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Armed Drones Intercepted Near Russia’s Hmeimim Airbase


Armed Drones Intercepted Near Russia’s Hmeimim Airbase

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Several armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were intercepted late on October 31 by Russian air-defense systems deployed in the Hmeimim airbase on the Syrian coast.

According to local sources in the nearby city of Jableh, at least five explosions were spotted in the air near the Russian airbase.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the incident, so far. The ministry usually releases a statement on such failed attacks within a 24 hours.

There was no immediate claim for the attack. However, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is believed to be manufacturing and operating several types of armed UAVs, which are usually used in attacks on the Russian airbase.

Such armed UAVs are usually launched from northwestern Hama or northern Lattakia. Both areas are located in the so-called Greater Idlib region, controlled by HTS and other terrorist group.

Earlier on October 31, Russian warplanes carried out more than 20 airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in Greater Idlib. One of the airstrikes wiped out a large ammo depot of HTS near Turkish border.

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  • jorge

    The little poor Yankee Zios aren’t just able…

  • Ceasar Polar

    Maybe establishing a “security zone” 30 kms deep into Turkey, to stop those terrorists from running back to turkey ?

    Shame on Turkey, shame on Turks, shame on erdoCunt for being a takfiri/terrorist-backer.

    • BMWA1

      These could come also from US-backed forces in region, really impossible to say. A sort of Halloween present. I would note that the RUAF air defenses are more efficient than that protecting the KSA oil refineries.

      • @Inc2Get

        Well until recently, Turkish backed = US backed.

  • Karen Bartlett

    Gospodi, pomiluy!

  • Peter Jennings

    It’s good that the terrorists are keeping Russian forces busy with some target practice, until the SAA arrive in Idlib to wipe them all out.

    Perhaps living peacefully side by side with people other than one’s own creed isn’t such a bad idea after all. Damascus have given the terrorists in Idlib every chance, at every turn, although by now the ranks are probably brainwashed ideologists because all the big money is long gone.

  • AM Hants

    Plus, Christmas is coming and Trump gave the White Helmets a $4.5 million bonus. So what will the White Helmets do with their ‘Thanks Giving Bonus’?

    White Helmets, Terrorists Prepare In Syria New Provocations With Use Of Chemical Weapons – Moscow… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201911011077199684-white-helmets-terrorists-prepare-in-syria-new-provocations-with-use-of-chemical-weapons—moscow/#comments

  • gustavo

    Terrorists supported by Erdogan will try over and over again from Idlib area these type of attack until they be successful. Maybe then, Putin could realized that it is necessary to stop pleasing Erdogan and to support a SAA offensive in this area.