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Anti-US Alliance Of Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Is About To Win Parliamentary Election

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Anti-US Alliance Of Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Is About To Win Parliamentary Election

Counting more than 95 percent of the votes cast in 10 of Iraq’s 18 provinces, Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s alliance with communists is leading in Iraq’s parliamentary election the electoral commission announced on May 14, according to the international new agency Reuters.

Sadr was a leader of two revolts against the US forces in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. Then, Washington even called the Shia militia loyal to Sadr the biggest threat to Iraq’s security.

The Conquest Alliance led by a member of the Iraqi parliament Hadi al-Amiri, held the second place. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s Victory Alliance trailed in third position.

The final results are expected to be announced later on May 14. After announcing, the commission will say how many seats each bloc gains.

Sadr isn’t able to become Iraqi Prime Minister as he did not run in the election. However, the revealed results give him a capability to be a key political figure during the negotiations with on a possible coalition to pick someone for the prime minister post.

On May 12, Iraq held parliamentary election, the first one since Iraq declared the victory over ISIS in December.

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Good news ! Anything anti-US and anti-west in general is good for humanity.


I don’t like to be “that guy” and sour, your statement is true generally but not all anti-American things are good.

Personally I’m not so optimistic about Sadr, if you look at his history, he comes out as a violent, unstable and populist (not in a good way) persona.
A lot of his popularity comes from borrowing heavily from his family, Iraqis loved his uncle (Ayatollah Bagher Sadr, killed by Saddam) and his father. His policies are all over the place, one day he supports this side and tomorrow, poof! he changes side. Now that maybe regular in the West, but here and specially Shi’as (he is a Shi’a cleric) don’t change loyalty overnight.

I think his victory means more freedom of movement for Saudis in Iraq and Saudis’s freedom of movement anywhere is not a good news.

What do I know? Maybe after the victory he changes his affiliation?


Don’t worry Sadr is just worried and he tries to regain some power and influence in Iraq, because the PMU & Kata’ib Hezbollah & other pro resistance group influence is rising by the minute and it’ll stay that way.Sadr just want to regain some influence in Iraq and still be relevant he’s just a detail.About him seeking to disband the PMU that’s just talk in the wind, Iraqis will never allow that to happen !
The Iraqi government still needs a lot of cleansing it’s infiltrated by pro US spies/agents in all branches of the government, army, intelligence etc…that’s the main concern.


You are not wrong about him. As a shia Iraqi, IIbelieve Muqtada Al Sadr is essentially, and I don’t like to be disrespectful, what we would call a “jahil” in arabic. He is ignoran, he is not smart and he has some worrying political views. But at the end of the day the worst is behind us. Saddam is behind us. The time of a powerful USA is behind us. Nour Al Maliki is behind us. Daesh is behind us. If this guy does some stupid shit we’ll get rid of him as well. Allah Kareem.


lol you are playig with fire if you think that bs. Thsi guys better be careful if he doesnt want any more american firepower falling on his head in the near future!


Death to the US/ISRAHELLI/GULF STATES governments & the Anglo-Zionists in general !
I’m waiting…


Isn’t that man who went to Saudi Arabia ?

Personnally, I believe nothing. Sometimes, they say that this person is against USA or against that or that but, at the end, you see that it is the exact opposite. Just like people thought that Saudi Arabia was with Palestinians.


I think he was that guy who went to the KSA indeed. Overall I don’t think it means he’s MBS’s chosen one. Alliances in middle eastern politics change all the time, depending on who has the upper hand and is considered the threat of the week old enemies become allies and former allies become enemies.


At that time, people say that he was a traitor to Iraq and now, he will win the election magically. XD. Personnally, I don’t believe he is anti-USA. I think it’s the exact opposite !! But, you got to feed the sheeple with what they want to hear so that they vote for you. After the vote is done, you can tell them to go fuck themselfs !!! That’s the west democracy !! XD.

