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Ansar Allah Retakes Hosnayn Mountain From Saudi-led Forces In Hajjah Province (Map Update)

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Ansar Allah and allied army units have retaken Hosnayn Mountain and several nearby points from Saudi-led forces in the province of Hajjah. Following this advance, Yemeni forces attacked positions of their opponents near Shabaka Mountain.

If this area falls into the hands of Ansar Allah and its allies, they will prevent the Saudi attempts to encircle the key city of Harad. Saudi-led forces have been seeking to do this for a significant amount of time. Therefore, this will be a notable setback once again showing that the Saudi coalition cannot achieve a military victory in the conflict.

Ansar Allah Retakes Hosnayn Mountain From Saudi-led Forces In Hajjah Province (Map Update)

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Zionism = EVIL

As all reports indicate the Saudi cowardly scum are now literally being hammered in Yemen and border areas where the Ansarollah flush with victory has taken the battle to the Saudi losers. The real problem for Saudis now is the dwindling supply of mercenaries and Morocco and Sudan have both called it quits. Now the Saudis are sending illiterate Wahhabi cannon fodder from jails and poor areas and they are faring worse than mercenaries, Saudi Arabia is a headchopping family run pimpdom and now there is a total ban on any news of local casualties as the population is getting restless. The ugly pig MBS is in Pakistan to bribe for more mercenaries but the Pakis are on thin ice and not really known for martial prowess, considering four successive defeats at Indian hands. To add insult to injury, MBS is going on a longer visit to India the next day. The Paki beggars may get a few billion dollar blood money, but will do nothing as usual, but do a con job on the dumb desperate Saudi scum.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely!!! The child murdering Saudi scum has basically lost this war in Yemen, and yet is still trying to ‘save face’ by committing more useless fighters to the conflict where they are being killed by the thousands by the battle hardened Houthis….

The problem is of course that the Saudi scum are sore losers and will continue this war for their own “pride”…. They will throw away billions of dollars in US/Canadian/UK ordinance in doing so, along with thousands more mercenaries, and not give a damn!


Not forgetting being the Houthis best weapons supplier after every battle

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I’m surprised his father is letting him stay in his position, if I were him I’d fire him asap

Promitheas Apollonious

As things progress I am sure someone will supply the houthis what is needed in order not only to get rid off their lands the trash saudis bring in to attack them but also reclaim their lands from the saudis that the brits give them drawing likes with a ruler on a map dividing the earth as it was theirs to do so.

Concrete Mike

You know what bugs me
Every position the houthis take, you see garbage everywhere, like litterally everywhere. Ive seen around 100 videos and its all the same.

How can one hide surrounded by bright plastic peices.
How can one be quiet…every step you take its crunch of the bottles or some other garbage.

I have never been in combat, yet all i think is how can you work(fight) effectivly in such an environment?? Like shouldnt you want your position clean so you can run around and not trip on shit left everywhere.

Your thoughts ?

Promitheas Apollonious

you can not fight effectively, you are correct. But then again you must understand something, about this saudi arabia `mercenaries they send. This are not trained soldiers and most of them first time they holding a gun in their hands. beside 90% of them come directly from the streets, of their countries and is how they live.
the mercenaries they had train and was making formidable armies they are all 90% eliminated the rest are in idlip and afrin mostly, under turkish command.


I stand in awe of these Houthi fighters, their craft and determination to outmaneuver and inflict defeat time and again upon these Saudi/zionist rats, who for the most time have greater numbers, shiny new ordnance but left their balls either in a Kuwaiti brothel or a Tel Aviv Hoor House.

northerntruthseeker .

It all comes down to the famous articles from the Art of War, where a conquering army cannot win a war in a foreign land without the support of that land’s populace…The Saudis lost this war for the reason that the Yemen people are firmly behind the Houthis and where each and every Yemen civilian that can carry a gun or any type of weapon are fighting against the Saudi scourge.


Well done heroes. Never give up, grow up and keep it up. The almighty God help and support will be with you all the time.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very good houthis :)) keep pounding that saudi scum into the dirt!!

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