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Armenia Blamed Azerbaijan For False Accusations Of Attacks On Civilian Areas

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Armenia Blamed Azerbaijan For False Accusations Of Attacks On Civilian Areas

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On October 9, The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claimed that Armenian forces had carried out a series of artillery strikes on civilian settlements.

In a statement, the ministry claimed that Armenian forces targeted the Azerbaijani towns and cities of Barda, Aghdam, Mingachevir and Aghjabedi. No videos or photos confirming the strikes were shared.

Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, denied Azerbaijan’s claims, calling them “obvious fabrication.” Stepanyan also warned Azerbaijan against launching any attacks on civilian areas in Nagorno-Karabakh, where a heated battle has been ongoing since September 27.

“We once more warn Azerbaijan against any attempts to provoke us by targeting populated centers and civilian infrastructure, as the Artsakh Defense Army’s response will be decisive,” Stepanyan said in a statement.

Over the last two weeks, Azerbaijan made false accusations against Armenian on several occasions to justify attacks on civilian settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh.

A day earlier, Azerbaijan claimed that it shot down an Armenian drone that was on its way to attack civilian areas in the country. However, the supposed “drone” turned out to be an Israeli-made IAI Harpo loitering munition of the Azerbaijani military.

Later on the same day, Azerbaijani forces carried out a double-tab strike on the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Nagorno-Karabakh. At least ten civilians and journalists were injured.

Azerbaijani attacks on settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh have, so far, claimed the lives of 22 civilians and injured more than 90 others.


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Leonardo Russo

I did not expect Armenia to defend itself both against Azerbaijan and Turkey, the conflict became a stalemate, and it is very good for Armenia, because a stalemate means victory for Armenia… Time is on the defender side, drones will be less deadly as troops learn how to deal with them, international pressure will be heavier as the fight goes on, I don’t see a victory for Turkey and Azerbaijan if things move as they are moving now… let’s see…

Vox Populi

Only if Armenia could hold on to NK, they have already lost 40% land and 60% population, I would doubt if Turkey will back off now as its national honor is at stake.

Leonardo Russo

I like SF because it looks like neutral, don’t believe in Azeri or Turkish propaganda (or Armenian too), both sides are full of exaggeration, the reality is, Turkey and Azerbaijan had a lot of success in the beginning of the conflict, now things are getting harder for them, drones alone cannot win wars, boots on the ground are essential, and armenian soldiers are proving to be more effective and they fight better on the ground, also they adapted fast to drones.


Hurmf, what is happening in South F.
NK, was never Azeri dominated, and despite the facts about the creation of this Azerbijan, witch is 100% fake, its not even close to whats real, yet people continue to write about Armenians iligale occupation of NK, what amazes me, is that the this people, witch lies about everything is destroying their own credibility, but yet, SF writes their articles in an way that blurs that fact that NK was always Armenian, and Azeri is an atrifical creation, the name is infact Iranian, and that Sovjet created Azeris to be friendly to the Turds, and their claims are just nonsense and the Russians knows this.
This war was started by the Turdians and Azeris, period, and backed by everybody, incl Putin.

I am not that surpriced about the massive level of disinfo about Armenians, because the Azeris have suport from the Turds/ISISrael/ZATO and UssA, whom even have their “best” scumbags roaming in Baku, and somehow, Armenia is blamed for everything. I havent read this level of bullshit since Libya, amazing level of sniveling drivel and the hughe influx of people whom knows jack shit but is cock shure about some few issues witch is then to legitimise the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in NK. Sites like ZeroH, pimps Turdish propaganda, Fake do the same, MoA is gone total retard, and so on, even when we show historical videos about Armenia, the various tribes in whats to day Azer, even when the openly betrayal of Armenians done by the Russians for centurys, even when Armenians died for Russia for centurys, Russia throws them under the buss again for to suck up to the Ottomaniacs, the Turds happy head chopping forces, witch Russia claims its fighting in Syria and Libya.

I despite this, knows that you will loose on this in the long run Russian a..likers and apoligistas, because one thing is been Non Negotiable, another thing is been an traitore when the proverbial shit hits the fan, like Russia does to Armenia and Syria, when they for decades backed the scumbag whom ruled Armenia like an dick, yeah, we dont like dicks but this one is our dick, and then came an slick used car saleman and promissed gold and green forests, and won, and somehow, despite the fact I could mention an long list of similare scums and false preachers, most think its ok then to slaughter Armenians an mass, fascinating bunch of sickos, and despite Armenians have been treated like shit by the Russians that have been stead fast, despite the Russians obvious ignorings of the reality regarding the Govs in Armenia witch they by large been behind, Armenians have cooperated with Russia.

I have no problems with undestanding the Sore-ass conection, but to witch extent that have anything to do with this conflict is beyond me, I have written about this Mofo for years, knows how they operate, warned the AmeriTards about the color revolution witch have comed home, despite that, I read about things I know they dont cause everything, this NGOs are all over the world, but the propaganda against Armenians have ramped that up to idiotic heights, and like the Catalan case, where the same sites somehow, and an large pack of drooling idiots commenting, witch claimed that the Catalans where Sore-ass patsies, they never came up with anything, other than accusations, wile I know the case is entirly false, but some of this NGO is present never the less in Northen Spain, as they are more or less everywhere else, like in Libya where they are behind the human trafficing and yet nobody have done anything about that, and so on, we are dealing with an pack of f…. amatures regarding commenting and its become an anoying insult to intellegence and knowledge about our present world, to much AmeriTards in this sites, it shows, and that is on top of everything else.
Dunka, dunka.

I am shamed by the Russians and I will make shure humanity will never forget this, the western rat packs and Turd likers is what you can expect, like the HasbaRats whom suddenly backs the Turds, huh.
Thats why I read so much nonsense this days from sites I am now dead certain is nothing but fake, controlled oposittion, they always comes forth, one day, and some have done that now.


Arman Melkonyan

You are so right.

Russians betrayed Armenia again. The Americans and the Jews are firmly on the Turkish side.


Ask yourself, why all countries abandoned Armenians????


It does not matter who dominate N-K. In North Iran, there are a lot of Azeris. It does not mean those people can just break away from Iran to join Azerbaijan. The same with the Chinese people in Thailand, Vietnam, Burma. Mongols in China. Muslims in India. And a lot more people mingled together. If all are allowed to merge to whatever they want, then this world would be a big mess.

There are also German people in Poland and a lot other countries…..


Armenia is in the same league of HTS, ISIS, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. They do not behave like Christians. They are even worse than those Kurds.

johnny rotten

The two liars accuse each other of lying, this is the only case in which both of them do not lie.


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