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MAY 2021

Armenia And Azerbaijan Boast Their Military Successes Amid Another Failed Ceasefire As Turkish Proxies Suffer From Russian Strikes In Syria

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Armenia And Azerbaijan Boast Their Military Successes Amid Another Failed Ceasefire As Turkish Proxies Suffer From Russian Strikes In Syria

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As it was expected, the new (third) humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan negotiated in Washington in fact does not work. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan insist that they comply with the ceasefire, but the ‘enemy’ violates it. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev even finds time to announce new victories of the Azerbaijani military that somehow happened amid the ceasefire.

Apparently, coward Armenian forces violate the ceasefire regime by attacking the peacefully advancing Azerbaijani troops.

The Azerbaijani President also said that Turkish F-16 jets, which are deployed in Azerbaijan (just a few days ago the top leadership of Turkey and Azerbaijan was denying this) will be employed to protect his country in response to any act of the ‘foreign aggression’. It’s is interesting to look how the official narrative of Azerbaijan and Turkey has been shifting from claims about the Turkish non-involvement in the war to admitting the direct military participation of Ankara in the military escalation.

During the past 2 days, the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc continued its advance towards the Lachin corridor, a strategic area where the shortest route between Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is located. According to reports, after the recent gains Azerbaijani troops are now in about 10-12km from the area. Azerbaijani forces are now working to secure their recent gains and establish strong points there. After this, they will likely establish a fire control over the strategic route thus undermining the Armenian ability to send supplies to Karabakh.

For example, according to the Armenian Armed Forces, Azerbaijan has been conducting active offensive actions in the south of Karabakh despite the ceasefire.

Armenian sources are also not shy to release new claims about their supposed victories in the war with Azerbaijan. For example, on October 26, the Armenian Defense Ministry released a new report claiming that Azerbaijan lost 6,674 troops, 600 armoured vehicles, 6 rocket launchers, 24 planes, 16 helicopters and 220 UAVs since the start of the conflict.


The mighty Armenian military industry is also allegedly developing its own loitering munitions (suicide drones) now:

Members of Turkish-backed militant groups that remain in Syria and are yet to move to some conflict zone to die for Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman dream also suffer hard times. 

At least 78 Turkish-backed militants were killed and over 100 others were injured in a recent series of Russian airstrikes on their training camps and HQs in the Syrian region of Idlib. The main strikes targeted a former air defense base of the Syrian Army near Al-Duvayla. This area is by Turkish-backed militants and the former military base itself is currently a training camp for members of Faylaq ash-Sham.

Syrian sources link the increased number of Russian strikes on Turkish proxies in Syria with their deployment to the Nagorno-Karabakh combat zone to support Azerbaijan. Russia sees the increase of the presence of radical militant groups there as an unacceptable scenario.


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  1. Proud Hindu says:

    If we talk in practical terms Armenia will lose unless they become mountain warriors like houthis.
    PS: Emotions dont matter in war.So im not taking sides here

    1. HitlerWasRight says:

      armenia has not started fighting yet only artsakt. armenia will win despite vile jew suicide weapons

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        Armenia will not formally ever enter the war under any circumstances unless Azerbaijan is stupid enough to invade Armenia, which it will not be.

    2. Random Dude says:

      Armenians don’t have quantitative advantage like Houthis do.

      1. SevenMoons says:

        And Houthis are fighting in their own land. Artskin are fighting in the land robbed from Azeris. And Artskins do not even have many people, even after government asked them to father 8 baby pigs each family…

        1. John says:

          NK is rock. You are fighting because of your bloodthirst.

  2. QuickshooterMk4 says:

    Armenia can easily squash a bunch of sand-monkeys
    though if they win… you can bet your ass there will be (((international intervention)))

    1. aces says:

      followed by a long walk of armenians towards deir ez zor…

    2. shylockracy says:

      Back then, the Russian empire was not so invested in “business and partnership” with the globalist Ziocorporate terrorists so it was difficult for outsiders to intervene in the Caucasus. Today, Turks are weaponised by NATO and ISISrael and Moscow wants to keep them appeased to sell them cheap gas so it’s not quite the same.

