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Argentina Arrests Two Men With Alleged Links To Hezbollah Ahead Of G20 Summit


Argentina Arrests Two Men With Alleged Links To Hezbollah Ahead Of G20 Summit

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On November 16, 2 Argentine citizens with alleged links to Lebanon’s Hezbollah were arrested, Argentina’s security ministry said in a statement. The development took place ahead of the G20 summit due to take place in Buenos Aires at the end of the month.

According to released data, the two men, 23 and 25 y.o, were arrested in a residence in the capital. Police seized several weapons, including a rifle, a shotgun and a number of pistols, as well as an image of the Hezbollah flag and a photo of the movement’s leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Police stated that they had discovered evidence of travel abroad but provided no details on this issue.

Argentina Arrests Two Men With Alleged Links To Hezbollah Ahead Of G20 Summit

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Argentina Arrests Two Men With Alleged Links To Hezbollah Ahead Of G20 Summit

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In July, Argentina froze the assets of the Barakat Group (also known as the Barakat Clan). This is a criminal organization, which is allegedly linked to Hezbollah. The Barakat Group operates in the area known as the “Triple border” made up of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Argentina’s Financial Information Unit identified at least 14 people linked to the Barakat Clan, who registered multiple crossings to Argentina, mainly through the Tancredo Neves International Bridge, located in the Province of Misiones. According to an official version, these people could be involved in money laundering and financing terrorist acts. The unit reportedly has the “strong hypothesis” that once out of the country the money is transferred to Hezbollah.

In February, the US and Argentina agreed to work together to cut off alleged Hezbollah funding networks and money laundering schemes across Latin America. Argentina has a large Lebanese expatriate population and Washington suspect groups within it of raising funds to support the Lebanese movement.



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  • ColinNZ

    They should be arresting hundreds of diplomats that have links to NATO … a real terrorist threat.

  • RusskiiTroll54

    Looks so fabricated

    • potcracker2588

      just upfront fuck them satanic jews and their slaves be it the us or the eu ..best regards to SAA and hezbollah and all others that fight those human degenerate pricks.

      that said….no…this is 100% no fabrication…may i remind u what happened on that beautyful day 18 july 1994 in buenos aires, argentina….attack on the AMIA (Argentine israelite mutual association) building, killing 85 and injuring hundereds.AMIA was a front for mossad operations throughout argentina and latin america.
      also 17 march 1992 bombing of israeli embassy in buenos aires killing 29, woundding 200+,

      the cold war is getting hotter by the day now….all sides are taking action or reaction on a daily basis, and some are loosing their nerves , like in the recent kashoggi case with saudi arabia.
      Dozens of foreign operatives are arressted daily in iran,syria or iraq..only u wont hear nothing on MSM.U could take the time we are in now as a chess game.all sides are trying to position themselves in their best tactical way before the cold war goes hot and eventually burning(nuclear).
      who do u think ordered the terror attacks in iran last month with dozens of dead?? santa claus

      no this is a game of give and take on a global scale.with them satanic jews trying to use their short time frame to achieve their long awaited goal.A one world government, with jerusalem as its capital, under satanic jewish leadership.
      All nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of this agenda, including usa,uk,eu,russia,japan,china etc…
      not one of these nations ever had since its takeover by the jews, a foreign policy which was either peaceful nor beneficial to their own countries, hence an obvious hyjacking of nations has occured over the past 400 years.Those nations that could not by takenover in closed doors through the freemasoonhood societies(which i may quote Albert Pike, Grandmaster of the southern districts of north america and founding father of the KKK ” without the jewish kabbala there would be no freemasonhood.The jewish kabbala is the essence of our doings”)
      were taken over by force ie. germany 1945, russia 1917, japan 1945, ukraine 2014, etc..
      take the history of the fake nation usa..created on the first genocide, by a foreign nation (british) were all the “founding fathers” and since then all presidents belong to the freemasonhood society, hence are in jewish hands.and to finish off from starters in the future any possible offensive against this illegal form of rule they passed on the 23rd december 1913 the federal reserve act which practically nailed the coffin for all times.
      t. jefferson “if americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation then by deflation, the bank will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless”
      woodrow wilson”iam a most unhappy man.I have unwittingly ruined my country.A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.We are no longer a governmnet of FREE OPINION , no longer a governmnet by conviction and the vote of the majority,but a goernment by the opinion and a duress of a small group of dominant men”
      andrew jackson 1813 ” you are a den of VIPERS and THIEVES and by the eternal i will rout you out”

  • Rafik Chauhan

    Argantine should be arresting Israeli Mossad who are involve in drug deals and covert operation to blame other entity. this all scam to blame hizbollah is part of ongoing covert operation by mossad bcuz they cant fight Hezbollah face to face . anyone can keep Hezbollah picture and flag. even kid can have it doesn’t mean they are part of hezbollah

    • Alejandro Bonifacio

      do you have any info about it? because the dirty usa said hezbollah has been working with mexican narco cartels (the evil zetas and north east), for me is still incredible since 2008 and maybe is “others” who collaborated to destroy my country

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Parasitic Jews destroyed your country.

        • Really!?

          Scumbag welfare trash destroyed your country

  • Sinbad2

    A 410 shotgun, that looks to be incomplete, and an air rifle, must be hard nosed terrorists?
    Argentina is in dire financial straits and the Shylocks are manipulating them for the shekels, the story is as old and as common as the Bible.

  • hvaiallverden

    Well, Nasrallah is an man with intergity, weird word, whom have slipped out of sight a long time ago in the world politics, but this, and do notice the crafted words, aleged, nice one, huh, wankikes, please, I tired to eat something but laughed so hard it almost became an problem since I have the laptop infront of me.
    %¤&&% crumbless…..

    But anyway, thanks for the laugh, and anyone taking this in face value, well, belives in anything, they have drooled about Hezb for years.

    Dunka, dunka.


    • Really!?

      Nasrallah – dame guy who hides in the sewers with his rat buddies? Yeah, right!

  • cliff

    I don’t believe any normal person would believe this alleged claim, is real and the CIA could act as Hezbollah to recruits soldiers under Israel banner in order countries to do they evils acts.. This is just to destroy Hezbollah reputation.

    • Really!?

      Nobody has to destroy Hezbollah’s reputation- they’re child killing terrorist trash who should be slowly skinned alive and left to die on an ant hill. Their supporters too.

  • Promitheas Apollonious


  • alejandro casalegno

    Abraham Salomon is the last name of the brothers……..yes, is NOT a joke!!!!!!!

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Total load of crock!