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Armenia Launches Ballistic Missiles On Azerbaijan Amid Retreat In Nagorno-Karabakh Region

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On the morning of October 22, Armenian forces launched ballistic missiles at targets inside the territory of Azerbaijan. According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, 3 missiles were fired in the direction of the Siyazan region, two in the direction of the Gabala region, and one in the direction of the Kurdamir region. Baku claimed that the strike was aimed at the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. The report provided no details regarding the type of missiles employed. Nonetheless, Armenian forces have so far only employed R-17 Elbrus and OTR-21 Tochka missiles. The Armenian Armed Forces also have several much more modern 9K720 Iskander shot-range ballistic missile systems, but the complex has not yet been employed because the leadership of Armenia is in no hurry to enter a full-out war with Azerbaijan to protect the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (also known as the Republic of Artsakh).

The Armenian Defense Ministry denounced the reports as fake but it should be noted that Yerevan was also denying a ballistic missile strike on the Azerbaijani city of Ganja on October 16, a strike , which killed or injured several dozens of civilians. Later, Armenian sources spent much time marking military objects located in the city on maps. However, the civilian casualties from that strike are the confirmed fact. In their turn, Azerbaijan claims that it has destroyed at least 3 Armenian tactical ballistic complexes. A few of them were struck on the Armenian border area near Karabakh.

On the evening of October 21 and the morning of October 22 , Azerbaijani forces were developing their offensive operations in the Aghdere-Aghdam, Fizuli-Jabrayil, and Zangilan-Gubadli directions. The Azerbaijani military claimed that it had captured important grounds in Gubadli and destroyed the D-20 battery of the 155th artillery regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces in the Khojavend area. In the Aghdere area, Azerbaijani forces allegedly delivered strikes on the 5th mountain rifle regiment inflicting heavy casualties to the Armenians.

According to Azerbaijani President Ilham Alyiev, in the recent operations Azerbaijani forces captured 22 settlements in the districts of Fuzuli, Jabrayil, and Zangilan. These are Gejagozlu, Ashaghi Seyidahmadli, Zargar, Balyand, Papi, Tulus, Hajili, Tinli, Khurama, Khumarli, Sari Babayli, Ucunju Aghali, Hajalli, Girakh Mushlan, Udgun, Turabad, Ichari Mushlan, Malikli, Jahangirbayli, Baharli and Minjivan. Several Armenian T-72 battle tanks as well as BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles were also captured by Azerbaijan.

Fierce clashes in the contested region continue as both Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of sabotaging the diplomatic talks on a non-military settlement of their differences. On October 12, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan even said that there is no diplomatic solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict at this stage.

“Azerbaijan no longer agrees with what we agree or will agree, which means that at this stage it is at least pointless to talk about any diplomatic solution,” the Armenian Prime Minister said. Pashinyan also touched on the ongoing battles in Nagorno-Karabakh calling on all Armenians to take arms to repel the Azerbaijani advance. He said that Armenian forces are inflicting heavy losses on the Azerbaijani troops. The PM claimed that more than 10,000 Azerbaijani soldiers have been killed so far. This number exceeds even that claimed by the Armenian Defense Ministry, according to which Azerbaijan has thus far lost 6,459 troops, 584 armoured vehicles and rocket systems, 23 military planes, 16 helicopters and 202 UAVs. Thus, according to the Armenian side, in recent clashes Azerbaijan has lost over 200 personnel.

Even amid the victorious statements about multiple Azerbaijani casualties, the Armenian side admits that clashes have reached the area of the Akari River. Even as Armenia provides few details regarding the current positioning of the sides, this is a de-facto confirmation of the recent Azerbaijani advance.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay repeated an earlier claim of the Turkish leadership that his country is ready to openly send its forces to support Azerbaijan if needed. Therefore, even if Armenia is able to stabilize the current situation in the south of Karabakh, Turkey will continue providing Azerbaijan with the means, measures and specialists needed to continue their operations aimed at recapturing the entire region.

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Rhodium 10

All depends again like in the past NK war…then drunk Yeltsin and the pro western Oligarchy was missing…but Russia military threat Turkey with a devastate war if Turkish troops entered in Armenia and finally Armenia won that war!…this case is similar…Putin have to preserve the Russian investment in both countries and the economic interest of the Oligarchy( many of them etnic Turquic)…while Pashinyan as a pro western puppet that cannot declare a war vs AZ because it means to attack Turkey soil ( a NATO member who can ask for support )….therefore again will be Russian military staff who will enter in NK like similar “peace troopers” did in Transnistria and also in South Ossetia during the first war….the goal is to prevent a etnic cleasing and the destruction of cultural sites and Christian churchs which can surely have the support of many western countries!