      1. Stev60 says:

        Pure evil.

  3. Jihadi Colin says:

    The Ottomans are not just abandoning the pretence of not being involved, they’re now so puffed up with confidence that Erdo’s warning Russia to keep out of the conflict. I hope the Putin worshippers are happy about this.

    1. Captain Freedom says:

      So puffed up that they gonna blow up!

      1. Stev60 says:

        What an Armenian-genociding Satanic trio. Sickening.

    1. aces says:

      looks like we are focusing on these mountainous areas…close to the lachin corridor…


  4. SevenMoons says:

    The President of Armenia dismissed Chief of the Border Troops of the National Security Service Vahinak Sargsyan and appointed Arman Maralchyan in his place

    So he blamed his own people?? LOL.

    1. occupybacon says:

      No, is like a football substitution.

  5. SevenMoons says:

    For Artskins, the war is hopeless. So many people died from the war.


      1. Europe hates America says:

        They learned that from their president. I think erDOGan is still sucking putins dick. And what’s up with the muslims from china? They still alive?

      2. BAKH says:

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/afa16a3171f6c39d4f34bac4febcdf0e38a7c27ca347bdf1ec7c7b92973209d7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c476e2c011006e56c6348569c972422e1f33ee47c0e96d95fb3a9bd202caab93.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4288be7d0b63cf0d4909d75d17c06000b5a1da27579c4e17e5639db3f4df77a8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03db27626b69e3503001daab197b7245e0ca20af4807c7fccfa813e7fe4ae33b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b53024e52312a81014ff060d25d35bac695011272a193d2689282b6c91425d2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e50ffb2d9cec3b95c28879976962320278fc553ff9164312f737a8ba9b2ff379.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba0e5d9544509aaef49ba0cadafac87305e354b94550220a9b9e0d64198ba092.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b96d0fda23fa9fb4e3232764b51077af66c4e2c17814da9c9634bae5172295a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49c29a61ba9cf072938a779336372a3105de7b04a4a48cbf3ff60f41e477d61b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1834d72ad14d99fc4fb20b1e5a0bde5d42153f8395ac984ff24725895955740.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2648e2a5fbdf6be7ae65113b71fdb0178704de6c824cd92dc5c2e35dbfab45d4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5ab483e953a448e0e0e2d4a1be13b22b765e298c2b061e13bd3721ef92d96fd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/337ab044cf1d75aeb514f5309d9cfa5b0773b10104d2793edee27dbf9a4df269.jpg
        The villain who came from the street yesterday wanted to deceive the world today. Soros’s project Pashik’s betrayal of Putin destroys him. Instead of making a cartoon, look at real shots! There is no need to comment ….

    1. BAKH says:

      Pashkina’s goal is to kill all men in Armenia. He is doing this deliberately so that he will not be a man who will oppose his ugly government!

  6. Harry Smith says:

    Last time a lot of Armenian propaganda appeared here when big loses of NK land were recognized couple of days after. Numbering current pro-Armenian accounts I can guess we will witness in next couple of days Armenian govt saying they lost Lachin corridor.

    1. aces says:

      both sides are making propaganda but denial of territorial losses by the armenian side is hillarious…for instance they still claim control over hadrut and fuzuli despite extensive footages published by azerbaycan…pathetic…

        1. BAKH says:

          Propaganda is a powerful weapon for a quick victory in war. However, it is known that the successful side is honest propaganda, the losing side is ugly propaganda. Everyone hopes that he believes. Deceiving the people and society is the basis of defeat.
          The official websites of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry are already full of thousands of accurate videos. They were not filmed by fake filmmakers. They were shot by drones and satellites.
          A real Armenian dream :)))))

