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Are There Still Chances for Sanders? The Things That the Media in the USA Does Not Talk About

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Are There Still Chances for Sanders? The Things That the Media in the USA Does Not Talk About

Photo: The sparrow which landed in front of Bernie Sanders at a meeting with the electorate in Portland, Oregon / March 25, 2016

Originally appeared at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

The facts:

  1. As of today, neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton has a sufficient number of voters to secure a nomination from the Democratic Party for a president. This means that everything will be decided at the Philadelphia Convention (25-28/07/2016), and from the votes of the so-called super-delegates, which are not related to the voice of the electorate.
  2. Officially, Bernie Sanders is still a candidate for nomination by the democrats. On Thursday, (23/06/2016) he said that he will not support Hillary Clinton and that he will fight the Convention to accept the most progressive political platform in the history of the Democratic Party.

Are There Still Chances for Sanders? The Things That the Media in the USA Does Not Talk About

In the platform, according to Sanders, it must be written (the order of the list does not follow the importance):

  • State healthcare for all and reduction of cost for medication;
  • Free of charge tertiary education in the state universities and relaxation of the enormous load for those who have already graduated, debts that have been undertaken to pay for their education;
  • Change of financing of political campaigns as at present, the rich individuals and corporations can finance without limits, thus buying the candidates;
  • Forbidding the private prisons in the USA by law;
  • Taxation for emissions and focusing on renewable energy in order to improve the climate of the planet;
  • Breaking the big banks of Wall Street – the commercial banks to be separated from the investment banks;
  • Adoption of a minimum wage of $15 per hour;
  • Expansion of social programmes and pensions;
  • Change the attitude of the USA towards Palestine in the conflict with Israel, giving both sides equal attention and importance;
  • Non-interference in the internal affairs of foreign states and overthrowing of governments.
  1. For more than a year, the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton and the time to see if she will face the prosecutor is coming closer. They say that this will happen before the beginning of the Convention on 25/07/2016.

What is the FBI investigating?

For the four years of being a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has not used the official state email from the Foreign Ministry. Her official correspondence was managed through her private email (clinton.com) installed on a server located in her private home in Chappaqua, New York.

Why did Hillary do that?

She insists that it was done for convenience – to avoid carrying two smartphones – her private one and the one from the state. In fact, this is not true and the FBI has got proof.

There is a law in the USA, according to which every citizen or organisation can request information from the American state about activities of the state and the state is obliged to produce such information or explain the reasons for the refusal.

About two years ago, an organisation requested information (email correspondence) about the work of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The Foreign Ministry did not release any information, stating that they are not in possession of any of Clinton’s emails. The Foreign Ministry, however, did not say at that time that Clinton has used her private email and a private server, located in her house. And then, a bit later, a Romanian hacker, under the name of “Guccifer” announced that he had managed to get into her email and her server as it has been very easy and the server was not protected.

Are There Still Chances for Sanders? The Things That the Media in the USA Does Not Talk About

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton checks her PDA upon her departure in a military C-17 plane from Malta bound for Tripoli, Libya October 18, 2011.
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

This is the reason for the FBI to start a criminal investigation in the summer of 2015 and establish whether secret information has been leaked eventually from the unprotected email and server. So far, the investigation demonstrates that there have been 22 top-secret emails, which now could be in the hands of many foreign governments. The FBI confiscates the server from Clinton, but before the server was taken, she deleted about 30 000 emails, insisting that they were not state-related but private, regarding the preparation of the wedding of her daughter, Chelsey, her mother’s funeral, yoga and others.

It is a fact of interest that for the four years of being Secretary of State, the total number of sent and received emails (business and private) is 60 000. Half of the time spent as a Secretary of State, she has been writing about yoga?!

The FBI gave immunity to the computer specialist, Brian Pagliano, who installed the server in the house of Clinton. He has been investigated and eventually he will be a state witness against Clinton.

On Thursday (23/06), new information came confirming that Hillary has lied under oath, which on its own, is punishable. After deleting half of the emails, stating that they are private she gave the rest, the business-related emails as per her own criteria to the FBI, stating under oath that these are all the business emails.

