protesting against an appointment of former President Serzh Sarkisian as the country’s prime minister.

On April 16, the Armenian Parliament unanimously chose Sargsyan for the prime minsiter’s post, planning to swear him in on April 17.

The opposition deescribes the current situation as a “power grab” by Sarkisian, enabling him to retain in power despite leaving the presidency less than two weeks ago.

“We must paralyse the entire state system and the power should pass to the people,” Opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan made the remarks in the capital Yerevan. “Serzh Sargsyan must see that he has no Armenia to rule in and no people to rule over.”

Pashinyan went further by urging protesters to blockade state institutions across the country. However, the only place of protetsts is the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

In Yerevan, protestors  cordoned off the interior ministry and the prosecutor’s office while police have surrounded the parliament.

SouthFront continues to follow the situation in Armenia.

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and just outskirt of tehran
why nothing happen in mexico?


DEA and CIA did good in Mexico with good profits too.

fuck you

lol that’s kinda true mexico foolishly joined the war on drugs which is stupid in my opinion and the united states did exploit mexicos oil for a long time before the existence of cia and dea

fuck you

i fucking love mexico but i wish they would do better

Promitheas Apollonious

yep, and lets not forget, all the surplus military weapons Obama, sold to the cartels there. But it serve them right because now they control a lot of parts of Texas, new Mexico and Arizona.

fuck you

yeah they did mexico has strict gun laws but cartels have nothing but american weapons its questionable for sure … cartels may control routes within those states but united states isn’t like mexico once they cross that border its strictly business they can’t pull off the shit in the u,s like they do in mexico

Promitheas Apollonious

no is not, but they are operating and controlling all the drug trafficking as well 90% of the mexicans going into US from the borders and they have almost all of them on their payroll. From border guards to DEA and not only.

fuck you

lol you know how silly that sounds ?? there’s no such thing has mexicans crossing are under a payroll … i’m not questioning your knowledge but you should definately review that statement

Promitheas Apollonious

i assume english is not your mother language or you too thick to understand what someone says.

You can call me Al

I guess you have noticed he has popped up recently. He and a couple of others are here to totally destroy the thread’s debate / conversation / questioning by distraction – consider reporting and blocking shortly.

fuck you

lol this place is to discuss and debate over our opinions but since i don’t fit your narrative i’m wrong and stupid ?? lol i’m a man and will admit when i’m wrong but some of you people get your pannies in a knot and start blocking and flagging go ahead and block me … it only shows how much of an impact i’ve made on you already lol boo who cry me a river “Al” lol

You can call me Al

Mmmm, not sure if my previous comment was aimed at you actually, apologies I think !!>

this name is better

oh well that’s embarrassing lol… i apologise for being disrespectful and rude towards you i had no reason to

You can call me Al

It is good to vent sometimes, no worries. Catch you next time.

fuck you

see what i mean lol i say my opinion but you attack me for it your fucking stupid lol oops that’s another flag … i think the one who is thick here is you your too ignorant to listen to what somebody has to say i’m at least open minded lol the more i stay here the more i realise how full of shit some of you are lol but hey that’s just my “opinion” lol


This dumb fucking cunt “Promitheas Apollonious” doesn’t even live anywhere near the border and never has and is just spouting off delusional conspiracy garbage (not that there’s no truth to a tiny bit of what he says, but its just the extreme exaggeration of it by orders of magnitude which is so pathetic). I’ve literally lived close to the border for 14 fucking years and this cunt is gonna tell me that 90% of mexicans who come in here are trafficked by cartels, and that the DEA and border patrol are systematically corrupt and on the payroll (as opposed to a corrupt individual here and there). Funny thing is, I agree with most of what “Promitheas Apollonious” posts on this board most of the time, but when this dumb cunt starts saying shit about a place where I literally fucking live that is just absolutely wrong, I’m gonna call him out on it.

