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Armenia Declares Large-Scale Counter-Attack In Southern Karabakh As Ilham Aliyev Makes Victorious Address To Nation


Armenia Declares Large-Scale Counter-Attack In Southern Karabakh As Ilham Aliyev Makes Victorious Address To Nation

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On October 20, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev announced new gains of his forces in the ongoing Azerbaijani-Armenian war in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. According to the Azerbaijani President, Armenian forces lost Dordchinar, Kurdlar, Yukhari Abdurrahmanli, Garghabazar, Ashaghi Veysalli, Yukhari Aybasanli villages in the Fuzuli district, Safarsha, Hasangaydi, Fughanli, Imambaghi, Dash Veysalli, Aghtapa, Yarahmadli villages in the Jabrayil district, Aghjakand, Mulkudara, Dashbashi, Gunashli, Vang villages in the Khojavand district, Havali, Zarnali, Mammadbayli, Hakari, Sharifan, Mughanli villages in the Zangilan district.

The town of Zangilan was also captured by Azerbaijani forces, Aliyev emphasized.

Previously, Aliyev announced the capturing of the towns of Jabrayil and Fuzuli, and the Hadrut settlement, as well as more than 50 villages.

Artillery units of Azerbaijan in the conflict zone:

During the October 20 address, the leader of Azerbaijan also named the official Azerbaijani version regarding the losses and casualties of Armenian forces.


  • Battle tanks – 241
  • BMP – 50,
  • self-propelled artillery – 17,
  • artillery guns – 198,
  • mortars – 58,
  • anti-tank weapons – 53
  • Grad multiple launch rocket systems – 70
  • Uragan multiple launch rocket systems – 2
  • Yars systems (likely some kind of rocket launchers) – 2
  • TOS flamethrower system – 1
  • S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems – 4
  • TOR surface-to-air missile systems – 3
  • Kub and Krug air defense systems – 5
  • UAVs – 6
  • Elbrus tactical missile systems – two
  • Tochka-U tactical missile system – 1
  • electronic warfare systems – 8
  • trucks – 198


  • Battle tanks captured – 39
  • BMP captured – 24,
  • mortars captured – 12
  • grenade launchers captured – 25
  • trucks – 102

Azerbaijani strikes:

Meanwhile, the Armenian side insists that its forces have been developing a major counter-offensive in the southern part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region. A spokesperson for the Armenian defense ministry even claimed that Azerbaijani forces are now on retreat there.

The Armenian side also released own vision of the current situation. According to it, Azerbaijani forces suffered 6,309 casualties, lost 576 armoured vehicles, 4 TOS systems, 23 military planes, 16 helicopters and 200 UAVs.

Pro-Armenian sources say that Zangilan became a ‘trap’ for Azerbaijani troops and a arge group of the ‘enemy forces’ is now being eliminated there. Nonetheless, they have released little video evidence to confirm this claim. Nonetheless, the fact of intense clashes there can hardly be denied:

Armenian artillery:

Combat cartoons are also employed:

The Azerbaijan Defense Ministrysays that Armenians spread fake news:

The news about Khudaferin disseminated by the Armenian side is misinformation

The news spread by the Armenian ministry of defense that military operations are being conducted in the Khudaferin direction is nonsense and does not even require comments. This is misinformation intended to reduce partially the fear prevailing in the Armenian society.

Despite some formal diplomatic rhetoric, Azerbaijan shows no signs of its willingness to accept any real ceasefire with Armenian forces. Instead, it seeks to deliver a devastating blow to them and force them to surrender. The current Armenian counter-attack in the south will not likely change the strategic situation in the conflict as it’s the fact that Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc has more resources for the war. Nonetheless, it could help Armenian forces to gain additional time to set up additional defense lines deeper inside the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.




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