Brad Isherwood


He’s on record opposing Assad of Syria.
Is part of the political play to reduce the Shia PMU in Iraq and Syria


Who benefits from weakening the Hezbollah, IRGC front ?

Lol……Putin knows : )


Yes, this man asked Assad to leave.

Serious is often right. XD.

Brad Isherwood


The above podcast has some very telling history points regarding Israel creation,
Spies….and Russia.

Syrian war is a Globalist crime spree and cash windfall.
Putin went to the Casino to play….why not,

Netanyahu and US invited him to.


Beware of infiltration !!!


Once I wonder what USA was so keen to export “democracy”. Then, I conclude that the republic system was not democratic but created especially by the globalists to take over the country. It seems to be democratic but it is not.

Why it is not democratic ? Because first, people vote for pre-filtred candidates and second, when a president is elected, he has all right and do whatever he wants usually the opposite of what he said before being elected.

In a real democracy, the president has little power and people can oppose the president decision.

In fact, in western “democracies”, people “elect” a pre-designate king every 4 or 5 years.

S Melanson

Agreed, except that the president is not free to do what he wants. You state the candidates are prefiltered which is correct as the ‘kingmakers’ control the ‘king’. However, Trump is an interesting anomaly given his ego playing havoc with his handlers constantly trying to reign him in.


You have to keep in mind the difference between a system as first introduced when a new constitution gets enacted, and a system several decades down the line. Or even centuries down the line. I don’t think for a second that in the US the founding fathers would have thought it a good idea to have a president that can go to war whenever he pleases without Congressional approval, to have the largest military in the world, to constantly seek wars throughout the world, a gazillion shady alphabet agencies engaged in spying, foreign and domestic, and various legislation that gives far ranging powers to the government just on the pretext of terrorism. Nor do I think they would approve of how campaign financing basically means that politicians whore themselves out to the interests of their big donors.

But we did not get there in one single step. Because then the constitution would have prohibited it. The founding fathers were not idiots. But we got there gradually over time. Like a political version of stone soup https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Soup

Every small incremental step made sense at the time, and did not seem like a breech of the constitution, until we got to where the system is today. Which is why I am in favor of overturning a political system every so odd years. Just to pull the rug from underneath the politicians before they get to comfortable so they have to start all over again.


That’s why I got 13870 comments for only 5936 votes. A fucking bad ratio !! That’s why I can’t rule for politics. My flaw is that I say what I think and what I think it’s the truth. So, I got a lot of ennemies and a lot of people who don’t like me. If downvoting was set up, I would have break the record. XD.


I think your flaw is being a dumbass, which would also explain the ratio.


What explains the ration is that most people hate the truth and always search excuses and scapegoats. I noticed how people always tried to construct a stupid non working proof that can be discarded in 1 nanosecond when one ahve a simple and working proof.

After that, people are still complaining about the exact same problems again and again and again. Even when they try their “solutions”, it still don’t work but will search for the same excuses !!!!

S Melanson

I have read a number of your comments and some are good but uneven overall. I would like to see more depth in your comments with facts cited to back up what you say, particularly if controversial. You may comment less as more time consuming but the quality will go up as will upvotes. With more votes for fewer comments your ratio is better. That said, I would say your truth as you see it and not worry to much about votes. Unless comments are personal attacks on posters, I say better to comment than be silent.

Marc Fischer

Learning to write some form of understandable English would help all of us…Seriously..

Michael Qiao

He still have commies in his coalition so ain’t holding my breath

You can call me Al

Do grow up. The most important thing is that they don’t have Yank muppets.

Michael Qiao

commies are just as bad


Why ?
Unless of course they are jewish ‘commies’, which I rather doubt.

Michael Qiao

communism is a Jewish Ideology much like capitalism. Both are materialistic

Don't read butthurt replies

Pure nonsense. And as always, Jews taking credit for something they didn’t do. Just stop.

Michael Qiao

what? Communism was invented by Karl Marx, an atheist Jew. What’s capitalism a pure materialistic society in which your procession is what you hold dear and is too afraid to die

You can call me Al

How can y0u be an atheist Jew ?.

