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JUNE 2023

Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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Dear friends, you can find all SouthFront videos on our website in the section “SouthFront TV“.

SouthFront’s YouTube Channel Is Banned (the text below was originally posted by SouthFront on May 2):


On April 30th, our Facebook page with about 100,000 subscribers was deleted without any warnings or an opportunity to file an appeal. (LINK)

Now, the situation appears to be even worse.

On May 1st, YouTube terminated all of South Front’s channels, with approximately 170,000 subscribers. Our YouTube channels were also terminated without any warnings or notifications. The main YouTube channel in English had over 152,000 subscribers, 1,900 uploaded videos and approximately 60 million views.

Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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The termination of our channels occurred regardless of the fact that our YouTube channels had zero active strikes. Covering conflicts in the Middle East, we expressly understand the inherent sensitivity of the issue. Therefore, we have strictly followed YouTube’s Community Guidelines and have always complied with the Terms of Service.

SouthFront’s YouTube channels were terminated without any warning. All that we got was a single automated email regarding the termination of our inactive channel in Farsi “SouthFront Farsi” that included several translations of our war reports. However, even this email provides no details regarding the decision and just claims that “SouthFront Farsi” violated YouTube’s Terms of Service without any elaboration.

Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

Click to see the full-size image

Throughout the past five years of our endeavors, South Front has been constantly subjected to pressure from different Euro-Atlantic structures and US tech companies that hold a monopoly on the dissemination of information. We have repeatedly faced attempts to censor our coverage of world events, in the form of written analysis, videos and livestream interviews. (LINK, LINK, LINK)

The only reasonable explanation, we may imagine, is that US authorities ordered YouTube and Facebook to cleanse the media sphere of sources of objective coverage and analysis on the Middle East region as a part of the ongoing preparations for a war with Iran. (LINK)

We think that the current situation deserves attention of the international public, including the journalistic community beyond individual ambitions of separate media organizations and journalists.


Please, help to share this message with the global audience. Also, please, inform your friends, your social circles about southfront.org as an independent platform covering crucial developments in the Middle East and around the world.

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Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

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Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook


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Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook


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Appeal Of SouthFront Steering Committee Regarding Censorship On YouTube And Facebook

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Karen Berger

You built up too many subscribers. YouTube and Facebook don’t really care about content when you have a very small following. Once you reach a certain level you become too important to ignore, so they boot you off. This is censorship, and the elected representatives do nothing about it because they are bribed or black mailed. That is the truth. The men in little hats run all these platforms.

Rhodium 10

You Tube is a tool controlled by USA government….thats why China dont allow you tube and have its own platform to post videos ” Yoqoo”.


Yeah just put a single dissenting vid there, let’s see what happens

Mike McCain

That’s what I was thinking, the wrong video with even 3-4 views and no subscribers will have the same result as the wrong video with thousands of subscribers and 10,000 views. After all, as they claim, ‘there shall be no descent.’



Xoli Xoli

Exactly thank you.

good american

Youtube and the likes on build on the idea of bait and switch. They seem great in the beginning, hook you on the free money, then slowly repress by degrees. Talk truth about subjects they don’t like, go against a certain narrative, expose what shouldn’t be exposed, gone. It doesn’t matter how many millions of likes and subscribers you have, think they care? It’s all about control. Brave New World, 1984 style, baby. If all these people and organizations are being removed for corporate/government control, then why doesn’t everyone with these millions of viewers start advising people to switch to other platforms? Put your stuff in multiple baskets, you know? Tell them that if you disappear that you can be found at such and such a place. Diversify, otherwise it is your own fault because you know how the bastards are. It’s been going on for a couple years now and it will only continue to get worse. Look for other fields because youtube , twitter, and facebook are NOT to be trusted.


Censorship may extend beyond what’s experienced so far. The video would not play without going to the spinning clock symbol every few seconds. You may have to provide text along with any video you post on this site. Consider the possibility of getting a way to continue via RT [Russia Today]. Or send emails directly to subscribers as does Global Research, for one example. If videos

would be emailed, then the problem of this clock/play thing would need to be resolved, wherever that is coming from. Tremendous convolution occurring with the waning empire of exceptionalism, battered by Coronavirus, challenged by waxing strength of China — now striking out madly against any perceived dissension. Might you provide an email address for some communicability w your

viewers and supporters? When powers try to suppress your voice, that voice becomes more important, and people will strive to hear it. [Solzhenitsyn] Words are the real bullets. [Oriana Fallaci]. The forces that oppose you are reeling, stricken by being lost in this historical moment where change threatens

the post WWII national security state order. What is happening to Julian Assange is of the same extension and consistency, taken to an extreme form. Contrast with the smooth sailing for The White Helmets, who benefit from touting the desired narrative, and never mind about truthfulness.

