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Anti-Russian propaganda appearing in Dutch school textbooks

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  • Dutch government uses school workbooks for anti-Russian propaganda.
  • Russia isn’t ‘free country’ because there is no public support of pedophilia. It’s the limitation of rights for sexual minorities! Do you still think that Russia isn’t a totalitarian empire of evil?

The article is originally appeared at Sott.net

Several days ago a Dutch parent posted two images from his daughter’s school workbook on his facebook page. The schoolbook is “Themes in Social Studies 1 for VMBO-KGT“, VMBO standing for “preparatory middle-level vocational education”, and is a school track in the Netherlands, which is similar to high school. The schoolbook is provided to VMBO students (aging approx. 15-16 y/o) during the last two years of this school track. 

Part of the description of the workbook reads, “The workbook is updated on an annual basis and contains many current and diverse sources with assignments.” The workbook has certainly been updated, as Russia has been painted as quite an unfriendly country, clearly in line with the ongoing Western anti-Russia propaganda. 

The following two images were found on page 67 of the workbook, Chapter 7: countries without democracy. The first image shows Russia as the ‘evil’ country trying to take Ukraine, while Europe is pictured lending a ‘helping’ hand. One of the questions students are asked, is: “What is Russia doing, and what is Europe doing in this picture?” Well, that isn’t difficult to answer: Evil-looking Russia is obviously trying to devour poor Ukraine, while friendly Europe is looking on concerned! 

Anti-Russian propaganda appearing in Dutch school textbooks

The second image (entitled ‘How free is the world?’) is that of a map that shows how free (green) or not free (red) a country is. Russia is pictured as a ‘not-free country’ while the U.S. and Europe in particular are illustrated as the ‘most free’. 

Anti-Russian propaganda appearing in Dutch school textbooks

What is it, I wonder, that makes these ‘educators’ think that Russia is a country that isn’t free? Could it be the human rights ”problem” regarding homosexuality in Russia? Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and President Putin actually had a discussion on this matter. Rutte mentioned the laws that prohibit the propagation of homosexuality, which have been put into effect in several Russian regions. According to the Prime Minister this can lead to the limitation of rights for sexual minorities. President Putin then pointed out that these laws are not being practised on a federal level, but on a regional level. It represents what the people have voted for in those regions. In contrast to the above, Putin reminded Rutte that there are organisations in the Netherlands that support pedophilia:

Putin: “I can hardly imagine that a lawyer in Moscow would allow an organisation that supports pedophilia to function. In Holland, however, it is possible. There is such an organisation. I can also hardly imagine that there would be a party in the parliament of our country that would oppose participation of women in political matters. But here there is a party that does so. We just need to learn to listen better to each other, to respect one another, do you understand? 

Indeed, just imagine, an organisation appearing in Russia, that supports pedophilia?! If that’d be the case, I think that in certain areas of the Russian Federation, people would get some guns…”

Exactly the reaction most ordinary people in ‘the Free West’ would have. 

I’m not quite sure whether I’d define a country that has allowed the establishment of pro-pedophilia organisations, or a political party that opposes the participation of women in politics, to be among the ‘most free’. Free to do what, exactly? Abuse children? I’d rather define such a country as being under a regime that is lacking in basic moral fibre, and careless about taking its citizens’ best interests at heart. 

Meanwhile in Kiev, an LGBT parade has been violently interrupted by radicals supported by the Right Sector. As Kristina Rus states:

With one hand the Ukrainian government is defending the rights and safety of sexual minorities from the radicals, while with the other hand it is arming these same radicals with heavy artillery to murder the children of ethnic minorities in Ukraine, under the unwavering support of Western “beacons of democracy and justice”.

This is the kind of regime that the Netherlands, along with its Western allies, particularly its ‘BFF‘, the U.S., supports. On May 2, 2014, the Media Relations Office of Canada wrote: “As friends, allies and partners for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, Canada and the Netherlands will continue to work closely to support the Ukrainian people as they move towards elections to establish a peaceful government that respects their democratic rights.” A fascist government that promotes the killing of innocent people, and doesn’t appear to care much about sexual minorities either – which supposedly is one of the things that PM Rutte finds important – is the ‘peaceful’ government they’ve helped to establish in Ukraine. 