fuck you

dude right!! i questioned his story i live in texas and not once have i heard or seen of such bullshit … i encourage you bro you dont need me but i’ll stand behind you on that

fuck you

i give you respect bro we haven’t seen eye to eye entirely but i strongly respect your stance


haha, well when I wished cancer upon you, that was just dark humor of course. I like saying disgusting, twisted shit sometimes just for trolling purposes. Sometimes people take the bait and get so provoked, and that’s when the real fun starts. :)

But yes, same for you bro. :)

this name is better

lol dude me too !!! i thought the cancer joke was good i liked it and yes i keep nip picking at the people who take the bait i’ve been following southfront for over a year now and i finally got to the point where i needed to get involved lol


Glad you did.


Your “english” in that statement was barely legible. You should learn proper sentence structure. Let’s take a look at your statement.

YOU SAID: “but they are operating and controlling all the drug trafficking as well
90% of the mexicans going into US from the borders and they have almost
all of them on their payroll. From border guards to DEA and not only.”

This is a fucking run on sentence that needs to be broken up into either several smaller sentences or have extra commas for anyone to clearly understand what you are talking about. You use the word “it” and “they” a lot and it forces someone to have to go reread entire paragraphs of your bullshit to figure out what it is you’re referring to. “And they have almost all of them”. WHO has almost WHO on their payroll? Why can’t you just say “cartels”, or “CIA”, or “DEA”, or “border patrol”, or “mexicans”.

Why is it “they” and “them” and “it is not”? Like seriously, your grammar and sentence structure is awful at it is, so why not type shit with a little more specificity?

If you want your statement to be legible, then it would look something like this:

“True, the U.S. is not like mexico, but the cartels are operating and controlling all of the drug trafficking in these states. They’re also responsible for bringing in 90% of the mexicans into the US. Almost all the authorities, government officials, as well as border guards, DEA, etc. are on the cartel’s payroll.

Now, I am assuming ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^ is what you wanted to say, am I right? If the above statement is not what you wanted to say, then it’s even worse because noone has any fucking idea what you are actually trying to say. Because the way you wrote that shitty long ass sentence, with no commas or punctuation, and a bunch of “it”, “them” and “they”, made it look like you said that the drug cartels are controlling the drugs and the Mexicans going into the US and that the Mexicans being brought in are on the drug cartel’s payroll, and I’m assuming that’s not what you wanted to say.

It’s very difficult, due to your poor english, for me or anyone else here to figure out exactly what exactly you are trying to say. The drug cartels are on the US governments payroll? The DEA/border guards are on the drug cartels payroll? The DEA/border guards are the US government’s payroll in collusion with the drug cartels? The Mexicans are on the US governments payroll?

Like seriously, stop writing long ass runon sentences. Split up your sentences into shorter sentences, use more commas and stop using “they” and “them”. Your bullshit is nearly impossible to understand.

It’s not “fuck you” who apparently has trouble with english, its YOU.


Hamster. I note a number of mistakes in your correction of the post from Promitheas Apollonius. By the way I think the correct spelling of the name he uses is Prometheus.

I do not think it is correct to say “True, the U.S. is not like mexico, but the cartels are operating and controlling all of the drug trafficking in these states. They’re also responsible for bringing in 90% of the mexicans into the US. Almost all the authorities, government officials, as well as border guards, DEA, etc. are on the cartel’s payroll.”

Rather than starting with the word “True” it would be more accurate in this instance to say I agree that the USA …..
Further, unless you have already identified particular cartels, you should not say the cartels. The word “the” implies that you are talking of a known cartel or cartels.
The word cartels would be sufficient to denote unidentified suppliers and distributors. Having used “the cartels” you confuse the matter by then writing the border guards etc, are on the cartel’s payroll. By again using “the cartels”, do you in this sentence mean one cartel is bribing the officials?
In fact cartel is a word usually applied to companies or organizations who conspire to fix prices so I would use another name rather than a misused media cliche.
Mexico is properly spelled using a capital M.
See we can all be pedants.