        2. BAKH says:

          Kardashian came to thank the Azerbaijani soldiers! Her husband will shoot her famous video in Karabakh this time. YouTube will explode .. :)))

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        AZ dont talk about huge losses of his soldiers….they cannot advance in Hadrut and Fuzuli towards the capital….they cannot advance in North and East….only are advancing along Iran border but will be unable to keep large number of troops and vehicles if they retake lachin corridor…but meanwhile Turkish and the Israeli partners only want to take all Irani-NK border corridor which lead Turkey to move troops and the facto take control of the south Caspian sea…while Israel will help to desestabilize Iran surely sending Mossad comandos and spies close to North Iran.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          And where did you get the info about Azeris loses? Let me guess. From Armenian accounts. In fact, if will take enemy loses info from both Armenian and Azeris sources it would lead us to conclusion that every sided destroyed their adversary army at least 2 times.

          1. BAKH says:

            Propaganda is a powerful weapon for a quick victory in war. However, it is known that the successful side is honest propaganda, the losing side is ugly propaganda. Everyone hopes that he believes. Deceiving the people and society is the basis of defeat.
            The official websites of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry are already full of thousands of accurate videos. They were not filmed by fake filmmakers. They were shot by drones and satellites.

      2. Ida Acobian says:

        Will be taken away as soon as your drones finished and isis stock will be exhausted. You scum of the earth will cease your existence soon. WW3 will start, have no doubts. You only brought sorrow and destruction to both Muslim and Christian worlds. Every normal human being is sick of you demonic pigs. Time of payback is coming. Soon your euphoria will finish.

      3. BAKH says:

        For this, they had to pray to God in the churches. But they only committed immorality. God sees and knows everything. Everyone dies as he lives.

    2. BAKH says:

      Lachin, Shusha, Khankendi, Kalbajar, Zanguilan, Gubadli, Khojaly were the names of Azerbaijan ….. there is no Armenian letter here!
      Lachin is already under the control of Azerbaijan !!!!
      It is impossible to understand why they do not cling to it like a tick. The end of their tick is crushed and destroyed. They get what they deserve in this world.

  7. Arman Melkonyan says:

    The extant TURKISH REPUBLIC of 2020 is GUILTY of committing and perpetuating the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE!

    So WHY are Armenians being so senseless?

    Fact: Turks claim Armenians were deported from war zones for their own safety — NOT with the goal of killing them and committing genocide.

    Fact: Turks TODAY conceal (and reportedly destroy) Ottoman Turkish deeds records and archives to obstruct official confirmation of Armenian ownership and thwart the inheritors of the Armenians they “deported” to reclaim and return to their homes, lands and property;


    Fact: The Turks are continuing to commit genocide on the Armenians by preventing them from returning to their homes even though WWI is OVER.


    Aren’t Armenians suing the modern day Republic of Turkey for perpetrating the ongoing genocide TODAY?

    Aren’t the hapless Armenians being self-defeating instead of helping their cause?

    1. BAKH says:

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/79c8dc6e7c7b1db0de5b1ababa87b7a2e2164e1828ab6226220d3c0970fe81c3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd78824dc44dd11a43803d7d32dd082f337715726db3d6cc5ec6d5625d96bf17.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1cac944dd4cb71616fbbb91aa325ccc25acfc2eacbe48414eb239c6858e53684.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de4fb0e38adeb7d9fd52b05a60c852d7323c18d826b23500f64906160b03eba4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91f22419b147a476dd9e20fc2e622160d8a1f186e167b422a7d40274e65bee48.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cbb0202f00d635dfa81e1f4615eff61294ffed808cdb59c2956d7ee1f86d2d1a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8fbcab8a2f011af3fb360b005e269efaaeed3cb92a92f8285f3646c8f39fa14.jpg

      Stop lying to the world anymore.
      Look at your ugly deeds !!!!