Regarding Russia devouring Ukraine, the truth is opposite to what Dutch children are being taught. As the situation escalated in Ukraine, with many thanks to the Free West in particular, Russia has tried numerous times to ease the situation and has sent many humanitarian convoys to those in need in the country, and continues to do so. In fact:

Since August 2014, Russia has sent over 25,000 tons of humanitarian aid — mainly food products, medicine and construction materials — to the people in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, who have been suffering from a humanitarian crisis resulting from a military operation launched by Kiev authorities in Donbas in April, 2014.

This type of help appears to be seriously lacking from the West. On the contrary, they appear to be providing lethal arms to Ukraine in order toprolong the ‘devouring of Ukraine’. 

Anti-Russian propaganda appearing in Dutch school textbooksObviously, a lot more can be said about how the illustrations in this schoolbook are unfounded. They would be laughed about in most other contexts, but when schoolchildren are being primed to take them seriously, the situation is no laughing matter. It’s pretty clear that there is only one reason why Russia is put in a bad light here: the mainstream media – on behalf of ‘Uncle Sam’ – says Russia is evil, and so it is, the message must resound everywhere, regardless of the truth. This serves as a good example of how this godless system the West has created poisons youths’ minds, and illustrates how easily Big Lies can be disseminated throughout society. 

If I was a parent, I’d take a critical look at my children’s study material and inform them of what truly goes on on this planet. The school system doesn’t allow students to think critically, and rather spoon-feeds ‘information’ that is not backed up with facts.

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Joseph Varga

Why no appear on the pics.where is around Russia the US.racetts? Teach them that allso.

Jos Boersema

Hello. This is becoming a false and not very intelligent debate, when you mix in all this about pedofelia and that women should or shouldn’t participate in politics according to some very small splinter factions. You’re pulling in a pile of hey, and it almost becomes counter-war-propaganda that is itself low standard because it goes over the top as well. It is bad enough that the Netherlands supports the Nazis in Kiev, it is bad enough that there is now Nazi level propaganda targeting youth in the Netherlands (it is horrifying.) But this becomes like a cultural hatred, the drumming up of hatred by Russians for western people, for other reasons that are more or less: cheap. This whole nonsense about gay rights of course did start in the west, and now suddenly Russia is bad because they want to limit this unnatural (in my honest opinion, sick) behavior that gays like to engage in. I think it is sick, just like drugs use is sick, or drinking too much vodka is sick, just to pinpoint exactly. It is unnatural, sad and damaging, however if someone wants to ruin their live with too much vodka: whatever, it is their stupid choice and “freedom”. There is crimes against people and children on the one hand, but then there is crimes people do against themselves, like being a drunk or … you-know-what. Besides that, this doesn’t mean that drunks or gays are necessarily evil people, in fact many of them pay taxes ;).

I bet some people will now think I (who is Dutch, born and always been, since forever we come from here) that I will defend the Netherlands against the above article. If so: why ? I welcome criticism on the Dutch nation, and its bloody past, the crimes it is now doing. It’s just a joke to even think Dutch people favor pedofelia of course, a total and utter joke. By the way, I am not aware of any group existing that promotes pedofelia, but it might exist that is true. I even once heard that prisoners started a political party for themselves. Does the Netherlands lack morals ? Of course they do, because how dare they not see the truth on Ukraine ? But does that mean we are new all scum and untermenschen, to the level of child abuse ? No, of course not.

You know, honestly, we in the Netherland are more like Donbass, then Russia is like Donbass, in some ways. Why is that: because Donbass now fights against the evil of Kiev, just like we fought againts the evil of Spain and Rome in the 80 years war. You are now several millions big, we where then the same. You fight a vast Empire (Ukraine is a huge Empire), and we did as well. You came into Ukraine by weird mechanisms of history, the breakup of the Soviet Union, and so did we come under Spain through the shenanigans of the nobility and the whole idiot system of the middle ages, this one marrying that one and suddenly they’re King somewhere. Just total idiocy was the middle ages, it was Empire, and a lot of war for conquest. What do the Kiev Nazis do ? Torture and kill innocents. What did Spain do against us ? The same (only, worse probably, the torture of Spain on us was much worse then what Kiev is doing to you now, it was the Spanish Inquisition and they turned torture into a science.) Donbass strives for simple freedom, basic rights, just as we did. So I would like to warn against this propaganda stream that pits Russians as noble against the western savages. It is a dangerous path to choose, and a path that also leads to world war 3 but then from the other end (and yes I know, the west starts it, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow in the same way and just reflect it back and cause ultra-nationalism of the same sort of type.)