ROFL. Jesus you’re fucking retarded. Let me break down your stupidity here one by one. You’re fucking embarrassing yourself, “schiamachy”. First of all, there are no “mistakes” with my grammar or sentence structure that makes any of my response illegible or incomprehensible. This isn’t about being a “grammar nazi”, its about fixing basic sentence structure and replacing words so that other people would be able to understand your arguments and point of view better, which clearly wasn’t the case here as you can see from some of the back and forth responses between Promitheas and “this name is better”. And “by the way”, noone gives a fuck how you “think” his name should be spelled. HIS username is spelled Promitheas and not Prometheus and since I am responding either to him, or referencing him, meaning the individual on SouthFront, then whatever the “proper” name he derived his username from is clearly irrelevant here. So go take a fucking hike bitch.

2ndly, it would not be more “accurate” to start that sentence off with “I agree that the USA”. There’s 2 problems with that. First of all, do you even know what the word “accurate” means? Go look up the definition of the word “accurate”. You may make an argument as to why you’d prefer to start that statement off with that phrase instead of starting off with “True”, but it wouldn’t make the statement more “accurate”. There’s nothing “inaccurate” about starting off the sentence with True.

The other problem with that there is nothing actually incorrect or illegible by starting off with the phrase “True”. It all depends on how forceful or assertive you want your argument to be and whether you want your arguments to have any sort of conviction behind them. If you want to be a timid little bitch when arguing for what you may otherwise believe to be fairly well established truth, then there’s no point of putting in qualifiers like “i think”, or “i agree”, or “i believe”, or “in my opinion”. It is abundantly clear, minus some irrelevant details, that the U.S. in this context is not like Mexico, and that drug cartels can’t pull the kind of shit off that they’re able to get away with south of the border. Even Promitheas acknowledges this. This isn’t something that you simply “agree” on. This isn’t some ambiguous situation that people can have “opinions” on.

For example: Either a certain area has a drought, as evidenced by all reasonable observations of the evidence, or it doesn’t. People don’t just get together and “agree” on whether there is or isn’t a drought, unless there’s some serious ambiguity in the observations.

Another example: Either a certain neighborhood has has a sharp uptick in property crime or it hasn’t, based on police reports, physical evidence, and witness testimonies amongst other things. This isn’t just something people decide to “agree” or “disagree” on. Of course here and there there may be some delusional outlier who doesn’t agree, but absent relevant and convincing evidence challenging the consensus, the concensus is generally agreed to be “true” among those involved in the discussion of a topic.

So back to the relevant topic, the mexican drug cartels have not caused the same degree of carnage and lawlessness north of the border as they have on Mexican territory. This is simple observation and the conclusion any reasonable person would draw from just spending a little time becoming acquainted with the US Mexico drug trade or keeping up with current and historical events on the border. This is not a mere matter of “opinion” where people either choose to agree or disagree. It is quite clear, as acknowledge even by Promitheas that the 2 situations are not the same. So it is entirely accurate, in the course of acknowledging this fact that it is “TRUE” and not that one merely “agrees”. Saying “I agree” about something that is pretty fucking obvious is retarded.

3rdly, you said “Further, unless you have already identified particular cartels, you
should not say the cartels. The word “the” implies that you are talking
of a known cartel or cartels. ”

Yeah, except we have established which particular set of cartels we are referring to when we say the cartels, as evidenced by the context spanning from the first few responses. It is quite abundantly apparent even for the most dense individuals that we are specifically discussing the Mexican drug cartels. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t I who used the phrase “the cartels” to begin with, it was Promitheas who first used it in his earlier response. It is abundantly clear from the context of the discussion right before that that “the cartels” we are discussing are specifically the set of Mexican drug cartels that are responsible for a large portion of the drug trafficking across the southern US border. This is why noone corrected him, because everyone that was participating in the discussion understood what was meant by the phrase “the cartels”.

