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Anti-Russia’s Task

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Anti-Russia's Task

Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

The Dutch turned out to be the most daring in expressing their opposition to the Association of Ukraine to the EU. But suddenly the referendum in which 61.1 percent said no, proved to be inconvenient for the European elite [SF editor: The Dutch Parliament Sneezes at the Referendum Results] that has designated problems to solve – one of them is Ukraine, which despite being corrupt and gutted, is supposed to be attracted as a partner. The aim is to exploit the Ukrainian territory for various purposes, mostly military along the border with Russia, but there are also purely commercial and corporate interests. 45 millionth Ukraine is an interesting subject for the largest predators in the corporate business. But if we have to briefly formulate the task for the association of Ukraine, it is this: the country has to be as detached from Russia’s orbit and must be transformed into as anti-Russian as possible.

The Dutch referendum which also has a symbolic meaning for the misalignment between the peoples of Europe and the Brussels establishment, caused such a panic that the high ranks of the EU stated that the referendum has a consultative character and can be ignored. Democracy is a great way of managing the public when its convenient for the political elite. When it is inconvenient, it suddenly acquires a consultative character. The normally quiet authorities of the Netherlands suddenly met the hysterical reaction of Ukraine on the occasion of the referendum and the call for the consultation to be ignored. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Kunders had to ask the Ukrainians to settle down. In fact, the association of Ukraine to the EU is another case of “imposed by US interests.” Europe is constantly subjected to the need to take political action to her detriment to assist the geopolitical plans of Washington. Here and there, however, there are cracks. Or maybe the US just changes their moves and arrangements, and with them, the behavior of Brussels.

A week before the referendum, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that Ukraine should not join the EU and that it should improve its relations with Russia. The truth is that Ukraine is an absolutely unnecessary burden for the EU and the referendum is like a warm shower for the tired Brussels heads. There is another important point. The attraction of Ukraine to the EU is aimed to ensure its obedience. But right now Ukraine is under the exclusive control of the US in much greater extent than even if it was just a member of the EU. The point is that if Ukraine remains in that position, the US will have to continuously take great efforts in the local war with Russia, but if Kiev joins the EU unification mechanisms, Europe will take much of the burden of the battle for the Ukrainian territory. The EU guarantees longevity, as it happened with the Baltic states. The only disadvantage of this option is that the EU itself is falling apart. And Russia now is not that Russia, which unconsciously lost Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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