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MARCH 2021

Armenia Claims Karabakh Forces Have Downed Azeri Su-25, Denied By Azerbaijan


Armenia Claims Karabakh Forces Have Downed Azeri Su-25, Denied By Azerbaijan

The Su-25 ground attack aircraft. File photo.

A spokesperson for Armenia’s Ministry of Defence claimed on Monday that the Karabakh anti-air defence units have shot down one of Azerbaijan’s Su-25 fighters. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence has categorically denied the claim.   

The Armenians also repeated the allegation that Azerbaijan’s Su-25’s are flying sorties accompanied by Turkish F-16s.

“The Azerbaijan Air Forces are using Su-25 fighters, covered by Turkey’s F-16, along the entire line of contact. The anti-air defense units of the Artsakh [Karabakh] Defense Army have downed a Su-25 of the adversary in the north-east,” Ministry of Defence spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan wrote on Facebook.

No evidence has been provided to support the claim. LINK

Later in the day Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence categorically rejected the claim.

“The Armenian Defense Ministry’s statement about yet another alleged ‘downed’ Azeri jet Su-25 is a blatant lie that arose from desperation. Azerbaijan is not using its combat aircraft and we are fully in compliance with the humanitarian ceasefire,” the head of the Azeri Defence Ministry’s press service said. LINK

The Su-25 was designed to support ground forces and destroy heavy armoured vehicles, fortifications and other ground targets. The Su-25 serves a similar function to the US A-10 ground attack aircraft, however it is significantly smaller, lighter and faster than its US counterpart and also features more powerful weaponry. LINK




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