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Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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On January 4th, the Houthi military spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree provided thorough statistics in both Saudi-led coalition’s and the Ansar Allah (Houthi) efforts in the Yemen war throughout 2020.

The infographics below provide an overview of what the Houthis carried out against the Saudi-led coalition in 2020.

Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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According to the report, the Houthis carried out a total of 974 military operations, including 309 offensives on various fronts, as well as 623 raids on enemy sites and 42 infiltration operations.

The most significant offensive operations were two, according to Saree:

  1. The Albonian Almarsous’ (Firm Structure) military offensive;
  2. “Allah Overpowered them” military operation.

According to the report, the operations “led to the liberation of large areas in several governorates and caused great losses of the enemy and its equipment, not to mention hundreds of mercenaries killed, injured and captured.”

The Houthis seized various medium and heavy weapons and equipment in their operations.

They also responded to more than 683 offensives, raids and infiltration attempts by the enemy. All of these attempts were unsuccessful and the enemy forces reportedly lost quite a bit of equipment.


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The spokesman said that the total number of casualties from the enemy amounted to more than 15,366 dead and wounded, of whom 6,467 were killed, and more than 8,899 were injured.

In terms of strikes, Saree said that 20 high-precision Badr P ballistic missiles, 30 short-range Badr-1 missiles, 7 long-range Quds cruise missiles and 6 Zolfaqar ballistic missiles in addition to a dozen missiles, whose specifications have not been disclosed yet, were used in missile strikes against Saudi Arabia and its allied forces.

“Yemeni Rocketry Force has proven its capability in terms of deterrence and inflicting great damage on designated enemy targets,” Sare’e added, emphasizing that there are ten vital and sensitive targets deep inside Saudi Arabia, which will take Yemeni Armed Forces less than 24 hours to carry out strikes against.

Saree also praised the Houthi’s high level of equipment in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Houthi spokesman said that the new generations of the undisclosed combat drones have a high capacity, whether in terms of speed, target hit, or even destructive power.

He pointed out that most of the Air Force’s operations during 2020 succeeded in achieving their goals 99%, especially those operations that targeted enemy installations.

“The Air Force has also contributed to the implementation of joint operations with the Rocketry and Artillery Forces,” he added.

In terms of the activities of the Saudi-led coalition, which the Houthi spokesman called the “US-Saudi-Emirati Aggression”, Saree released the following statistics:

Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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He said that throughout 2020 the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes and spy drones launched more than 8,888 airstrikes, of which 8,478 were launched by the warplanes, while 410 raids were carried out by the drones, indicating that the raids targeted thirteen Yemeni governorates.

He clarified that Marib governorate was subjected to more than 3621 raids, Al-Jawf governorate with more than 1981 raids and Sa’adah with more than 726 raids. The aggression launched 611 raids on Al-Baidha, 496 raids on Hajjah, 459 raids on Sana’a, 324 raids on the border, 122 raids on Amran and 62 raids on the capital.

In addition, added that the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes launched 46 airstrikes in Hodeidah governorate, 24 raids on Al-Dhalea, 2 raids on Taiz, 2 raids on Abyan and two raids on Shabwah.

He said that the Saudi-led coalition’s violations in al-Hodeidah continued throughout 2020 with both airstrikes and missiles.

He pointed out that the air strikes launched by the aggression during 2020, resulted in killing and injuring hundreds of Yemenis in various regions in addition to damage to citizens’ property and public property. He stressed that these crimes will not be subject to statute of limitations. “The Yemeni People will not forget the criminals and killers.”

In the first days of 2021, the situation on the ground in Yemen is the following:

Ansar Allah Releases Detailed Report Of Yemeni War Against Saudi Arabia In 2020

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  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 282 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours;
  • On January 5, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Maheliya area;
  • On January 5, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Madghal area;
  • On January 5, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Zahir area;
  • On January 5, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Asir area;
  • On January 5, Ansar Allah attacked positions of Saudi coalition in east of Majazah;
  • On January 5, clashes between pro-Hadi forces and Al Qaeda militants were reported in Doan and Dhali’yah districts of Hadhramaut.

As of January 2021, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) continue their steady offensive on positions of forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition across Yemen. In the second half of 2020, they were actively conducting operations in central Yemen hunting down Saudi proxies in the province of Marib. Currently, the route on the provincial capital is almost open and in the coming months, the Houthis will likely try to capture it.

After this, the Yemeni resistance will likely focus on consolidating its gains before moving towards the south, where the capital of the Saudi-controlled ‘Yemeni government’ – Aden – is located. While the capabilities of the Houthis in capturing Aden itself are under the question, the facts on the ground clearly demonstrate that they have been slowly winning the war with the Saudi-led coalition.


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Mark M. Nobelman

They are a terrorist organistation. The tag says They are fighting Hadi’s forces and the Southern separatists on the ground not Saudis. The battle is just beginning and will last until the end. The houthis will not last in Yemen mark my words they have no future in Yemen.

They will just enter in the history books as another terrorist groups that have been brought down


“Hadi forces”, a transitional president for a 2 years term to prepare an election are the Saudi mercenaries. I guess you think he’s the lawful president of Yemen? Just so you know even if his transitional term was legal, it ended 7 years ago. He refused to step down initially, then resigned, regretted the resignation and kept the power and again resigned in 2014 and fled to Saudi Arabia, where MbS chose him his cabinet. “STC” means Emirati mercenaries. These mercenaries come from many places: Yemen itself, Somalia, Sudan and used to come from south America too. The mentioned forces killed mostly civilians since 2015, Ansarallah is not just Houthis. Houthis are just one tribe or family in the movement. There are numerous other tribes in Ansarallah which will defend Yemen to the end. After all, many of them have Iranian blood. UN and EU must be completely crazy to tag them a terror group, but it’s not beneath them, After all, Saudis and Zionist regime spend money and resources to perform all those false flag attacks in the Red sea for a reason.

Honest question: Are you working for Saudi Estekhbarat? If not I pity you. That way at least you received a salary for the things you write!

Arch Bungle

Only a Saud would say something as idiotic as that.

Arch Bungle

The Houthi have been in Yemen for more than a thousand years. They will be in Yemen a thousand years after your corpse is buried.


Yemen is a swamp for Saudi-led coalition I have a strong feeling that the resistance of Houthis will cause a regime change in Saudi Arabia in the next decade

johnny rotten

Great Houthis, great warriors both on the field and in propaganda, their destiny can only be victory, in fact they fight against uncivilized fat pigs, there is too much difference.

Arch Bungle

Is it true that the Houthi of Yemen are from the same ideological branch as the Hashishin of Alamut? Legend has it that Hassan I Sabah was educated and trained in what is today Yemen … What do Iranian legends say of this?

Arch Bungle

This is complex. What about looking at the point at which these two branches were closest? I wonder if was there a time when they were essentially part of the same sub-sect and diverged, during the era of the Hashashins …

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