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JUNE 2023

Arab Coalition Prepares New Military Invasion?

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Arab Coalition Prepares New Military Invasion?

The forces of the Saudi-led coaltion which already participate in the Yemeni war are preparing a new military opertaion in the Middle East.

According to some reports, the part of coalition’s forces are already concentrated in the UAE in order to regruppe befor moving toward the Syria-Iraqi battleground. It’s expected that intervention will be exercised in the area of the Saudi-Iraqi border.

Howver, the direct list of the countries which will particiapte in the agressive act is unknown.

A long military colum of the Saudi Armed Forces was observed on the way to the Iraqi border 2 days ago.  At least one motorized brigade equipped with about 90 armoured vehicles were moved to Iraqi border.  This force could become a core of a joint force which could be used in this operation.

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Ole Johansen

These dumb asses are probably fooled into believing they will get support from NATO and the US.

Any Mouse

Poker players..

But, they might grab a corridor in Syria bordering to Iraq so to secure their natural gas pipelines reach Europe.

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