Anthony Papagallo

The next step will be sanctions against the owners of the server farms where alternative news is hosted. The west is losing. They will quell dissent by all and any means. Exactly as the former Soviet Union did in its dying days.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

You should study the History about the fall of Soviet Union.

Xoli Xoli

Very soon all transparent media will be block for telling like it is.The show is about to happen with in next couple of months.Bill Gates as part of secret world will decide who to board.It is call one world order.Pompeo will run very big central position world wide.Fema camps is ready for us.

Rhodium 10

Needed another video plataform…you tube are under CIA control and they use to ban video channels despite that they use to criticize governments that do the same like China with some US web pages..we have seen how that pro Zionist platform have terminated accounts of ANNA news,HIspan TV, AL Masdar, SANA News..etc…


They’re both Jew owned and operated platforms. SF is publishing the truth about Jew world order crime and evil. That’s why the Jews are denying SF the use of their platforms. The Russians eliminated 95% of their Jews. They should get rid of the rest. China effectively outlawed Judaism. The whole world should.

There are other platforms besides Jewtube and Facebook. SF should explore which ones aren’t Jew world order operations and put their material on those platforms.


Zionism and Bolshevik Communism are built off of Atheism, remember? This is why Stalin supplanted the Bolsheviks yet still got Lend-Lease military aid from the US and UK regardless; Stalin was as much of an Atheist as the Bolsheviks. The issue here is not necessarily “Judaism;” it’s following man-controlled entities like money, corporations, governments, etc.


Stalin surrounded himself with Jews as he rose to power. They created and ran the concentration camps. And were vastly over represented in the security services where thay mass murdered many millions of innocent people. The Bolsheviks were a predominantly Jewish organisation. These are simple historical facts.

How is Zionism built on atheism?


“The Bolsheviks were a predominantly Atheist Jewish organisation.”

Fix’d that for you. Zionism is built on Atheism because… think of this way, Rich: Lenin, Stalin, etc. established personality cults where whatever them or the government says is right, yes? How is this de facto different from Netanyahu’s personality cult where he can say things like “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” and everyone is supposed to just believe it? Isn’t thinking and doing whatever foolish thing people say opposed to the God of Abraham’s commands…?


Judaism has been conflicted from it’s inception. Even the Old Testament describes it. So does the Talmud. They have a god, and it isn’t atheism, it’s demonology.


The Ten Commandments are originally Jewish, remember? Yes, some Jews decide to ignore the 2nd commandment to “have no other gods before me,” then they follow their 40 pieces of silver, chief priests, turn themselves into man-gods controlling money or government, etc. But do ALL Jews do this…? And the “Synagogue of Satan” argument: Isn’t Satan also Atheist? Doesn’t he reject belief in God, too, and wish for people to follow him…?


You can debate what individual Jews believe. All practicing Jews that I’m aware of follow Talmud rabbinical Judaism. In which the Talmud superseeds the Hebrew bible. Both claim to be worshipping god. However it’s clear from the confliction with the Hebrew bible, and the evil ingrained in the Talmud that the god it’s worshipping is different than the god being worshipped in the bible. And has had a demonic strain from it’s inception. Neither the bible or the Talmud are considered aesthetic by most people.

The problem is Judaism. It’s an evil predatory pedophile mass rape cult that needs to be outlawed for the betterment of humanity. Including Jews.


The Bible is not Atheistic because it teaches following God. Yet does the Talmud teach following God? Or does it teach following the humans who wrote the Talmud? And isn’t following humans, be it those in governments, businesses, or oneself, what all Atheistic ideologies boil down to…?

Some “Jews” like Gilad Atzmon, Max Blumenthal, and Norman Finkelstein are pretty good at challenging the world oligarchs’ systems, so not all of them follow the Talmudic sect.


All Jews are the product Talmud rabbinical Judaism. If they disagree with it then they’re dissidents. As some are. Look at how many times god is mentioned in the Talmud.