So what is freedom ? There are several aspects of that, and one is the freedom to have an opinion and to organize, and then there is the freedom to actually *do* what you want, which is something rather different. What is politics: it is expressing opinions, organizing, and getting majorities that will then make laws that allow you to do what you want. Unless you have those majorities, you have to obay the law as it exists already. Understand ? It’s not that hard. Now if you think about that very deeply, then you will start to notice that whenever there is a tyrannical regime, it usually keeps its power by shutting people their mouths and destroying their organizations, so that they never can propose what they want to anyone. The question for a democracy is not what a minority thinks or says, the question is: is this minority engaging in criminal *behavior* ? Many nations with a democracy, have laws that allow all types of opinions to be expressed publicly, and to let people organize, because if you do not have that, you have allowed a mechanism by which a tyrant can rule his people by violence of the police and the courts. The problem is: once you prohibit people from saying “I want this and that” and maybe it is something repulsive like getting drunk, the I-want-to-be-drunk-on-saturday political party for example, then the next step could be that a party that wants to see the books of the Government to see what they are stealing will also be prohibited “to keep the peace in the streets” or whatever. Different nations put that limit at different spots, but in general the extend is rather great that people can express opinions and organize around them. HOWEVER that does not mean they are allowed to actually engage in the behavior they want to.

It gets merky when it gets to Nazis and the like, because their ideology is so vicious that you could say: these guys are already organized crime. But you can also look at it differently: great, let them march let them organize, then we will know who they are and we can start watching them. Once they commit a crime, we’ll catch them for the *crime* and not the opinion. Bad idea ? I don’t know, it’s not a bad idea I think to catch them that way. Let the pedofiles organize, then we put the spying system on them and get them one by one if we have to. Is their opinion repulsive ? Of course, it is disgusting.

Having said all that, I am *not* unsympathetic at all to the Russian law on gays, actually I like such a law in the Netherlands as well. Gays should not promote this problem they have to children, just like drug addicts should not promote their problems to children either. The issue of women in politics, did you know that this party was recently ordered to allow women to run to the top of the party ? By law ? So what you are saying here, is incorrect. The party was stopped from refusing women. Now you think probably, many readers would, that I like that, because I like women to be in politics too (just like most people). But … no, I belief this was an act of tyranny. It is getting dangerous now in our nation, with this kind of tyranny that a group who beliefs women should not be in politics, cannot even organize anymore how they see fit, in their own private party. Freedom is destroyed here ,and it is upsetting. What you forget here, is that the majority MUST NOT force their will on the minority, when the minority isn’t hurting anyone, and isn’t doing anything criminal either. Is it criminal to not elect women to a party ? Please already, of coures it isn’t criminal. Nobody is getting wounded, nobody its property is stolen. It’s just that some people think that women have another role, if they want to belief that and their women are free to belief that too (and many in that party do!), then *whatever* Why should I care to stop them doing what they do in their own party ? Will I vote for that party ? No. Have they ever gotten a majority ? No. Will I have a big problem if they do get a majority and push all owmen out ? Yes, and maybe I will go to war for it, who knows. But that war would then create two states, hopefully, and if the others really want to live that way: whatever, let them have it, we will do things our way here.

