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An Appeal to the American People: Do Not Restore NATO! End the “Russiagate” Hoax!

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By David Hungerford

Pres. Trump’s “pay up or else” demand at the recent NATO summit in Brussels scuttles NATO’s Article 5: the principal that an attack on one is an attack on all. Now the approach is “If you pull some stupid stuff with Russia and get yourself in trouble the United States will think about what to do.”

An Appeal to the American People: Do Not Restore NATO! End the “Russiagate” Hoax!

Source: http://www.nato.int

An alliance is either an alliance, or is it not. NATO is no longer an alliance. It is something else. Hopefully it will not exist much longer. German Chancellor Angela Merkel understands that. She is looking around to rearrange Germany’s international relations. She has a lot of options. Already it seems too late to go back.

The NY Times is furious. It is retaliating with an attack on Trump advisor Jared Kushner for setting up backchannel diplomatic communications with Russia. That is standard operating procedure for governments. The NYT wants to prevent normalization of relations with Russia.

Discussion between the Trump administration and Russia also involves establishment of international conditions for an enduring peace in Syria. The Israel lobby does not want that – it wants all Arab countries broken up into sectarian mini-states. The defeat of the outside-organized and funded terrorist mercenaries in Syria would be a historic setback to Israeli policy.

Hence the NYT has a lot of company, most of it liberal: publications like the Atlantic, also the Soros operations, the Israel lobby, the Democratic Party, and Joseph Goebbels. Their main instrument is the hoax that “Russia hacked the election.”

These things happen because the United States is too rich, too developed, and too productive for its capitalist economy to function coherently any longer. The capitalists are fighting each other tooth and nail, economic “Globalists” versus “America First.”

We need an end to the war in Syria and the policy of “regime change.” We do not need a war with Russia. We do not need NATO. We do not need parties like the Democrats that specialize in demagogy and lies. Liberalism has become obsolete. We need an Independent Workers Party based on the economic, political, and ideological needs of the working class. That is the crucial step forward at the time.

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Syrian government should have to give signal to Russia to help to liberate the whole Southern border of Syria from US and Israeli backed proxies and spies. It is good for Syria.

Joe Doe

Trump is imposing 2% of GDP tax on colonies, in order to the american can continue conquer other nations at the expense of others cuntry taxpayer. It should be a rule not trust america


He isn’t imposing anything. That 2% of GDP was set by all of the nations at the beginning of NATO. He is just asking the many who don’t to pay what they themselves decided.

Kao Li

Rather, he wants a minimum 2% of GDP for membership in NATO club activities, so to be protected, you have to pay a minimum (I repeat minimum) 2% GDP! And who says he will not want more? All this is reminding of the good old extortion schemes!

paolo duchateau

Nato is weak and unuseless.


Head of NATO has always been an American. It is an American club created to keep Europe in subjugation by selling it dreams of power. There are more US troops in Germany than in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is considered a country under occupation. Think about that.

Montenegrin ??

You’re 100% right – NATO is just a tool to occupy other countries. It is not an alliance of equals, it is just a tool of globalist expansion. It’s a massive shame my country is about to be occupied by them.

Real Anti-Racist Action

the native Germans have been occupied since 1919. Only for a short time were the foreign Big powers pushed out.
Germany is so fractured today by the Big powers, that they will never again offer resistance to the Big powers.
The plan of erasing a people from the earth has worked so well, that they want to implement the same plan they did to indigenous Germans now to Syrians and Lebanese and Iranians and Koreans.
The world became slaves when the UK was allowed to step foot onto the lands of native Europeans.
Humans have lost the last 30 major wars (except for Vietnam) was one by humans.
Any side the UK-Empire is on, is the evil side.


Thank you for telling us what Americans need. We know that already. We got hear not by accident, but by design. It was slow and deliberate. Wall Street money, Goldman Sachs et. al., saturate the electoral system. They get what they pay: legislation and wars that make them rich and powerful and masters of the world. The instrument of power of the 1% is the electoral system and their media.

Real Anti-Racist Action

NATO is just a Zionist made mechanism for geopolitical control over indigenous European ancestral homelands. After Zionist won the second world war, they needed a mechanism to control the indigenous populations of Europe, as Jews are foreign colonialist invaders from the Middle East and are an ME tribe bent on control of other tribes ancestral homelands.

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