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JUNE 2021

Ansar Allah Regained More Ground From Saudi-led Forces In Its Push To Recapture Yemen’s Qatabah (Map Update)

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Ansar Allah and its allies are developing their offensive against Saudi-led forces in the Yemeni province of Dhale.

According to pro-Yemeni sources, Saudi-led forces have retreated from the villages of Fakhir and Shakhab under pressure from the Yemeni resistance. Clashes are now ongoing in the western vicinity of Qatabah. Qatabah is the key stronghold of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the artea.

Ansar Allah and its allies launched a push in Dhale in the second part of April. Since then, they have recaptured a large area from Saudi-led forces. If they capture Qatabah, this will become a powerful blow to the coalition’s influence in the province.

Ansar Allah Regained More Ground From Saudi-led Forces In Its Push To Recapture Yemen's Qatabah (Map Update)

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S Melanson

Houthis have successfully prosecuted a sustained offensive on a broad front for several weeks now and the Coalition have not been able to halt the Houthi advance. Now they are on the brink of losing the Province of Dhale.

What does this mean for Coalition prospects? No need for me to comment, readers can see the writing in on the wall and draw the right conclusions. Onwards to Aden…


It is no longer just a Houthi movement but a national resistance movement against the hated Saudis. The speed of Ansar Allah advance shows that they have widespread support and demography on their side. 90% of Yemeni army is now allied to Ansar Allah.That is the reason the treacherous Hadi puppet regime operates from Riyadh Four Points Sheraton hotel.

S Melanson

yes correct. I mentioned this is other posts but not this one so thanks for raising the issue. Indeed we should begin to refer to as a national resistance movement thanks to the endearing antics of the Coalition


It is good that SF is using the right terminology for some of the bravest fighters on earth, ANSAR ALLAH or soldiers of God. The Zaidi Houthi political movement is now a Yemen wide nationalistic anti-Saudi movement and encompasses all sects and faiths. The Saudis are universally hated in Yemen and beyond.


It’s good that you’ve added the beyond part. Aside from Western and Arab goverments, eager to suck Saudi cock for their money, nobody likes the Saudis.

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