Michael Qiao

Jews can be both a race and a religion. The fact that only Jews get certain diseases like Tay sach says enough.

You can call me Al

We must agree to disagree.


Communism was not invented by Karl Marx, Marx was inspired by Proudhon. Thomas More wrote of communism in the 1500’s.

Marx was an economist, and he analysed economic methodologies.
He came to the conclusion that capitalism was based on money flowing from the poor to the rich, and that eventually the poor would rise up and redistribute a nations wealth. He said that the cycle would continue until people realized that socialism was the only sustainable system.

Because his research was so thorough capitalists hate him and have denigrated his research ever since.

You can call me Al

“Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr alliance with communists is leading in Iraq’s parliamentary election”……. of all people, who would have guessed it ?.

Start packing your bags Yankers ….. looks like you are no longer wanted in Iraq, no FOOOOK off, you murdering, war-mongering vermin.

I never thought I would say this EVER, but I am so happy, that this nutter made the political surge. Now help the Syrians, then bring in the Iranian, Chinese and obviously Russians to rebuild.

PS Dump the Rothschild’s central bank, that was imposed on you. https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/there-are-only-3-countries-in-the-world-without-a-rothschild-owned-central-bank/


Let us hope that the US are given a message on the lines of ‘ Please leave Iraq and Syria as that will prevent another IED campaign to encourage you to leave. Dead and maimed Mericans are not what US civilians really want to see again ‘.

Peter Jennings

What seems to be the case is that as soon as US forces are asked to leave by the population, car bombs begin to explode on the streets and US forces spend lots of time and energy blaming everyone else. One cannot just buy weapons grade explosives in the local market.


Even more reason then to target US troops and contractors with IED’s.


People thought Trump was anti-war and USA-first ??? XD
People thought that Putin was Syria protector ??? XD
People think that Al-Sadr is anti-USA ??? XD
People thought that the west was human right defenders ??? XD.

There is a difference between believing and knowing.

Jonathan Murray

This is amazing news – geo-strategically shattering news! al-Sadr is an Iraqi nationalist who will defeat Americas plan for Iraq to remain divided because of the Iranian occupation. My hope is that Russia was instrumental in helping organise the alliance with the communists. I wonder how the western left will react to this!?


Of course. XD. When Iraq will be Iranian-free, Syria will be Iranian-free and Lebanon will be Iran-free, USA will attack and destroy Iran.

Then, Hezbollah will be exterminated making Lebanon a very weak country. Then, Syria will be USA-aligned. Iraq US-aligned. Then, Syria will never ever recover Golan height. Iraq will be cut into three parts by USA.

Iranian-free means USA occupied. So, I don’t think so. Iran is occupying nobody. Iran is helping these countries to be independent and free of terrorism.


My bet is that that man is an american useful idiot. He will give USA what USA wants : removing Assad and plan against Iran in the region.

Then, USA will attack and destroy Iran.

Then, USA will discard him. USA will give iraqi kurds independence.

And who will be the fucking last to laught ??? XD.


Nice Pro-Iranians only, anything that maximum counter western influence.Iraq will be a part of Iran both strong together, and Syria will Join and after will see the Zionists what they will do.

Robert Guttierez

From what I understand, this guy hates Iran more than the US. I heard on RT that the US was secretly backing him when they saw their guy was going to lose. This guy fits perfectly into their anti Iran agenda. Funny how he came out of nowhere to lead in the elections. Any chance the US is tampering? No….that would be hypocritical !!

Robert Guttierez

Al Amiri, the guy in 2nd place is very pro Iranian. Even though he is Iraqi, he fought on the Iranian side when Iraq and Iran were at war. That’s the last guy the US wants in power and why they backed the guy leading now. The Americans are ok with this result even if they try to spin it differently. They will get an anti Iran guy in a position of power.


excellentes news!! i,m happy

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