It was only later in a subsequent post that confusion arose because he constructed a poorly worded runon sentence which mentioned multiple, without proper use of commas or identification and then proceeded to use “they” and “them” making his statement unclear. This isn’t nitpicking, one of the users who responded to that specific post of his actually misinterpreted what he said. And it wasn’t because of poor english comprehension on behalf of the user who replied, but because of awful sentence structure and word choices by Promitheas who clearly doesn’t know how to type out his statements in a legible manner.

“The word cartels would be sufficient to denote unidentified suppliers and distributors”

Yeah, except when we are having this back and forth discussion we already know from the context of the conversation which cartels we are referring to. It is abundantly clear, to anyone but a fucking retard like yourself that we (After the DEA, CIA, Mexico, and Obama’s “Fast and Furious” operation were alluded to by Promitheas and “this name is better”) that we are not talking about fucking OPEC international oil or the fucking olive oil industry in the Mediterranean. So using the term “the cartels” is entirely appropriate. On the other hand using “they” and “them” when numerous different actors that can be referred to as a “they” or a “them” were alluded to is entirely inappropriate and made his post or intent much harder to comprehend.

Then we have this little gem:

“Having used “the cartels” you confuse the matter by then writing the border guards etc, are on the cartel’s payroll. By again using “the cartels”, do you in this sentence mean one cartel is bribing the

Did you even follow the discussion, or did you just read my post and got all bent out of shape? We are talking about the claim being made that the Mexican drug cartels bought out the DEA and border guards. Whether singular cartel, multiple cartels, all of the cartels, which specific cartel… doesn’t fucking matter. The specificity of the cartel or cartels is not relevant to the substance of the claim being made. And how can I be the one “confusing” the matter when I am not the one who made the claim? I am simply rewriting his statement to make it more legible so that there is no more further confusion as to who the actors are in some shitty worded run on sentence. Do I or Promitheas in that sentence mean one cartel or multiple cartels are bribing the officials? Since when does that fucking matter? The question is, is the claim being made (not by me) that Mexican drug cartels bribing US government officials on a massive scale to conduct their business is a real thing or not. Do I care if its one specific cartel or multiple cartels? No, I care whether the central claim that this is going on is true or not. The problem is, the way he phrased his run on sentence lends it to multiple interpretations. Whether I use “the” or not before cartels isn’t going to substantively change a mutual understanding of who we are referring to insofar as it is relevant to the claims being made. On the other hand using massive amounts of pronouns in a run on sentence with multiple subjects is a huge mistake in that it can allow for multiple interpreting which pronouns are related to which subjects. Whether I use “the” or whether or not I capitalize the name of a country is entirely irrelevant to the legibility of my responses.

“In fact cartel is a word usually applied to companies or organizations who conspire to fix prices so I would use another name rather than a misused media cliche.”

Yeah no fucking shit shirlock, thanks for the Economics 101 lesson. Except as I already pointed out, the context of the discussion made it abundantly clear that the cartels we are specifically discussing are the mexican drug cartels. Whether it’s “misused” in this context is irrelevant, as everyone in the discussion was on the same page as to what the subject matter is.

“See we can all be pedants.”

You’re the only one in this discussion who qualifies as a pedant. There’s a different between mentioning multiple subjects in one long run-on sentence and then using multiple “they” and “them” without specifying who “they” and “them” are versus not putting a determiner in front of a noun or not capitalizing the name of a country. Only a fucking 3rd world degenerate illiterate piece of shit like yourself wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

fuck you

answer me this do you live in the states ???

Promitheas Apollonious


fuck you

so how can you know what goes around the southern border when you don’t even live here ?? i’ll let that soak in on you pal … i live in the states i have a better understanding of our borders than you

You can call me Al

Answer me this, do you live in Mexico ???.

fuck you

lol no do you ?? or are you just going to answer with another question lol at least i’m man enough to answer you lol

You can call me Al

Actually I do for 3 months of a year…..well, almost….well I went there once.

fuck you

well that’s cool man not trying to get in your business or anything but why only three months ??


