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Anti-Aircraft Missile Targets Israeli Drone Over Southern Lebanon (Video)


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An anti-aircraft missile was launched on October 31 afternoon from southern Lebanon at an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was flying over the region in violation of Lebanon airspace.

The unusual incident took place near the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh, a well-known stronghold of Hezbollah.

In a short statement, the Israeli military acknowledged the incident, denying that the UAV was hit by the anti-aircraft missile.

“A short while ago, an anti-aircraft missile was launched over Lebanese territory towards an IDF UAV. The UAV was not hit,” the Israeli military wrote on Twitter.

Several Lebanese sources contradicted the Israeli military and claimed that the UAV was indeed shot down. However, Hezbollah released an offical statement confirming that the UAV was not shot down. The Lebanese group said that the air-defense fire forced the hostile UAV to leave the region.

Earlier this year, Hezbollah leader vowed to shot down Israeli UAV flying over Lebanon in response to a drone attack that targeted a media center of the group in Beirut’s southern suburb.

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  • StafJustice

    The game has changed….
    Now you know that Hezbollah has anti aircraft missiles…
    And this is the tip of the iceberg…
    1000’s of anti aircraft missiles awaits the Zionists…
    Zionists just had diarrhoea today

    • Issam

      im pretty sure that hezbollah had SAM’s for years and years now. They probably had them in 2006 but waiting for the right time to use them.


      I really do hope so, it would make zionist invasions even more difficult.
      But it seems Hezb only have MANPAD which are good against low flying drones and helicopter, but lack any medium ranged SAM capable of downing advanced fighters like F-16/f-15/F-35. but who knows, if we see a kike force f-35 fall in lebanon we know why

  • Mike

    Klove and light and toronto tonto must be shitting their pants in Tel-Aviv.

  • Karen Bartlett

    Go, Hezbollah!


    Hezbollah need some Khordad-3 or Mersad SAM. it would make Lebanon much safer from zionist big-nosed animal attacks

  • Ceasar Polar

    Get some Bavar 373, Khorad 3, khorad 15, and teach those iOf what can Hezbollah do.
    It will make the whole planete happy seeing Hezbollah downing 1 f35 or 2 F16.
    I hope they make it happen.