      ARMENIANS HAVE LOST THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE IN AZERBAIJAN! – The policy of hostility towards Azerbaijan takes this right away from them!
      The results of the last 25 days of the Patriotic War are tragic for Armenia. The liberation of strategic military positions and settlements by the Azerbaijani Army and the destruction of thousands of servicemen have caused great frustration, depression and political crisis at home.
      Political forces and ex-servicemen do not allow Nicole Pashkina to share the responsibility for the disaster with the Armenian society. As a result, he became furious and increased the scale of the losses.
      The allies have retreated, the Armenian lobby has not yielded any results, and the country’s remaining resources are running out. There is desertion in the army, and young people are evading mobilization in various ways – recently by bribing themselves to register as a patient with COVID.
      The bandits in Nagorno-Karabakh are begging either Russia or France to stop Azerbaijan. The commanders on the front line also said that it was unwise to kill so many Armenians and demanded that Pashinyan put an end to the stupid resistance.
      Most Armenians settled in Nagorno-Karabakh fled to Yerevan, and a small number hid in basements in the corner of Khankendi. In short, sick fantasies like “Greater Armenia” are crushed under the boots of Azerbaijani soldiers.
      The Azerbaijani Army is very close to victory. Analyzing the current battle map, military experts say that the Armenian remnants will have no choice but to surrender in the short term.
      Armenia is now a lynx, rolling from the top of the mountain to the valley. For 27 years he has been suffering from the terrible pain of not listening to Azerbaijan’s patience and concessions. The losses are not just the destruction of thousands of troops, hundreds of military equipment, billions of dollars in economic damage. Armenia has been deprived of everything it has captured for two hundred years.
      The high autonomy status offered by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh only a few months ago is no longer there. In an interview with foreign media, President Ilham Aliyev said that this issue is history, now there are new realities and a strategy will be implemented accordingly.
      The doors to peace talks are open, but now these gates have been set very low, and the Armenians must bend over and accept all the conditions of Azerbaijan. It is impossible to imagine an alternative.
      The vast majority of the country’s population no longer considers it de facto possible for Armenians to live in Nagorno-Karabakh. The unanimous opinion is that Armenians have generally lost their right to live in Azerbaijan.
      Armenia has once again taken this right away from them with its policy of hostility against Azerbaijan for more than a hundred years.
      From the beginning to the end of the last century, there is no counting the number of Armenian aggression, provocations, betrayals and massacres against Azerbaijani Turks.
      The facts prove that Armenians are not able to live together with Azerbaijanis, they do not want it. As soon as they get a chance, as soon as they feel strong, they try to infiltrate the Azerbaijani Turks by inflating their fascist ideology. We saw this in the 19th century, at the beginning, middle and end of the 20th century …
      What has the Azerbaijani people and state not experienced since the Armenians were given a place on their land? The genocide of civilians, tens of thousands of martyrs, wounded, millions of displaced people … Some Azerbaijani Turks have fallen victim to the hated enemy, who at various times in history has also used the power of his patron.
      Let’s not go too far, it is enough to look at the blows inflicted by the Armenians on the Azerbaijani people and state, the massacres and acts of vandalism committed by Armenians since 1988 to imagine what kind of fascist society we are neighbors with. Only the low-level act of genocide committed in Khojaly shows how poor the Armenians are.
      The situation in the liberated villages and cities evokes terrible feelings. It is clear from the footage that entire villages have been destroyed, and once closed villages and neighborhoods now resemble ruins.
      The enemy did not lay stones on about a thousand settlements. President Ilham Aliyev told foreign media that we could not find a safe building to hang a flag in Fizuli.
      Attempts to erase the history and culture of Azerbaijan, in general, the traces of the people from the historical lands, demonstrate to the world the low, hateful nature of the enemy.
      Throughout history, all members of this disgusting nation have taken up arms and shot at us and participated in massacres. Their children were raised in the cradle with hatred against Azerbaijani Turks, and at every opportunity they stabbed us in the back.
      They are in the same situation today. The fact that Azerbaijan has rejected all concessions over the past 30 years also clearly shows the true intention of the Armenians. How has the government changed in Armenia during this period? Which Azerbaijani people and state did he treat? None. Didn’t these governments express the will of the Armenians?
      Which Armenian condemned the genocides and massacres against Azerbaijani Turks? None. He even wrote works about these massacres, composed songs, and declared those who took part in the massacre against the Azerbaijani people heroes!
      Let no one deceive himself, it is impossible to live with such an enemy, such a perverse society.
      Yes, there are many facts in history that warring nations later reconciled and put an end to enmity. But we are facing a completely different, unprecedented tragedy. It is a terrible fact that in the last 100-150 years, several generations have borne the same hatred against the Turks, including the Azerbaijani Turks.
      This fact alone makes it the number one task of the state to keep Armenians as far away from our borders as possible.
      Therefore, the absence of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh is the most acceptable option. This is important for the future of the Azerbaijani state, to protect our people from the next disaster.
      We must learn a good lesson from history! At the same time, we must appreciate the opportunity he has given us and resolve the issue once and for all with a hundred enemies. This is the main condition of Azerbaijan’s national security.
      The peace options now being discussed on the agenda are about giving cultural autonomy to Armenians. However, the Armenians have proved, and today they show that they cannot live in any country as a representative of a minority. Like a cancer cell, they try to touch the soul of that country, people and state and eat it. It must be cut in time. Now is the time! …

