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Apocalypse Postponed After IMF Announcement, COVID-19 Pandemic Improves In Europe


Apocalypse Postponed After IMF Announcement, COVID-19 Pandemic Improves In Europe

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Australia announced that it is opening a criminal investigation into the company Carnival – the one behind “Diamond Princess” in Japan,”Grand Princess” in California, and, most recently the Coral Princess.

All of them are ships whose passengers were infected with COVID-19.

Now, a fourth outbreak was recorded on the Zandaam, which docked at Ft. Launderdale.

The BBC reported that a criminal investigation has been launched in Australia into how passengers traveling aboard the “Ruby Princess” were allowed to disembark in Sydney even though some clearly exhibited flu-like symptoms.

Eventually, some 600 passengers tested positive for COVID-19; 10 of them died. The ship is still sitting off the coast of Australia, with some 200 passengers aboard.

Other criminal investigations are also being expected, notably from Japan, but possibly also from the US, which needs to care for one more passenger ship, on top of the Grand Princess and the Coral Princess.

On April 5th, the global cases of COVID-19 went past 1,250,000.

The daily increase was approximately 71,000, of which the US accounted for 25,000.

Currently, it has nearly 337,000 cases, and if its tendency of gaining new confirmed cases continues will soon have more cases than Italy, Spain and Germany combined.

US president Donald Trump pointed to Europe’s positive signs of change as a sign of hope:

“We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said, after minutes earlier striking a somber note, with: “In the days ahead America will endure the peak of this terrible pandemic.”

The US surgeon general, Jerome Adams, warned that this was going to be “the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives”.

“This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.”

Apocalypse Postponed After IMF Announcement, COVID-19 Pandemic Improves In Europe

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Since, on a positive note, all three European countries with the most cases, and with the addition of France are showing less growth of cases, as well as a several-day reduction of fatalities.

Italy may have even reached the peak, as it records increasing numbers of recoveries, and reduced numbers of new cases.

France reported its lowest daily toll in a week and in Spain officials said fatality numbers had fallen for the third straight day, with 674 deaths.

The positive news came as the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, said Europe needed a common “Marshall Plan” to recover from the pandemic.

The Marshall Plan was an aid programme initiated by the United States in 1948 to help countries in western Europe recover after the second world war, which pumped $15 billion into efforts to rebuild.

It should be noted that European countries began this positive trend, following an announcement by International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva on April 3rd.

“Never in the history of the IMF have we witnessed the world economy come to a standstill,” Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF, said speaking at the World Health Organization’s headquarters in Geneva.

“This is a crisis like no other,” she said. “We have witnessed the world economy coming to a standstill. We are now in recession. It is way worse than the global financial crisis” of 2008-2009.

She underlined that currently humanity was in its “darkest hour” and that it required “from us to stand tall, be united and protect the most vulnerable of our citizens.”

Immediately after that, the situation in Europe presumably began improving.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital to be tested, and to receive treatment for COVID-19.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “On the advice of his doctor, the prime minister has tonight been admitted to hospital for tests. This is a precautionary step, as the prime minister continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus 10 days after testing positive for the virus.” The spokesperson said Johnson would stay in hospital “as long as needed”.

Officials were keen to stress that this was not an emergency admission, and that Johnson will remain in charge of government, and will be in regular touch with colleagues and civil servants.

China reported 39 new cases of Covid-19, 38 of which were imported. There was one death across the country, in the city of Wuhan, where the virus started.

Iran, whose economy has suffered the double blow of the virus and punishing US sanctions, said it would allow “low-risk” economic activity to resume as daily infection rates fell for a fifth straight day.

It would appear that, following the IMF’s announcement of “the darkest hour,” it’s, in fact, not really the darkest hour.




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