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Arab Fighters Massively Defect from US-backed SDF, Attack Kurdish YPG Units in Northern Syria

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Arab Fighters Massively Defect from US-backed SDF, Attack Kurdish YPG Units in Northern Syria

Liwa al-Tahrir

Arab units have been massively defecting from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that mostly consist of Kurdish fighters loyal to the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

On September 2, Liwa al-Tahrir announced that it will leave the YPG-led SDF due to the group’s policies and called for remodel of the coalition. Following the statement, the YPG attacked Liwa al-Tahrir units near the village of Suluk south-east of Tell Abyad in the province of Raqqa.

The YPG also attempted to encircle Liwa al-Tahrir checkpoints near the village of Qunaitra located north-east of Suluk. Firefights were reported there. According to Baladi News, at least 50 Liwa al-Tahrir militants are now in the city of Jarabulus where they jointed the Turkish-led forces in northern Syria. A commander of Liwa al-Tahrir, Abo Mohamad Kafrzita, is reportedly in Turkey now.

Separatly, Arab-Kurd tensions increased in Ayn Issa forcing YPG to dispatch units to take over checkpoints under Liwa Ahrar Raqqa control. Liwa Ahrar Raqqa claim to have expelled YPG from 5 villages around Ayn Issa – al-Qadriyah, al-Hamdanat, Kardushan, al-Duraybiyah and Abo Tabat after a series of firefights in the area.

Further reports added that Hazm Movement, Jabhat Thuwar Syria and Jabhat al-Haq also joined the Turkish-led forces that participate in the “Operation Euphrates Shield.”

Summarising the situation in northern Syria, it’s easy to conclude that on September 2, the SDF ceased to exist as a united force of the YPG and some non-Kurdish units.

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Kurds are alienating all of their neighbors, I don’t know how they expect to protect themselves after the dust is settled and they find themselves surrounded by pissed off hostile forces on all sides. I suppose they naively think uncle Sam is always going to be there to protect them. Nobody likes a backstabber and a sellout.

Jens Holm

Bad. YPG is pushing too much.

Mr. Sulam

Well… I didn’t think I’d find you here but, did you even believe this shit?

Jens Holm

Its was not a real defect, but there was a disagreement about Idont know what, so they wouldnt help for Raqqa – north.

So to the project they had a lack of several 1000. Thats what I remember – old stuff.

Well, Im here and several newsssites trying to do the same as You believing artickles or not.


Well PKK/YPG is playing very dangerously! They will have lot of enemies in the Region.


Already falling apart and obama hasn’t even left office yet…

Everything he touches, catches fire and dies a horrible, horrible death…



The plan for a Kurdish oil state allied with Israel is on the rocks


This is all proven to be lies. The commander of LaT defected because his command of 200 fighters had less influence than the YPG with 50.000 fighters. He defected with a few dozen fighters to the better paying turks in Jarabulus. The majority of his command stayed within the SDF.

Contrary to your article many arabs are joining the SDF, not as part of arab subgroups but as part of the YPG, which has now some 20 to 25 percent arab fighters. Even arab females are joining the YPJ.

So, maybe a little more facts and a little less sensationalism are required.

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