Promitheas Apollonious, I live in the US, specifically close to the border of Mexico (and in fact I cross the border on a regular basis for my business every month) and what you just said here is a bunch of blithering bullshit. “fuck you” is correct. Everything you said is grossly and monumentally exaggerated.

“but they are operating and controlling all the drug trafficking as well
90% of the mexicans going into US from the borders and they have almost
all of them on their payroll. From border guards to DEA and not only.”

WTF dude? shut the fuck up bitch. It is just fucking embarrassing how wrong that is lmao. Like literally every word of that is incorrect or exaggerated to such a dumbfuck degree, it is so god damn embarrassing. You literally pulled everything you said here out of your ass or based it on some hearsay.

Stick to topics you might actually have some knowledge and experience of. This is fucking embarrassing, holy shit lmao.

Promitheas Apollonious

And I have been living in California for 6 years kid. I also been going back and forth in Mexico via San Diego and I know very well what I am talking about as well am in constant communication with my friends in Texas and Arizona and they been telling me of the raids mexicans been doing in their ranches close to the borders, plus watching all the local news of my interest.

So take a walk and bitch is the one who sh*t you, not me, so crawl back in the hole you been dropped from. And you living close to the border with Mexico I am very much doubting that. There is plenty of every day news as to what is happening on your borders and the only one who pull out of his ass is you been an ass born and all that.

I understand is hard to live in a shitty perverted country as the one you living in but hey call it divine justice what is happening to all of you there. You build on thievery and genocides so what goes around comes around. And another thing I never say something because someone told me is so. I either know what I am talking about or I dont, speak.

Now take a walk.


OH REALLY? I am IN fucking San Diego (in Chula Vista) right fucking NOW and I conduct business in Tijuana. Who are these so called “friends” in Texas and Arizona you are talking about? Which local news are you watching? Please provide me the stations. Please provide me the sources of the “information” you are getting this crap from. I am well aware of the local news here in San Diego bitch.

I am friends with Border Patrol agents at multiple levels of the service. Your assertion that “most” of them are on drug cartel’s payroll or that “90%” of mexicans are being trafficked into this country is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.


I am in fact roommates here with a Mexican guy and some of his extended family are illegal immigrants.

You “doubt” I live anywhere near the border? ROFL. Let’s meet up today. How does Balboa Park sound? Or better yet, Imperial Beach. I’ve fucking lived in San Diego county for the past 14 years. Yes, I can literally meet you here TODAY. If you want to meet some border patrol personnel, we can set that up as well. We’re not gonna meet up to fight or talk shit, but I would really like to prove to you right now that I do in fact live next to the border. Let’s go ahead and meet up. I would like to see the look on your face after you’ve told me you “doubt” that I live here rofl.

And then please tell me with a straight face that most border patrol and DEA down here are on cartel’s payroll and that 90% of the illegal immigrants from mexico are trafficked by cartels. Let’s go ahead and set this up.

I am aware there is plenty of news as to what is happening here on the border, and none of it whatsoever supports the stupid extreme vapid bullshit claims that you have spouted off. You are absolutely talking 100% out of your ass right now.

“I understand is hard to live in a shitty perverted country as the one
you living in but hey call it divine justice what is happening to all of
you there.”

What the FUCK are you even talking about? What exactly is “happening” here? Here in Chula Vista (south of San Diego), there’s nothing “happening” to any sort of degree remotely comparable to what is happening south of the border. What “divine justice”? What the fuck are you even talking about? It’s a nice sunny day here, and theres nothing major “happening” here near the border any more so than other parts of the country. You’re absolutely delusional.