  8. SevenMoons says:

    Pashinyan said he had a telephone conversation with Pompeo at night and expressed doubts about the observance of the truce

    Keep begging, you Artskin rats…

  9. SevenMoons says:

    Armenian people ready for compromise, but not for surrender of Karabakh – Pashinyan

    All Parshinyan can do not is talking, and talking tough. So he is a tough guy? LOL.

    1. Harry Smith says:

      7M please stop using bold characters. It’s annoying.

  10. SevenMoons says:

    Pashinyan: Azerbaijan does not want a solution to the problem, Azerbaijan wants the surrender of Karabakh

    Parshinyan is right this time. Azerbaijan wants Artskin to surrender N-K and all surrounding Azerbaijan territories. This is very clear from the very beginning.

    1. BAKH says:

      Pashik was accustomed to rubbing his head like a child.
      Now he saw the real smoothness against rabies.

  11. SevenMoons says:

    Armenian people are ready for painful concessions, but not for surrender: Pashinyan

    Yes, it will be painful to give back the N-K land to the rightful owners. And Parshinyan must be gone. Such a loser.

    1. Stev60 says:

      Nice try Turk, but N-K land was Armenian for well over a thousand years before marauding Turks arrived, and is still rightfully Armenian.

  12. SevenMoons says:

    We must find resources to force Azerbaijan to make concessions: Pashinyan

    Stupid Parshinyan. He wants to start WW III? No one is interested. What a loser. Stupid Armenia Prime Minister? So Armenia can’t produce any good leader?

  13. Samuel Vanguard says:

    Truth is the first casualty of every war

  14. Ida Acobian says:

    They stopped delivering parts for their drones. And this is just the beginning.

    Let’s recall nazi germany. They took part of Europe in the beginning but got their asses handed to them by Russia and allies.

    Moreover turkey has list of defeats in history. They lost in ww1, they will lose in ww3 too, but this time it will stop its existence as many prophets were foretelling, including true Muslim Scholars like Imran Hossein.

    So enjoy your temporary very questionable pirrous “victory” with occupying 5 villages my ass in more than one month.

    Ask any military expert. They will tell you what does that mean.

    Erdogan’s economy is in ruins, turkish lira is lowest in all history of stupid turks, more sanctions are coming. Iran is not interested in panturkic expansionism and Russia is honestly getting very annoyed. France and US are pissed from their NATO “partner”. Kicking turkey out of NATO is on the table. So he better shut his stupid mouth.

    1. iGold says:

      The Armenians are a fake nation.

