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Anti-Russia ‘Propaganda’ Group Urges Reporter To Drop Story On Cia Arming Syrian Rebels


Anti-Russia ‘Propaganda’ Group Urges Reporter To Drop Story On Cia Arming Syrian Rebels

Very ‘moderate’ rebels

Originally appeared at RT

A group that claims to be fighting against Russian propaganda and “fake news” is asking a reporter not to pursue information on the CIA arming Syrian rebels. PropOrNot, famous for being an ex-source for the Washington Post, says the story may fall into the wrong hands.

On Thursday, Jason Leopold, a senior investigative reporter at Buzzfeed, tweeted that he had filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA for documents related to the US arming Syrian rebels.

PropOrNot beseeched him to drop its case in a tweet.

Last year, the Washington Post published a front page article that cited PropOrNot, a group that, according to the site’s description, is “volunteering time and skills to identify propaganda – particularly Russian propaganda – targeting a US audience.”

The report identified more than 200 websites as “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.”

After several complaints, The Washington Post issued a kind of retraction that said that they did not “vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet,” and PropOrNot also removed some of the sites from their list.

The FOIA request from Buzzfeed was made after President Donald Trump tweeted in July that the Washington Post “fabricated facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful spending payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad.”

Buzzfeed argues that Trump’s tweet “constitutes official knowledge that the United States had been making payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad.” They submitted a FOIA request to the CIA in September for “any and all” documents that mentioned or referenced CIA payments to Syrian rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In response, PropOrNot pleaded with Leopold not to file the lawsuit, saying that it “doesn’t help.”

“Ofc we supported Syrian moderates/democrats. We should have done it more. Please don’t muddy waters!” the group tweeted.

When pressed about their response, PropOrNot said that they didn’t want the information to be obtained by Buzzfeed, because it would be disseminated to “regimes at war [with] us.”

“We don’t want to see any more good Syrian people get massacred by the brutally corrupt mafia-fascist regimes of Assad & Putin,” the group tweeted.

The groups said that if the CIA released information on which groups the US has been funding, “Trump’s Russian buddies”would “have an easier time hunting them down & bombing their whole neighborhood.”

In the past, PropOrNot has tweeted a Ukrainian fascist salute “Heroaim Slava!,” which means “glory to the heroes,” to congratulate Ukrainian hackers fighting Russians.



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  • Derapage

    PropOrNot is digital toilet paper.

    • DidierF

      No, it’s an adress book for interesting websites. Being put in their list is, to me, a guarantee of quality.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        I remember the government posting a listing of music that troops shouldn’t listen too in ’69/’70. Turned out to be a listing of the best music around complete with alternative ideas not supporting the propaganda. You’re right on about the address book idea.

  • Eskandar Black

    A lot of these organizations are deep funded government information warfare projects. I am sure someone threatened to cut their funding if they take their role of pretending to be a news source too seriously.

  • El Mashi

    Every US/Israel vassal is known. If we fund Al Qaeda, it is laundered through our friends in Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is too hot for us to fund in Syria Al Qaeda, so we subcontract the operation.

  • White Taxpayer

    I’m not a fan of the Ukrainian fascist meme. Obviously, if such groups were genuine, they would not be used as tools by internationalist cosmopolites.

    • Tudor Miron

      Thats valid point but there are rumors that GP experiences severe shortage of quilfyed stuff lately. That may explain the fact that such groups are used. After all, on the ground those “internationalists” as you called them, don’t hesitate to use Daesh, Nusra and Ukro nazi gangs to do their job.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Dangerous/despotic/functioning illiterates/despicable TOOLS of imperialism. It is all about the OIL; They are fraudulent/ failing/feckless terrorists without the moral authority or integrity. Snakes wearing arms given to them by UK/U$A and Israhell; If they REAL rebels, they would be targeting Israhell but, instead they murder SAA and Syrians civilians???? Are these dumbass guys really think that, they are the first killers to be sponsored by the CIA/ Are they that thick? This has been going on since 1953 starting with Iran; That is where they started arming and sponsoring islamists/criminals elements anybody who would take their money and destroy the Iranian secular leaning government..

    • John Mason

      A positive indication of the US final death throes, having to resort to those tactics is proof that the rogue nation is in a downhill spiral.

    • John Panelli

      No, it’s no longer about the oil. It’s all about Israel now. Oil has now become the number two reason for committing crimes in the ME . ..

  • AMHants

    ‘Prop or Not’ and their links to the Atlantic Council and Organisation of Ukraine Naitonalists. Also, didn’t Alexandra Chalupa, who came out with the ‘Prop or Not’ 200 fake media sites, work for the Clinton campaign team?

    Who’s behind PropOrNot alt news blacklist?… https://www.sott.net/article/336290-Whos-behind-PropOrNot-alt-news-blacklist

    The Anonymous Blacklist Promoted by the Washington Post Has Apparent Ties to Ukrainian Fascism and CIA Spying
    Digging deeper into the PropOrNot controversy… https://www.alternet.org/media/anonymous-blacklist-promoted-washington-post-has-shocking-roots-ukrainian-fascism-eugenics-and

    First on CNN: Former DNC contractor denies working with Ukrainian officials on anti-Trump research… http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/14/politics/dnc-contractor-ukraine-alexandra-chalupa-trump/index.html

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    PropOrNot’s views boil down to this: “People knowing stuff is bad.”

    Today’s News© brought to you by Land Of The Free™ News Network®

  • chris chuba

    Fox news, et al. were laughing at how the Pentagon spent $500M to train 5 anti-ISIS fighters, then as soon as the Russians started bombing they all repeated govt reports how the Russians were targeting THOUSANDS of CIA, trained, anti-Assad, freedom fighters. Not one of these imbeciles thought to ask, ‘how many CIA backed fighters are there?’, let alone where they are located (next to Al Qaeda).

    Finally, after two years we have a journalist who has a little curiosity over this. It’s about time.

  • Ace

    ProporNot thinks the info would help track down the jihadi scum. But the Russians, Hezbollah, the Iranians, and Syrians already know where they are. No “tracking down” is necessary. The point of the FOIA law suit is to find out which scum the Agency was supporting.

    PS – I WOULD enjoy seeing the jihadis killed.

  • Cobras

    Cut them sole slack guys, they are working hard to provide us an extensive list of “Russian Propaganda” websites for free!