You clearly DON’T know what you are talking about.

fuck you

and where do you see such bullshit fox!? having “friends” isn’t reliable sources bro what your saying is some ignorant ass shit .. dont think so highly of yourself part of being a man is being able to admit your wrong … you make good points here and there but this one is just plain stupid

Promitheas Apollonious

No that be your source of info bro. Not mine. And the one who think highly of its self with no justification is you, not I. And is so american of you refusing reality about UselessShitheadsAssholes reality.

What I say it is a fact and is on record from a thousand sources. Now if you live in loulou land and in denial that is your own problem not mine.


Everyone living near the border is living in reality, and not one of them would ever take your bullshit seriously. People that claim the border patrol and DEA are on cartels payroll or that 90%+ of illegal immigrants come from Mexico do thru drug cartels is just flat out 100% wrong. there are no “sources” for this, and your “friends on the border” are either non existent or lying to you.

Promitheas Apollonious

What border you living close ? And my friends have operated with back in the 80s and our friendship and connection goes back long ways to lie to me or to sell me stories.

I also lived with many mexican landscapers and hear their stories and how they come into US illegally and what they paid and whom, to do so and them been working so they can afford to bring their families waiting on the other side, many of them we helped at the time.

Now if you are ignorant of reality on the ground and like to think that you know better, then I think is better you sort of search what I said and come back again and tell me I am wrong. All the `coyotes` who do this job on the borders, belong to the cartels not the people trying to find a better future if they do in the states.

And I assume according to you this is lies right?



now do your home work also about arizona and new mexico borders and come and tell me again what you said. Having your head up where the sun dont shine and see nothing, know nothing, you know what that make you ? Yep you guess it.

this name is better

lol your by far the most ignorant guy i’ve met on here so far lol … god bless you bro that’s all i can really tell you at this point … you claim to be extremely correct and smart and that’s fine everybody is entitled to be wrong whether you like it or not … you claim to have all this credible info but yet your best source is your friends in arizona and texas lol i like this website because i get to meet some really dumb close minded people who i can shit on without caring about your feelings

Promitheas Apollonious

and that coming from someone who not only sound as an amoeba, post as one, as well..

You know the best way to prove your self as a complete moron is personally attacking someone with out countering with facts what he says dont you?

Are you trump and mays son? or you are of the disputed ones?

this name is better

lol bro your sources about immigrants and border patrol come from friends in texas in arizona lol what kind of facts are those lol like i said everybody is entitled to be wrong … i wont call you a moron because your not your somewhat reasonable and make some good points but i will say your ignorant and self centered and that clouds your judgement

Promitheas Apollonious

The people they know me friend will disagree with you and your assessment of who I am. Your problem is you judge me based on your self and your denial of fact.

As for my friends in US, of 30+ years unlike you they live what I said and a long time ago I live it with them. So continue living in denial of fact.

this name is better

lol whatever floats your boat bro lol .. god bless


His “friend” is probably some drunk homeless guy he shared a cigarette with outside a bar. I met this tattooed drunk weirdo once who tried to convince me that a train station with a chain link fence not far from where I live is “evidence” that the US government is building concentration camps.

fuck you

hamster i am curious what’s your view on the border wall ?? what do you think about it ??


Well I personally support having a border wall. I think any sovereign nation in the world should have the ability to decide how many people come in, whether legally or illegally. However this idea that we have drugs “pouring across the border” or that vast swathes of MExicans, legals or illegals are criminals, “rapists” and all this other garbage is just sensationalist nonsense. Most of the Latinos and Hispanics living around me are very pleasant people and there’s no racial tension or animosity to any degree here at all.

And this notion that drug cartels are now in control of vast areas within the southern US in Arizona, NM, or Texas is just such a VAST exaggeration. Of course there some relatively minor problems with drugs or some human trafficking, and perhaps there a few individual border guards here and there that are “bought out”, but it’s been that way for decades.

