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Armenia Claims Significant Success In Repelling Azerbaijan, Reportedly Dozens Killed, Equipment Destroyed

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Armenia Claims Significant Success In Repelling Azerbaijan, Reportedly Dozens Killed, Equipment Destroyed

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On October 6th, fighting in all directions of Nagorno-Karabakh continued.

According to the Armenian side, Azerbaijan had very limited success, if any.

After midnight, in the early hours of October 7th, the Azerbaijani forces tried to go on the offensive and strengthen in the South-Eastern direction, near the approaches to Jabrayil, but was reportedly hit by a well-aimed rocket and artillery strike of the Armenian armed forces.

“At 06:30 am, after another rocket and artillery strike, leaving 60 more dead on the battlefield, as well as 22 units of downed equipment, several dozen units of working equipment, the remnants of three enemy brigades fled in panic.”

A video recording is presumably available, it was not initially provided, but a bit later was shared.

Armenia Claims Significant Success In Repelling Azerbaijan, Reportedly Dozens Killed, Equipment Destroyed

Azerbaijani column just before it was bombed by Armenian forces. Click to see full-size image

“Just recently, as a result of accurate fire from Armenian units in the South-Eastern direction, a large fuel and raw material base of the enemy was hit. The video will soon be published by the Armenian defense Ministry. Opportunities have been created in various areas of the front to build on our success,” Defense Ministry spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan said.

She, earlier, said that some areas were out of reach for Azerbaijani attacks due to effective defense, hyped up with a video.

Furthermore, Armenia announced that the enemy’s “terrorist army” is being mercilessly destroyed. No evidence at all is being provided.

Videos purportedly showing the front and some clashes were released by Armenia on October 7th.

An evidence video of Azerbaijani shelling on Stepanakert was also released.

The Azerbaijani side claimed that Armenian forces targeted a BTC oil pipeline, which Stepanyan denied.

Azerbaijan also began producing local propaganda videos, such as the one below:

The conversation goes the following way:


– Hello.

– What’s your name?

– Azniv.

– Mrs Azniv, are you Armenian?

– Yes.

– Where are you from?

– I’m from Armenia, but I work here now.

– What’s your job?

– I’m a seller.

– Do your relatives live here?

– No, they live in Armenia and somewhere else.

– We are the Azerbaijani soldiers and we are in our Motherland.

– Welcome home.”

This is somewhat clear evidence that Baku doesn’t plan on withdrawing anytime soon and plans to establish itself in the region.

Additionaly, sources of the @wargonzo project in Odessa report that representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora are recruiting fighters from the Ukrainian Nazi-infested volunteer battalions “Azov” and “Right Sector” to be sent to the Nagorno-Karabakh front. Salaries are offered between $1,500 and $2,000.

The Azerbaijan side also released videos of the frontline.


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Lazy Gamer

This is their biggest hit yet. lol The accurate artillery fire? is unusual from more than a week of fighting. Has wagner or some professional army assisted the Armenians?


The Artsakh videos look like a collage. I’m not convinced anyone in is this war the Artsakh side, except for a few volunteers and some obsolete arms supplies.


armenia is decimating the foreskin eaters & camel rapers


Armenia can not even look back to see who is raping her nowadays, sweetie. They even can not see who taking its turn, they just enjoy the ride.

Ishyrion Av

Turks, rapist country.


Cheap propanda from a thieving greek, nothing more nothing less.


Do not talk about propaganda..because propaganda is your food morning, noon and night.


LOL you are the masters of it. Your national character based on distorting the truth and begging for help.


sorry mate but you Turks are brainwashed on daily basis for years. You are out of touch with reality.


Is that yr opinion or a fact ? I am asking this because I usually dont take propaganda pushing greeks or anonymous posters claiming to be ” white, tall , handsome , and boy loving ” seriously.


Well , when it comes about propaganda then its fact based on statistics and data. If EU will open their borders for Turks then Turkey could be depopulated in two years ;)


Go ahead with yr statistics then , impress me .

And quit trying to gain credibility with user names like ‘’ White male’’ , claiming too be tall and talking about proposals from girls. Noone is interested with these . This is internet. It only shows yr insecurity and confirms that you have no intellectual capacity but just trying to sell yr acclaimed physical looks.

Next ; asked you a question , let me repeat – Where are you from ? Why are you afraid to confess ?


woot ? why you take it so personaly , its just my nick , nothing big ,relax. At least i show my real face , you are just like to hide behind fancy avatar ;) so please be honest with yourself. You know that your personal attack just shows that you have no arguments in ,,debate” ? ;)


Cut the crap. What do you expect me to discuss with a clown who appears with an irrelevant argument about EU when cornered and tries to emphasize his outlook to gain credit ?

