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JULY 2022

Appeal for Help!

Support SouthFront

Appeal for Help!

Dear friends! Our team has been continuing to balance on the razor’s edge while continual production of exclusive video and graphics products including the Foreign Policy Diaries drains our resources. We’ve only raised $344,69 since August 25. As a result, we cannot to make ends meet: our bills are unpaid and we have already spent a lot of the SF main team members’ money. So, we’ve faced a hard decision what to do: to close the project and stop to produce videos or try appeal for a help explaining the situation.

We don’t expect to get a budget like a “mainstream” think-tank (tens of thousands of dollars), but we hope to get at least a chance to continue our work.

Please, donate if you can and, probably, we will got a chance to survive:

Via PayPal: southfront@list.ru

Via Skrill: http://southfront.org/donate-skrill

Or via: http://southfront.org/donate/

UPDATE (15.09.2015, 10:05 CET):

Due to your support and efforts of the Saker’s community, we’ve raised $960,81. Thank you, dear supporters! However, this is less than a half of minimal amount in this month. Please, make a contribution to SouthFront if you haven’t already done it. And if you’ve done, please, give a little more. This will allow to continue our work at least one more month.

UPDATE (16.09.2015, 09:03 CET):

At the moment, project has collected $1202,18. It’s at least a half of the needed amount! If we collect, 2/3 or more, we will be able to try to keep the contemporary level and number of content in October.

Appeal for Help!

Support SouthFront


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The problem is you guys are relatively new so you haven’t had the chance to gain popularity yet, you need a relatively large base in order to get enough contributions to keep going, that’s why it’s important to have enough money to last the first few years without donations.

I really hate to see you guys go, you do such excellent work.


Hello, thank you for the warm words. The only power which allow us to continue the work is a support of the audience.

I am promoting your guy’s work on about a dozen sites a day. You need more fan base, your fan base will triple in less then 6 months if you hang in their. I am willing to donate time, but my funds are stretched beyond limit for a time to come for sure. This site is good solid truthful analysis, and this site should continue.



We posted a first article at the website on May 7, 2015. The project has been operating since the start of the war in Donbass. We started just as a page in Facebook.

Kind regards, SouthFront Team

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