But again, I do support a border wall simply because I don’t think unlimited amounts of people should just be coming over. What if some major disaster in the future hits Latin American countries and suddenly tens of millions want to come in? I mean human beings are tribal and territorial people. I would not be ok with turning my neighborhood into a refugee camp if something like this were to happen.

I may feel sorry for some of the homeless people in San Diego County, and perhaps something more should be done to help them. But would I be ok with being forced to take in a bunch of homeless people into my home, or even into my neighborhood where they would be sleeping on lawns? Probably not.

Maybe that’s a poor analogy, but I think at a larger scale that’s the way a lot of people in any given country in the world feel about mass immigration and refugees into their country. They may not be racist or xenophobic, but they don’t necessarily want to be “forced” to be altruistic. Maybe they dont want more over crowding, or more congestion, etc.

Perhaps we should have some more qualified workers come in from Mexico. But again, I just want it to be done legally.

I just want the border wall built so that this issue is solved once and for all, regardless of whether we accept more legal immigrants, or less legal immigrants in the future. It really will not cost that much money. Do it once and get it over with. As a sovereign country, we, like any other country in the world should be allowed to decide how many people come in. It’s really as simple as that.

To me personally, its a completely different issue from whether we should have more immigrants or less, or whether some immigrants are a net positive or a net drain. Irrespective of any of these things at all, I just think we as a country should be able to decide who comes in.

this name is better

well said man very well said i wish our trump spoke like that lol … i wish there were more people with that kind of insight … hamster i apologise if i came off as rude or ignorant to you .. your alright i’ll give my respects to you good sir

Floyd Hazzard

And how would all the drugs be smuggled for the politician bosses? Why you think nobody in Washington but outsider Trump wants walls and most politicians in border states refuse to play ball?

Promitheas Apollonious

Armenia is Russian territory and if memory serve me well, the 58th russian army is stationed there. I have a feeling soon the russians must deal with Azerbaijan and turkey messing there and i am almost certain soon turkey will show her real colors as far syria also goes.

fuck you

that’s interesting i didn’t know so turkey supports armenia ?

Promitheas Apollonious

you understand the opposite of what I said.

fuck you

what ?? lol i’ll up vote you to make you feel good brotha god bless you

fuck you

can somebody answer my question with a logical explanation i’m willing to listen to your opinion

fuck you

dude i totally misread i understand now by what you ment sorry my apologies lol

fuck you

i personally think turkey is cut throat erdogan is on his own agenda


Is Armenia Russian territory?

Promitheas Apollonious

Whose keeping alive Armenia, YOU? Whose army is in armenia and protecting her, YOURS?

If not for Russia armenia will not last 5 minutes. So yes it is russian territory. I did not say is russian owned, understand the difference and try not top split hairs.


No need to get so emotional over a question, nor to be impolite.
Russia helping Armenia to keep its integrity, does not make Armenia Russian territory.

Promitheas Apollonious

emotional…. where have you seen the emotion? Tell that to the russians and the Armenians. I am sure they will not agree with your conclusions. And you confuse the use of the word territory I used.

The term is used as territory of interest, meaning they will defend that territory by any means possible including military should it required. So yes Armenia it is russian territory.

And something for you to consider. Russia is one of the bigger produce of diamonds something not many know obviously here including you and have turn Armenia into the bigger diamond cutting center in Eurasia, check it out. There is a reason they process all their diamonds in Armenia and not in Russia that they could have done very easily.

And I can tell you more but I rather you search it and get educated by your self rather than me educating you, that in that case you have to take my word for it so it be borrowed knowledge rather than something you learn by yourself. You think you can do that?


Yeah, you are an ocean of knowledge. Be careful not getting drowned!


Is Armenia American territory?


you must be joking …

Russie Unie

It’s smelling Soros and the CIA …


So why hasn’t Russia nerve gassed Soro’s, and McCain, and Nuland, and Bush, and Pompeo, and Cheney oh damn it, take the whole country out.


