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Anti-Aircraft Missile Targets Israeli Drone Over Southern Lebanon (Video)


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An anti-aircraft missile was launched on October 31 afternoon from southern Lebanon at an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was flying over the region in violation of Lebanon airspace.

The unusual incident took place near the southern Lebanese city of Nabatieh, a well-known stronghold of Hezbollah.

In a short statement, the Israeli military acknowledged the incident, denying that the UAV was hit by the anti-aircraft missile.

“A short while ago, an anti-aircraft missile was launched over Lebanese territory towards an IDF UAV. The UAV was not hit,” the Israeli military wrote on Twitter.

Several Lebanese sources contradicted the Israeli military and claimed that the UAV was indeed shot down. However, Hezbollah released an offical statement confirming that the UAV was not shot down. The Lebanese group said that the air-defense fire forced the hostile UAV to leave the region.

Earlier this year, Hezbollah leader vowed to shot down Israeli UAV flying over Lebanon in response to a drone attack that targeted a media center of the group in Beirut’s southern suburb.

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