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Armed Drone Attacks Israeli Military Vehicle Near Gaza (Video)


A Humvee armored vehicle of the Israel military was attacked in the morning of September 7 by an armed drone, which took off from the Gaza Strip.

“A terror squad in Gaza launched a drone into Israel that dropped what appears to be an explosive device; an IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] vehicle was lightly damaged,” the Israeli military wrote on Twitter.

Israeli sources released a video showing the targeted Humvee, which sustained very minimum damage.

The Israeli military said that its units targeted the squad that launched the armed drone. However, Palestinian sources have not reported any Israeli strike on Gaza, so far.

A day earlier, five rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip at nearby Israeli settlements. The attack provoked a series of Israeli strikes on military positions in the northern and eastern parts of the Palestinian region.

These recent attacks were apparently a response to the killing of Ali al-Ashqar and Khaled al-Rubai, 17 and 14-year old boys. Both teenagers were shot and killed by the Israeli military while they were participating in protests near the separation line around Gaza.

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  • ColinNZ

    Pretty sure this is a pre zionist-election message from HZB et al …. the rules of engagement have changed, and the zionist forces can be targeted at will. I suspect that there will be more ‘messages’ too.

    • Fleecing Rabbi

      Mazal Tov! Khamas needs Khornets like Khizbullah!

    • Tiresia Branding

      pretty sure this is a Netanyahu pre-election message to Israelis: “We are under attack, vote for me!”

  • verner

    the squatters will be more and more targeted as time passes and the hold the squatters had is waning and the enemies of the squatters get to be more trained in warfare with better weapons and intelligence, the squatters are doomed. no way that they will be allowed to continue to strangle an entire indigenous people brazenly in the face of the world, so when the tide turns, there will be no support for the squatters, here or there (ok slimeball jared kushner will root for netanyahu whatever comes to pass).