John Brown

Wrong, Russian military staff who will stay along the entire Armenian / NK border to ensure Armenia can’t attack Azer in NK and to prevent Azer and Turkey from conquering Armenia, unless the Soros Armenia government decides to kick the Russians out, in which case Turkey will conquer Armenia and and it will become part of Turkey and Armenians will live under Turkish rule and learn to like it or flee to the EU and the USSA.

I would say the chances of the Zio Soros Armenian government ordering out the Russians to be better then 50%. So better then a 50% chance Armenia will be conquered by Turkey and cease to exist forever by the end of 2020.


turgay can conquere only a big fat shit :)))

Ida Acobian

Utter nonsense from profane


Turks are boring people! Aside from bullshit they don’t know much else. No civility no invention, no class, no brains, they just sit on other peoples land and talk shit to themselves. The stupidest people, and this idiot thinks his geopolitical nonsense holds sway with anyone.


Remember, millions of Armenians are beggars, homeless, scattered and sitting on other people’s lands around the world.


Like I said turkroaches have done nothing for humanity. Name me one famous Turkish/Azeri invention….LOL

Now crawl back under your rock you stupid shit and shut up! You have done nothing for humanity and these beggars have stood up against a combined Turkish/Azeri/Paki/Syrian Jihadi scum. Now go collect your dead you moron!


Poverty Begging Beggar Homeless Thousands beggar and homeless children were registered in Armenian. The figures released by the National Statistical Service (NSS) of Armenia show that the three street children are 14-15 years old and the forth is 16-18 years old.

Armenia: Women Driven into Prostitution Many unemployed, unmarried women in Armenia have no other choice but to go into prostitution.


The only whore is you mother! The men are pig food!



Did you ask your whore mom, how many men fucked her before you were born.


Nice try with Turkojiberish Go fuck yourself!

John Brown

George zio Soros and the coup leaders he installed in Armenia are currently fu_king the entire Armenian nation right now including you.

Soros laughing at Armenians as he fu__ks them all real good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzEwJ31F82A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdasbLKm4s0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN7_O-2Kixw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp56UB8g3vU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mRPTrWHHKQ


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/595395269e862134b83c5d4c305ed35d98ff4590cb881a189ab5bf14cc698e80.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d5ab4926a7d7d6369280eb2032c0cddfb1bbbdc87438c5f71090c99e83692509.jpg FUCK YOU MAN!

Here is Soros for you, you fucking idiot stupid toork!


One more time!







The Farney Fontenoy

Funding both sides-standard procedure since Napoleon.

Jihadi Colin

The chances of Pashinyan having deliberately chosen to lose this war so as to kick out Russia and enter NATO are of the order of 75-80% and growing by the day. However, he will ensure that he is in NATO and the Ottomans will not invade.


Nato has no such interest in Armenia. So all this Pashinyan theories are bunk. In fact Armenia point blank asked what are Nato jets doing in Azerbaijan to wit the reply was ” This is not Nato’s war” a flat out lie. The same tired lines of we are partners and all the horseshit. So excuse yourself for having this theory it just is not holding water. I am talking real politic real fact real substance not object fantasy!

In addition we see how Nato is playing the Greek/Turkish issue. Europe is a basket case, you can’t count on them for shit and we all know this. So how do you again craft such daydreams I don’t know.

Push comes to shove and we are going to fight till the end. Does not matter if Russians want to craft excuses, with Azeri and Turkish agitation. Fact of the matter is the world has seen such brave men when? The world has only seen such men in fictional characters, not in living men! You can’t cheat brave men with conspiracy. No matter what you do they will hold their ground and fight and shame the rest of you!

John Brown

No way Turkey or Israel allow Armenia into Zato except as a conquered province of Turkey. In which case there likely won’t be very many Armenians living there. I am sure Soros probably told them that.

Do you still think Armenian will win this war too?

Soros is laughing at you as well as every Armenian as he fu__ks them and you all real good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzEwJ31F82A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdasbLKm4s0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN7_O-2Kixw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp56UB8g3vU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mRPTrWHHKQ

Jihadi Colin

I have never ever thought Armenia would win, from the very first day I have been predicting disaster. They don’t have the equipment, numbers, allies or even political will to win.

The Farney Fontenoy

New members are admitted only by unanimous agreement of existing members. Turkey will say no-so end of discussion.


Keep dreaming


They would not directly annex all of Armenia. That just isn’t how things work anymore.

The Farney Fontenoy

Armenia’s real enemies are men in suits in Yerevan, shoot them first.

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