An other perfect spot to cause trouble for Russia and Iran at the same time, while making the locals – in this case Azeris – pick up the tab for their own destruction and making a few bucks for the MIC. Turkey and Israel keep selling weapons to Azeri government like there’s no tomorrow for the last 2 decades. Azeris pay cash thanks to their oil revenues. Sooner or later some politician in Baku will come to a “great and original idea” of using all that hardware to force a rematch in Nagorno Karabakh. Armenia is poor and isolated – fellow Georgian Christians side with the Azeri Muslims, go figure – and can be transformed in another Syria, only much closer to Russian borders. When I say Syria I mean Russians having to spend on propping up Armenian military forces and maybe even being drawn into open hostilities with Baku regime. Only real question is, why didn’t the Neocons remember Armenia sooner…


Stupid comment. Russia sells as much as weapons to Azeris as Turkey does. And Russia wants Armenia to hand-over the nagorno-karabakh region to Azerbaijan. It’s not even recognized by Russia.

You could’ve googled this shit before and not look like a dumbass.


Russia sells arms to a lot of countries – for cash. But it keeps it’s soldiers in foreign basis in just a few – Armenia being one of those. Could you give me a link or quote a source of info that Russia asks Karabakh returned. As for non recognizing it’s status, they don’t recognize Novorossia, Transnistria and few other places – does that mean they’ll force the people back to Ukraine for example? Knobhead…


Russia sells weapons to a lot of countries – for cash. But it keeps it’s soldiers in a hand full – Armenia being one of them. You’d do well to listen to your own advice – knobhead – and google before posting shit. In last 20 years Russia sold to Azeris a few dozen tanks, BMPs and MRLS. All other equipment is old Soviet stuff – Azeris took enormous stocks in 1991 because old Soviet doctrine envisioned Azerbaijan as a staging ground for counterattack on NATO invasion from Turkey. Armenia was to be the battle ground of that war so only a fraction of military hardware was stockpiled there. Majority of more modern Azeri eqp is either bought in US, Turkey and Israel, or is locally licence produced western eqp. – from rifles to drones. I’d appreciate a link or a source of info that Russia is forcing Armenia to give up Karabakh. All Russian sponsored diplomatic conferences reinforced status quo post bellum. As for official recognition, they don’t officially recognize Novorossia, Transnistria and few other places neither and still that doesn’t mean they force the people to surrender to – Ukis for example.

Marcos Edder

So many fronts…. omg i’m going mad…

You can call me Al

I reckon we should all go mad in my garden together, with many a beer and wines and some decent food.

These war-mongering vermin are on their last legs.


Do not equate the Armenian diaspora with the Armenians, and western influence over that region is minimal. There is some sympathy for the Armenian cause but there are more economic deals with Georgia and Azerbaijan in part in order to counter Russian influence.


No major party supports such a movement.. not even the opposition parties.
And it’s the second time some idiots have tried this in Armenia. It’s doomed to fail with no results.


I hope you are right. I’m scared. really.


The Armenians are in a tough spot and always have been even going back to antiquity. If the Armenians do lean toward the West it will be due to Moscow’s friendly relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. However I have no doubt Russia will make every attempt to maintain it’s close historical relationship with Armenia.


It’s commendable that Russia doesn’t declare war on the whole world all at once, but by now the evidence is overwhelming that the Kremlin’s appeasement policy vs the West is emboldening their adversaries. Absent any repercussions, Russia will nonstop be worrying “where are they going to strike us next?” You can’t win the match by fielding a team of eleven goalkeepers.

Kell McBanned

Yes im inclined to agree


True, Russia should nuke the US at the first opportunity, it’s the only way to deal with fanatics.

jim crowland

It is good to see two christian countries working together. Russia must put aside those impossible dreams of being a superpower and help Armenians crush Azerbaijan and the Turks of erdogan


America is wearing you down Russia, do you want to end up like Iraq or Syria?
Strike while you still have the strength.


Please. No.

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