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Arab Protesters Burning Improvised US Flags In Syria’s Raqqah (Videos)

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In another sign of the growing tensions between US-backed Kurdish forces [branded in the media as the Syrian Democratic Forces] and the local Arab population in northeastern Syria, Arab protesters held a series of anti-US rallies in the countryisde of Raqqa city. They burned improvised US and French flags. The protesters demanded the withdrawal of foreign forces from the area.


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Daniel Martin

Time to bring in some Tiger, Hezbollah and IRGC forces to start organizing the people in active resistance against the occupational forces and their proxies the Kurds.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, the resistance forces need to escalate the cost of occupation as the Afghans and Yemenis have done.

leon mc pilibin

I think the zio yanks will be leaving a little earlier than planned


This sort of thing happens wherever they go. Twice my life has been spared because I am not an American.

Zionism = EVIL

If they suffer daily casualties, you can bet they will cut and run like hell.

Jens Holm

Those are the ones, which should take over anything ?

Zionism = EVIL

Simple FACT is that the Americunt dumb fat pigs are hated by all, and it is matter of time they are hit hard by all sides. People in the region are fed up with Americunts and their Zionist parasitic warmongering scum.

Jacob Wohl

Nothing more than foreign interference in a sovereign matter to undermine the peaceful conditions and legitimacy of the Kurds. These people are ruining the peace and democracy that Raqqa has under the SDF. US military should build a major military base in Syria and send 500,000 troops to capture all of it just like in Iraq 2003. Syria, it’s Iranian allies, Hezbollah, and Russia would not stand a chance.

Zionism = EVIL

The most “rational” comment so far Jake. While at it, the Americunts should also invade China and sink the Dash 9 coral reef islands, I mean what chance do the Chinese have against 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles which worked so well in Syria, in any case they need to be taught a lesson for sending us Walmart junk which I have to return almost every day after the T-shirts fall apart after one wash. We can’t have that, can we ;)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But the US missiles are slow and easy to intercept, the new Russian cruise missile don’t cruise at all, they fly hypersonically. I wonder why the mighty US are buying 2 state of the art Israeli missile defence systems worth nearly half a billion, Iron Dome must be better than the Patriot system if that’s the case, the US has lots of Patriot systems and 2 Iron Dome systems now, and they’re both way less effective at AA defence than the S-400/500 and even worse at anti ballistic defence, unlike the Russian systems that are good at both. But that’s like bringing knives to a gunfight, the real conflict is nuclear, and the Russians have more.


US already has over a dozen bases in Syria, illegal of course. Raqqa is largely an arab city so of course the locals dont want to be ruled by the kurds why should they. So US tech is better! I would match the S400 against any system the US currently has. US is also playing catch up to the new Russian hypersonic missiles.

Jacob WohleBlackCock

This is clearly the fault of Venezuela. Maduro’s operatives are in Raqqa. Therefore USA needs to intervene in Syria and Venezuela ASAP.


We don’t care.

Mustafa Mehmet

that idiot with petrol blow everyone up. but gd luck to them time has come to stand up against Yankees and there dogs pyg

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