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Arab Criminal Gangs On The Rise In Germany

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Germany is facing yet another problem related to the refugee crisis – the Arab criminal gangs have benefited from the immigrant influx and have recruited a lot of new members.

Arab Criminal Gangs On The Rise In Germany

© Ognen Teofilovski / Reuters

Die Welt reported that the criminal gangs in Berlin have been searching for new members and they’ve ceased a ‘great’ opportunity – the refugees.

According to the edition, gang leaders have been going around refugee concentrated areas and camps to look for new members. They’re looking for young and strong men who can do the dirty work. In exchange, they promise to help their families who are desperate because of the lack of job opportunities.

Most of the so-called refugees have nothing to lose and a lot of them agree. We remind you that Germany has welcomed over a million refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, which in this case has been seen as a gold mine for the criminals in Germany.

The report stated that most of the new members are used for drug trafficking, burglaries etc. The local authorities don’t have a plan on how to cope with this emerging problem.

The open-doors policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel is getting less and less popular in Germany, and an increase of the crime rate will be another blow to the already-damaged reputation of Merkel.

With a million refugees who don’t have jobs and safe shelter, it’s easy to predict that unless the German authorities find a solution to the emerging problem, the situation will deteriorate.

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