Disagreeing would make those Jews dissidents to the “Talmud rabbinical Judaism” sect, not to Judaism as a whole. I know the chief priests claim that Judaism requires the Talmud, but if one of them told you “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction,” would you believe it…?


Talmud rabbinical Judaism isn’t a sect of Judaism. It is 99% to 100% of institutional Judaism. The schisms within Judaism doesn’t change the fact that every denomination of Judaism that I’m aware of uses the Talmud, synagogues, yeshivas, blood sucking pedophile rape rituals, cemeteries, and rabbis. None of the dissidents that you’ve named are running any of those things. They’re not running congregations, pedophile rape rituals, conducting marriages and funerals etc.. They’re not representative of multi generational institutional Judaism that constitutes and carries Judaism forward over time. Each generation of Jews is created by practising Jews using institutional Judaism.


Wait, why isn’t “institutional Judaism” also not a sect? I don’t know what Atzmon, Blumenthal, or Finkelstein would describe their religious or metaphysical faith as, but if it were something like Biblical or Non-Talmudic Judaism, then how is “Judaism… needs to be outlawed” a real solution? It ignores that the main problem was not Jews that follow the word of God; the problem was “Jews” that follow the word of man.


You can ask Jews who is and isn’t a Jew. They have criteria for that. Such as they they rape their children, they participate in the rituals, they went through cult brainwashing indoctrination, they were married in a synagogue, they were a member of a congregation, their parents or grandparents were Jews, they were buried in a Jewish cemetery, etc..

I’m not aware of a non Talmudic version of Judaism, are you? 99+% of Jews are the product of institutional Talmudic rabbinical Judaism. If they don’t meet the criteria of institutional Talmudic rabbinical Judaism. Then Jews will tell you that the person in question isn’t a Jew. Dissidents that reject the Talmud doesn’t create a different non Talmudic version of Judaism. I’m not aware of a schism that deleted the Talmud from Judaism, are you?

Outlawing Judaism is a solution because collectively Jews are the planet’s biggest troublemakers and Judaism is an evil, predatory, parasitical pedophile mass rape cult that sexually assaults and rapes 1,000 children every week worldwide with blood sucking Jew cannibal prostitutes that infect their victims with venereal disease. Dissidents don’t change Judaism from being what it is. And Judaism is what creates the problem. Outlawing Judaism is the solution.

“as with any right, the freedom of religion can be abridged if its exercise would infringe on the rights of others.

As a result, several groups have been made into recognized criminal organizations. This is not a common designation, but it has occurred on occasion, typically after a cult group has been involved with a criminal enterprise. These cults have generally been involved with activities like murder, abduction, statutory rape, or other serious crimes. Often, they hold an illegal activity to be a primary focus of their religious teachings, making adherence to the group’s beliefs a virtual guarantee of grossly illegal activity directly harming others.”

– Are Cults Legal –


Putin Apologist

Alex Jones, Brother Nathanael, Soph, Press TV… list of the “banned” continues to grow.


https://www.altcensored.com/channel/deleted https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01e78895a97dbe1da6bbebc6100b2e48d19fcc0bdfb9b6b31a995388f9ff6fb9.jpg


Alex Jones isn’t banned, it’s zionist sponsored propaganda

Vidarr Kerr

I do not like Alex Jones at all, but he was banned. No one should be banned.

Mike McCain

You all do a great service and a great job with that site.

Vidarr Kerr

Thanks for the altcensored link! New to me, thanks a lot!


our pleasure. feel free to spread the site and videos far and wide! we are non-profit and do not advertise.

Mike McCain

Along with Secret Sources, Red Ice TV, Colin Flaherty, Brian Ruhe, TruNews and dozens of others.

Traiano Welcome

Dear Southfront.

The situation is partly of your own creation. Why did you develop a dependence on western imperialist controlled Media?

Why did you develop a dependence on media controlled by the very same parties whose interests are not served by The Truth?

It should have been clear to you that eventually it would come to this.

Your only solution is to move to alternative platforms. I encourage you to do this as your service to humankind is priceless.


Most people are clueless sheeple, they follow whatever media/platform is the most popular currently. You have to fight for every soul, to save them from these demons… abandoning all these ‘popular’ (anti)social media, just make their lies unopposed. In the end they can’t defeat the truth, so they resort to brutal censorship, but at least exposing their true totalitarian/tyrannical face.

Traiano Welcome

If all we have is the tools provided to us by our enemies, then we are truly lost.


