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Arab League Secretary-General: Iranian Missiles Are Threat To All Arab Capitals


Arab League Secretary-General: Iranian Missiles Are Threat To All Arab Capitals

On November 19, Arab League foreign ministers held a meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, upon a request from Saudi Arabia to discuss Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

During the meeting Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir criticized Iran and Hezbollah and accused Iran of suppling ballistic missiles that Yemen’s Houthis fired against Saudi Arabia.

“The kingdom will not stand by and will not hesitate to defend its security,” Jubeir said according to Reuters agency.

Jubeir also claimed that Iran is trying to destabilize the region and to “fuel sectarian rift among the people”. The Saudi foreign minister called on Arab countries to stand together in order to face these Iranian “threats”.

“Any leniency in dealing with their [Iranian] policies would only encourage them more, so we must stand together,” Jubeir said.

From his side, Bahrain Minister of Foreign Affair Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said during the meeting that Bahrain had been inflicted by “thousands of wounds” by Iran. The Bahraini foreign minister went one and accused Hezbollah of being an “Iranian arm”.

“The Lebanese Republic, in spite of our relations with it as a brotherly Arab nation… is under the total control of this terrorist party,” Sheikh Khalid said, according to Channel News Asia.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit didn’t hesitate to criticize Iran at the meeting. Aboul Gheit said that the Iranian missiles are a threat to all Arab capitals. The Secretary-General of the Arab League also said that the Arab league will take steps against Iran in international organizations, including the UN Security Council.

“Iranian threats have gone beyond all limits and pushed the region into a dangerous abyss,” Gheit said according to Reuters.

The Russian TV network RT reported that the foreign ministers of Oman, UAE, Algeria, Qatar and Iraq didn’t attend the Cairo meeting. The absence of these countries, especially the UAE, means that the meeting was a kind of political show aimed at increasing the pressure on Iran and Hezbollah.



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  • Thegr8rambino

    And no arab country is safe from Saudis air force which seems to only be good at targeting civilians and neighborhoods, however, Iran’s missiles could be used to seriously damage or take out Saudis airbases, and along with them, their air force :)))

    • FlorianGeyer

      The Saudi air force is reliant on US /UK/NATO military assets to do this of course. We are at the stage of a conflict between civilisations where all parties are forced to show their cards.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Why? They seem to have a sizable enough air force on their own. But I agree with your last statement :)

        • FlorianGeyer

          The Saudi’s lack competent indigenous military personnel able to operate their stocks of shiny US weapons. Having F16 and F35 is one thing but without competent pilots who are willing to give all and support personnel who have established understanding of the world today , all the fancy weapons are no more than ‘machines to marvel at’ . Couple that with the superior intelligence need to fly a modern fighter jet, the available pool of Saudi pilots is further reduced by such roles only being available to the ruling classes of rich playboys.

          Mercenaries are always happier when fighting those who are much weaker , as it is natural that a mercenary who fights for money actually wants return home to enjoy it.

          • Thegr8rambino

            I doubt any american pilots would want to fly Saudis missions for them, I hope I’m right lol

          • FlorianGeyer

            There are people who enjoy killing in every part of the world. ISIS and Al Nusra are testament to that. They may attempt to justify their behaviour but their brains are ‘wired’ in different ways to most people. That’s is why we can call them ‘mad and bad’.

  • Tudor Miron

    It (this farce) remind me of local troll dutchnational – they are lieing, they know that it’s obvious but they keep doing it.

    • FlorianGeyer

      They hope that parroting ‘a thousand lies’ will become reality. Just as the Printing press was the nemesis of absolute control by religions, the Internet has become the nemesis of the ‘ money printers ‘ control.

  • alejoeisabel

    Iranian missiles exist as a deterrence against declared Israeli threats. Whereas, Israeli nuclear weapons that can actually destroy the entire Middle East does no seem to bother the Saudis.

    • Rob

      What country and what weapon is a threat to Israel is also a threat to Saudi Arabia. Israel have attacked Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria etc but they are not a threat but Iran have never thought to attack any Muslim country that is why Iran is a threat to all Arab countries.

      Iran have good friendly relations with all countries in the world except aggressors like America and Israel.

      This is Iran and Hezbollah that protected Lebanon, Iraq, Syria against aggressors and if difficult time come to any other Muslim country will also defend them against aggressors.

  • Rodger

    This Saudi fanclub doesn’t have much power anymore anyway. Egypt will hang back and turn from Saudi’s dog into the leader of the Arab world.

  • goingbrokes

    Iranian missile threat…

    Well, deterrent has to be a credible threat, otherwise it doesn’t work. The capability of Iran’s missiles may be a threat, but Saudis have actually attacked Damascus in Syria and Sanaa in Yemen with thousands of bombs, missiles, suicide bombers and artillery. Why accuse a country that has not attacked any other country?
    I’m fairly sure they could not find much to unite behind but this. If Iran wasn’t there they would have to talk about how good the relations between Qatar and Saudi are. Lol.

  • as

    Talk big but can they afford the risks ? Even under US coals and Israel backing ? Hezbollah and the rest of the resistance aligned forces are well trained and experienced in irregular warfare. It’s not impossible that they could wage another decades of irregular warfare that can take away their comfort and slowly drowning their economy and national integrity. Tyrant has to keep strong hands. Make those hands occupied and heads can go flying.
    Ironically the so called friends of US in middle east can easily be toppled like the regime change scheme they loved about.

  • RichardD

    The AL is competing with NATO for the theater of the absurd leadership designation.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Zionist teach that all Goyim’s (Arabs and Chinese and Russians and Blacks and Irish and so on) must be genocided.
    Arabs are being killed daily by Jews. However, Iran is not depopulation Arabs, not even inside of Iran.
    This guy just got busted. Saudi Arabia needs a Revolution!!!

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Arab league Secretary Generals puppet false statement is the biggest threat to all Arab states and world peace at large.

  • Jeff Lewin

    “Iranian Missiles Are Threat To All Arab Capitals” – only if Arab states plan to attack Iran. Unlike most Arab states, Iran has not participated in any war of aggressive in 200 years, and can more justly say that Arab air forces are threats to Iran.