      1. Ida Acobian says:

        God will send you back to hell where you originated from. Not much time left.

        1. iGold says:

          Jesus condemned the Armenians for the illegally occupied Nagorno Karabakh

      2. Stev60 says:

        Bullshyte! They are the oldest Christian nation on earth!

        1. BAKH says:

          They were disgraced in Christianity!
          The church and the mosque are the holy houses of God. However, the Armenian priests continue their immoral actions even in the church. There is no religion, morality, culture for them! They are a savage, perverted tribe!

          1. Stev60 says:


          2. Stev60 says:

            You wank off over that?

        2. iGold says:

          The Armenians, are a deceitful nation

          1. Stev60 says:

            Not as much as the Turks.

      3. you says:

        Armenians are one of the oldest nations and their homeland is the Caucasus and Anatolia…..Azeris didn’t even exist untill the 1900s. Stupid Turks go back to mongolia

    2. Kalle Sändare says:

      I have been thinking of Turkey going down..these are the times for great events, it will be Russia manly I guess, US and Trump will sit and watch, even give a helping hand. It would start by them being thrown out of NATO. The turks are’nt that smart and it’s possible they are being set up royally.

      1. Kalle Sändare says:

        The Soros crowd in Armenia would go as well of course…at a deeper/higher level it would be about kicking globalist ass.

  15. SevenMoons says:

    Our units sometimes retreat, but then go on the offensive – Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan

    Retreating means victory. LOL.

  16. Doom Sternz says:

    On the ground it appears to be a stalemate and Armenia has yet to deploy its military. The attack by Azerbaijan would not of happened unless the rules based order signed off on it. ie NATO is again the aggressor. Azerbaijan now realises the foolishness of going along with them. Azerbaijan clearly went to negotiate a peace deal in Russia to end the war they started as they now realise it will not be a quick victory. This is the way out for them and Turkey has been sidelined.

    The world now clearly understand who Trump/Erdogan are, who NATO is and who the rules based order is. The rules based order is global terrorism. These acts of aggression by Azerbaijan et al are what the ICC calls the Supreme International Crime. These are war crimes but again the guilty will not be held to account because the rules based order is lawlessness.

    The enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh held a referendum in 1991 where the people chose independence from Azerbaijan and self-declared the Republic of Artsakh. Artsakh includes Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding districts which accounted for about 30% of Azerbaijan.

    Joseph Stalin decided to make the Nagorno-Karabakh region an autonomous oblast of Soviet Azerbaijan. After the dissolution of the USSR the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh held a referendum where the people chose independence from Azerbaijan and self-declared the Republic of Artsakh.

    Armenia has supported Artsakh both militarily and economically because it is populated by an Armenian majority and because of the UN principle of self-determination. The only interest for the Azerbaijanis is the integrity of their territory hence the need to ethnically cleanse the area of its Armenian population.

  17. cechas vodobenikov says:

    Trusting reports by either side is naive

  18. Porc Halal says:

    “Apparently, coward Armenian forces violate the ceasefire regime by attacking the peacefully advancing Azerbaijani troops” this is new and surprising statement in a form of sarcasm coming from SF which is openly taking the side of turdish rednecks…

  19. SevenMoons says:

    Azerbaijan forces less than 10 km away from Lachin corridor


  20. ecocivilian says:

    haha History shows with hard facts that the Russians always come to revenge and kill those who do not respect the treaties and those who kills their officers like that general that was killed with US help after a humanitarian mission the RUSSIAN AIR FORCED killed more the 200rebels several commanders Turkish and US instructors and certainly some israeli’s but whe all know those two miserable nations never disclose their losses but in the military intelligence world they have confirmed this and the US is now beginning to get very scared for their stolen oil fields where they are being isolated and attacked more and more by SF AND LOCAL TRIBAL UNITS WITH IRANIAN BACKED MILITIAS and i can only applaud this this evolution and i will be happy when i see those US rats squealing to get out of Syria alive or in a big black bag

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