“Truth is treason in an empire of lies”

I’m not surprised these evil brainwashing platforms, fully owned and controlled by the Empire, banned you – I’m surprised they tolerate you this far… They only exist to poison people worldwide with lies, fake ‘values’, sick (anti)culture they promote. They are more infectious than viruses, more devastating than bombs… far more dangerous than the US army.

But I am somewhat surprised they did it this way, an organized and orchestrated attack, obviously their masters ordered them to do so. Another proof they all serve the same purpose, the same masters. And their masters are afraid of the truth, of any other opinion. Global tyranny masqueraded as ‘freedom, human rights, democracy’… everything they truly hate.


I’m gonna move away from youtube. Facebook I’ll delete in the next month or two.

Ooga Booga

I just ended my Youtube Premium subscription as a result of this.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Why did they mention just the Farsi channel? Because Uncle Zio Sam is preparing a surprise for Iran and Iranians don’t need information but disinformation made in US.


It is a form of ‘word salad’ – by referencing Farsi channel alone is attempt to confound and confuse the issue and censorship process. Basically contrived slyness.


That’s the result of MeK troll farm (hardware, software and training courtesy of Saudis). They attack any content which their cult leaders order them to. So anything that upsets MeK leadership and anything which upsets Saudis become their target. It’s a >30k account army, handled by almost 300 workstations in 3 shifts. Their posts can be spotted by their broken English, Arabic and even strange Persian (using 20-30 years old expressions), their general hatred of anything Iranian, IRGC, Hashd and Hezbollah, Trump-Pompeo-MbS-Bibi brown-nosed-ness and driving any discussion about US and co shortcomings into a Chinese/Russian evil plot. Saudis have their own troll farm, so do Israelis. They both hate anything positive about Iran.

Funny is, SF Farsi as long as I know was not comparable to their English content at all, but still posed a danger to the Persian-speaking diaspora and could potentially introduce them to an alternative and less grim source of information, with a completely different and more truthful narrative.

Dario Gomez

Why then don’t you use LBRY ?. you will not be censored there.



You cannot overcome media that can retreat under the ‘private ownership’ defense. James Corbett recommends other media (bit chute, etc.) as independent media immune to corporate (i.e.; gov’t) censorship. If you can’t beat ’em, don’t join ’em… find an alternative they can’t interfere in.


Hypocrisy man the west talks about democracy and freedom of speech and all but look at what they are doing they are trying to hide thier lies like a bunch of cowards, South front it’s lagging the video is lagging…I can’t it’s working for few seconds and stops it’s not my wifi nethier my phone it’s the website…

Icarus Tanović

I can not watch even this video iy stops every two seconds. And it is not first time.

Breadologist tsigolodaerB

Yeah without net nutrality anymore internet speed to any site can be slowed down.

K Pomeroy

Thank yout SouthFront for providing excellent coverage of the Donbass war and other foreign affairs topics. Censorship is a loss for everyone. You say you imagine US officials ordered YouTube and Facebook to shut down channels such as yours. I suspect otherwise. The global elite controls YouTube and Facebook. The global elite also tells US officials what to do.

Traiano Welcome

Someone needs to go out there and establish a viable competitor to YouTube on neutral territory (Russia? An abandoned Oil Platform? Svalbard?). Perhaps a geographically hybrid platform, where the content is spread over multiple territories in order to comply with the legal and censorship requirements of each, while still maintaining 100% availability of content.

Dairon Siekle

Youtube/Google is controlled by U.S intelligence agencies. You should create a TikTok account where you can upload short previews of your full videos that link to an alternative like Bitchute.

Luke Hemmming


cechas vodobenikov

censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in it itself”. Potter Stewart……amerikans have always been insecure—“self doubting”. Tocqueville


YouTube Channel “South Front” was Removed on 5/1/2020 with 56M+ views, 151K+ subscribers, and 1907 videos (8 avail below):

https://www.altcensored.com/channel/UCaV101EM1QayFkP0E7zwXCg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfc3235b86d98da4b650206e15fc4e4a08cc946db5cc840fd4953c0c1f4d0702.jpg


Hello SouthFront.

Now that YouTube is gone and I have to watch your videos here I find that they won’t stream on my shitty connection. Not only won’t they stream they also won’t buffer after a minute.

Would you put in a 480 p stream as well or 360p?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x