What is your argument ? Telling that you love Turkish ‘‘boys” ?

The question you are dodging is there , where are you from , sweetie ?


EU , Russia and Usa collapsing for last 30 years bla bla bla bla oldest story that is just wishthinking . First look at yourself and your country and young jobless generation .
i will not tell you where i am from , i am afraind you could will start with insult me with words like nazi ,white supremacist bla bla bla etc . Again , dont take it personaly , there is nothing against ordinary Turkish people.


I am not the one telling you that EU , Russia or USA collapsing – Quit posting your old comments to save yr ass. Countries rise and fall regulary as it can be seen through the history, and even an ignorant poser like you can not refuse that both USA and EU were not living best of their days even before pandemics. But one thing for sure , we at least have a young generation.

Btw sweetie, economic figures both in EU and USA dont look so bright either.

The superiority of the west is fading away , the east started to shine as it did 1500 years ago . Although it may take another century or so, the end is inevitable. I wonder what shallows guys like you who has nothing to sell other than their acclaimed looks and the place they have been born into will do then ..LOL.

Of course you will not tell me where you are from , I was just asking this to you show what you actually are. You are just another coward barking from the shadows.


EU and USA economic didnt look bright for last 20 years to be honest but it doesnt matter at all. eu/usa will last and last , in the same time we will change regime in Turkey and Turkish people will get better life . Sooner or later you will be greatfull to us. You should learn about geopolitics and economy then you will understand everything and how it works. Come on dude, you can call me coward 100 times but face facts first ,,, i show my face and you doing what ?


Go tell your BS somewhere else, troll.


Here comes another butthurt greek. F/off low life , go back to liveumap Libya threads where you usually crawl.

Raptar Driver

You Turks are genocidal maniacs.


We are still taking baby steps compared to you western asswipes.

Raptar Driver

However you had a head start with the Slavs of eastern Europe.

Europe hates America

Isis turk


Someone tad clever than you would know that the Azeris I am defending are shia and divine enemies of Isis. But considering your level of intellect of course I dont expect you to know that.

Liberal guy

Hahahahaha right

James Adams

hahahhaaha love it

Random Dude

It is interesting and all to see a upbeat music in a video. But the video itself is very weird. Image of equipment and fire doesn’t mean equipment on fire. Certainly something is burning. But before a flame video if i put a picture of Darth Vader, doesn’t mean that Death Star is on fire.


Southfront -> please could you be specific about the source of the headline? Which ministry, which spokesperson? Is it Republic of Armenia or Republic of Artsakh issuing the statements from the Artsakh side of the war?


CSTO commitments do not apply to Karabakh – Kremlin

We all know this is true…


Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense video from Sheybey village in Jabrail district



The Armenian Prime Minister says a main condition of the ceasefire in Karabakh is the end of Turkey’s participation in the conflict

What a joke!

Armenian wet wild dream….


Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense new video of drone strike at Karabakh



Ministry of Defense: Azerbaijani army moved forward and captured new strongholds


Khankedi/Stepanakert was targeted with missiles and kamikaze drones

Are Japanese involved with Karabakh attack?


The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan on deploying peacekeepers to Karabakh: this requires a request and consent of both sides, Azerbaijan doesn’t need it

This could happen only after peace treaty is reached.


Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense video from Shukurbayli village of Jabrail district in south Karabakh

Look at the poor equipment those poor Armenians have used.



Armenia PM said the actions of Turkey and Azerbaijan amounted to a “terroristic attack” over NagornoKarabakh that formed part of the continuation of Armenian genocide

New Armenian “Genocide” V2.00

What a joke.


Geolocation of a bunker/barrack on the front-line in Nagorno-Karabakh near Horadiz (WorldView-3 satellite image dated 3 Oct 2020)



First confirmed footage of Azerbaijan soldiers raising the flag in Nagorno Karabakh village of Sukurbeyli. Location is a Armenia / Nagorny Karabakh base



BBC caught Mr. Pashinyan lying



40 more KIA Armenian soldiers named, total rises to 320, according to N-K authority.

What are the true casualty? 2,000?

Антон С

Say 200 thousand, not a pity. Stop spamming.

Raptar Driver

It is clear that both sides are lying.
You know, the 1st casualty of war is?


Journalist Heydar Mirza: “Azerbaijani soldier’s victories in the direction of Aghdara opened the way to the Tartar River”

That will be really big. Control water resources….

James Adams

The Azeris are holding civilians hostage and forcing them to say that they are happy to be conquered?


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