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JUNE 2023

Anti-Trump Riots in Oakland (Video)

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According to reports, thousands people are protesting against Donald Trump all over the US.

Anti-Trump Riots in Oakland (Video)

Thousands of protesters march along Broadway in a demonstration against President-elect Donald Trump in Oakland, Calif., on November 9, 2016 (Photo: Bay Area News Group / Anda Chu)

Activists, opposing results of the US presidential elections and Donald Trump as the US President, attacked an abandoned police car and smashed store windows in downtown Oakland, California.

Videos of the incidents were published online. According to reports, the windows of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and City Hall were smashed by protestors, who also set fire to the ground floor of the chamber of commerce.

Reportedly, a police helicopter hovered above the protestors. The assembly was declared unlawful by police, which also demanded to dissolve it.

People also set fire to trash bins in the streets, smashed the windows of an abandoned police car and set fire to the vehicle.

According to reports, thousands people are protesting against results of the presidential elections all over the US, including Oakland, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles and Austin.

Meanwhile, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the mass protests in the US. She believes that these actions will not spill over into full-scale riots. Zakharova noted that there is nothing surprising in the fact that the protests erupted as US citizens were involved in the election campaign, built on antagonism of the candidates’ teams.

“It should be understood that though a few hours before the election the candidates themselves confessed to each other in love, they divided people into different camps. Huge funds were allocated for this,” the FAN news agency cited the words of Zakharova.

At the same time, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that it is an internal matter of the US, noting that all actions should be within the law.

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Charles Fasola

First let me state I do not participate in the rigged, dog and pony show known as the election. I refuse to provide legitimacy to the entire criminal system. A bunch of manipulated fools in the videos. Would they rather that clinton had been victorious. Or were they one-time supporters of the fraud who is sanders. Granted trump is a buffoon. However, as I watch these clowns damage property, I see a bunch of stupid, ill informed morons. Like those who support Black Lives Matter and Occupy. Both coopted by neo-con Soros. Who manipulates these dim wits into violence in order to destroy their groups through perception management. Do something a bit more proactive. General strikes, mass protests with a purpose beyond foolish street theater that those you attempt to influence laugh at. Or how about truly manning up and confront the forces that bleed at the tisk of their own physical well being? Stooges they are.


Two words; GEORGE SOROS.


This is the work of George Soros. I hope Trump opens up a case against Soros, his family and his various organizations. He needs to be arrested, tried and sentence, OR extradited to Russia.

Marek Pejović

Majdan anyone? Cuz knowing usual US cop behavior, there’d be hundreds of cops armed to the teeth. them not being there shows this is a trick.


Actually this temper tantrum will flare out if there is no “incident” , as in a protester being injured by police. Any incident will fuel more reactions . Millions was spent by the DNC and these fools bought it . Let them have their street drama, don’t let them start a civil war.


spoiled brats did not get what they wanted


Oh Well! The americans shall know finally the Soros’ machine! The american spring!


I wonder if this is the powers that be trying to get a reason to declare a “national emergency” before trump can get sworn in. The police seem to be standing back and letting this happen instead of taking their normally violent approach like what’s seen at the pipeline protests among other places.

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