Would it bother me if the law in the Netherlands outlawed pedofelic organizations ? No not at all, it wouldn’t bother me because it is beyond disgusting. See, this is real crime, abusing children. Not electing women who don’t even want that either, is not a crime. You know, look at what is going on, one thing is not the other thing, and real hard crime is always a special category. If the pedofilic organization is allowed to exist, because we can then spy on them, then maybe that’s a way, and it wouldn’t bother me either. If the pedofelia organization is going to de propaganda (which they probably want to), then I think i would be in favor of prohibiting that (because it’s beyond disgusting). On the whole, i don’t really care because it’s a tiny amount of people, i leave it to the police. I think the argument “pedofelia organizations must be prohibited, because it is a conspiracy to commit this grave crime, and even if that crime occurs once the child’s life is ruined and we cannot spy on them all at once” is a strong one (so come to think of it now, I think i favor a ban on this.) I am less sure that Nazi organizations should be banned, because it is so much more a political group, and then you have to be more sensitive to political rights. Nevertheless they should be seen as a proto-organized crime group and I belief it is warranted to spy on them because they will probably engage in minor crimes like property damage first. Once they do, you can forbid that particular Nazi organization, without passing major anti-freedom laws againts anyone who even might read Mein Kampf etc. I think on the gay issue, it is necessary for children between 10 and 20 not to get infected by this, because children are tender and suggestible. To be honest I favor a ban on gay propaganda, but it is true that the gay lobby in the Netherlands is very powerful and it is a tragedy how many people are thinking that this gay issue is an important topic in politics when war, poverty and Empire are raging around the world needing real attention. Gays have their rights, now we’ve enough of this idiot topic already, but no they want to push and push on for more and more and get very angry when you criticize them. The political left should never have taken up the banner of gay rights as much as it had, that was a big mistake.

But this is not a big culture debate here, so don’t turn it into one ? These are all side issues, destractions, gossip fodder for those of low intelligence when world war 3 is being created ? Mass media is doing this, western mass media propaganda is turning this debate into these dumb topics like gays and pedofelia. The real question is the maidan 2014 coup, the great crime, the E.U. fascism. The best way to deal with western mass media, is to absolutely ignore it (as do I, absolutely ignore it all).

Don’t turn this into a big fake culture war with Russians. We are all the same, there really isn’t much difference at all – indeed i barely see differences. I wish Russians a good fight against the Nazi enemy, kill them all we don’t want them back. It is shameful and unprofessional of the Dutch prime minister to bring up this topic of domestic and perfectly reasonable domestic law of Russia. I apologize, I didn’t vote for him, rather his party I have often branded as public enemy number one (the party of the hard line capitalist oligarchs, loving every war, loving to loot the little people, corrupt to the core and long since without an ideological rudder). The shame is all the greater, because Russia is such an enormous Empire and the Netherlands is so small, and it is therefore sad we indirectly insulted so many millions of people. These traitors ruin our country, setting up the E.U.. They conspire in the E.U. commission, to make law ! This is a grave violation of the democratic principles of separation of power and the Constitution. It is perhaps not surprising that characters like this fail to observe diplomatic protocol, or even know what matters and what doesn’t. Rutte, can you please ask for an apology for your behavior ? Thank you. We don’t need you to ruffle feathers in international relations for no reason, things greater then you and this overbearing self-righteousness are at stake. Greetings from NL (and I apologize for writing such crazy long comments, sorry :(.)


whoa there shakespeare

Feudal Peasant

I am Dutch and born in Rotterdam near the end of WWII. I am now a US expatriate. As far as propaganda in schools is concerned, propaganda will go where it can and has no boundaries. The worst example of propaganda in schools I ever found reported was by the Japan Times several years ago. It was very casually reported that Japanese kindergarden students were given coloring books about the holocaust.


Can u please provide me with an ISBN number to the book you are refering to. I would like to see your source reference.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

As an american I don’t need to see this specific book. What is in the book is typical of current propaganda favoring the USA. I know the article is accurate. Putin is always under attack by the New World Order controlled news. In his rightful defense he points the fact that the US has become a country without God. (he speaks of our government) Putin is correct. It is the US gov and NATO pushing for war against Russia without cause. The EU is also a courrupt gov. Our CIA destroyed our own World Trade Center buildings for an excuse to make war all over the mid east. I have not seen any news items that wrongly promote hate against the West. The US CIA installed Nazis in Kiev and they are killing Russian children. That is all facts that is unending and must be reported without end until those enemies are executed. Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

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