The FBI, however, requested the same from the assistants of Clinton and received their business emails. Among the business emails passed over to the FBI by the private assistant of Clinton, Huma Abedeen, there is an email from her boss (Clinton), which is a part of a dialogue between Huma and Clinton. In the dialogue, Huma informed Hillary that the emails that she (Hilary) sends to the Foreign Ministry are sometimes automatically blocked by the software of the Ministry and go directly to spam. That’s why Huma suggested to Clinton to start using the state email address owned by the Ministry. In her reply, Hillary refused to do it stressing that she “does not want to risk her private correspondence flowing into the public space.” It is, however, interesting that this email is not among the emails that Hillary has presented to the FBI, this email is not there as she has deleted it. It is not clear how many such emails have been deleted, but the FBI is working on restoring all the emails deleted by Clinton.

Photo: Huma Abedeen (left) with Hillary Clinton.

Actually, Clinton has had her private email and server as she has used her position as Minister of Foreign Affairs for personal and financial benefits. The scheme is simple: foreign states and firms get benefits on behalf of the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs against payments. The payments come through the private Clinton Foundation in the form of donations.

About this, the media in the USA does not say a word. But once the FBI presents the conclusions of the long criminal investigation, this will become sensation news number one very quickly. Let’s hope that the FBI will do it before 25/07/2016.

Post scriptum

About three days ago, another hacker under the name of “Guccifer2” revealed that he managed to get through the server of the Committee of the Democratic Party and as proof, he published on the internet documents (https://guccifer2.wordpress.com) incriminating the Committee of close cooperation with the election campaign of Hillary Clinton, something that is prohibited by the rules of the Democratic Party as the leadership of the Party should remain neutral during the primaries. It is public knowledge that the Democratic Party, since May 2015 (when Sanders became a presidential candidate), helped Clinton’s campaign, although by rules, it should be done only after the official candidate of the Party has been nominated.

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dont forget that assange also claims to have lots of dirt on her too, and will be releasing it soon. double whammy! i dont like clinton, sanders, or trump but am certain that hillary will start a war with russia so she is the worst choice.


This is really what it comes down to. Trump may be sketchy in some respects. But for the chance of a better relationship between USA and Russia, I’ll cast my die with him. With Clinton we know exactly what we’re getting – at minimum more Cold War 2, and at worst a hot war which would be catastrophic and could easily go nuclear. However naive I may be, Trump at least offers the chance.

John Whitehot

they will do anything, anything they can to make Clinton win the elections. There are interests way beyond anything we could imagine at stake, and those who are involved have the power, and of course the will, to walk over the US people, freedom, democracy, everything. The way I see it, this could really be a struggle between good and evil – if Clinton manages to get the nomination, and be elected, we ‘ll know evil won, and maybe this time for good.

Bernie is nicer and less war like then warlord Hillary. However, Bernie is still ignorant of how economics work. Just as our last 3 presidents have also been. Bernie will not bring justice to the banks, but will be their willing and loyal puppet. After all, the Banks and Bernie are both from the same tribe, and they have a monopoly on the earth..


Bernie a friend of banks? I’ll have some of what you’re smoking, too. Might help numb the pain of thinking about America’s 2016 choice between Dollary Clinton and Donald Dumb.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Remember Obama was anti-the-banks as he campaigned the very first time.
Then as soon as he was elected he quickly rushed to bail out the banks and he places no blame on them.
Bernie knows that to get elected he has a performance to play. Make claims you are against the banks. But the only want he can accomplish his mega-huge-governance, is by endorsing the Big-banks once elected.

Briar Patch

the people already pay and the free stuff goes to corporations that make billions in profit yet pay no taxes

Briar Patch

you seem to be totally clueless and ignorant of the facts

John Whitehot

I can’t imagine at all that the people holding those signs have been paid by the Clintons campaigners. It’s so stupid that I can’t see anybody but yanks believing that this people are for real.

Mark McCarty

This is the most concise and meaty exposition of the situation I have read. Thank you!

Tony B.

Waste of time. In the U.S. vote counts are not real. Media is told what numbers to state and that ends that. The money boys will put Hillary in, votes or no votes. Trump, one of the moneyed elite, is simply the usual lie for the media to say, “Oh, he split the republican vote, that’s how Hillary won.” The whole thing is a very poor acting show, just like all the false flag “mass killings.” The American people today live neck deep in bullshit from government. media, academia, churches and corporations. All these things are owned by Rothschild bankers with a few exceptions that have no real voice.

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