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Ansar Allah Are Unrelenting In Their Push For Ma’rib

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Ansar Allah Are Unrelenting In Their Push For Ma’rib
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Ansar Allah Are Unrelenting In Their Push For Ma’rib

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Yemen’s Ansar Allah are not done with their operations against the Saudi-led coalition.

The fight continues on all fronts on October 22nd, with the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) pushing toward Ma’rib city and in the Jubah district.

On October 21, Ansar Allah announced that their missile force had targeted Saudi task forces camp in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan with five ballistic missiles.

The attack targeted a headquarters, ammunition depots and landing pads for AH-64 Apache attack helicopters in the camp.

According to the Houthis’ claims 35 Saudi service members, including officers and pilots, were rather killed or wounded.

Only one of the five missiles launched by the Houthis was intercepted by the air-defenses of the Saudi-led coalition. Saudi media confirmed that there had been casualties, without providing details.

The Saudi-led coalition responded to the missile strike by carrying out a series of airstrikes on the Houthi-held Yemeni capital, Sana’a. Riyadh’s forces claimed they had struck military targets.

Ansar Allah, however, accused the Saudi air force of targeting the departments of engineering, electricity, water and public works as well as medicine depots. As a result, a civilian was killed and three others were wounded.

On October 20th, a ballistic missile targeted the northern outskirts of the central Yemeni city of Ma’rib. It was allegedly launched by Ansar Allah, but there was no confirmation.

Media reported that the missile struck a residential district located next to the Sahn al-Jin camp. The military camp that hosts Saudi-backed forces was likely the main target of the attack.

According to Yemeni sources, at least 15 people were wounded in the missile attack. All of the casualties are allegedly civilians.

A few hours prior to the attack, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had intercepted a ballistic missile that was launched from Yemen by the Houthis, flying towards Jizan. This was likely in preparation for the October 21st attack.

Both these attacks came amid heavy clashes, mostly in the Ma’rib district, in which the Houthis have captured large swathes in two separate operations recently.

Still, the Saudi-led coalition continues its heavy airstrike activity in a, mostly futile attempts to impede Ansar Allah’s progress.

The Saudi-led coalition claims that 48 Houthi fighters were killed and six military vehicles of the group were destroyed in the southern part of the province as a result of 14 airstrikes carried out by its warplanes between October 19th and 20th.

In recent days, the UN and other international organizations have begun warning of a worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen. This is a testament to the Houthis’ success in their operations.

It has become customary that each time Ansar Allah evidently take the upper hand in the war, various international groups and organizations immediately start calling for a cessation of hostilities. The absence of those voices is noticeable when it is simply Saudi Arabia violating ceasefires and carrying out airstrikes.

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Chris Gr

Ansar Allah are no angels though. They murdered Saleh in cold blood!


they will murder you mr daesh chris and hte likes of you one day aswell

Chris Gr

And you support the Taliban.


peace is what i support for all afghanis that includes all pashtuns their idea of governance is up to them aslong as they dont bleed the country i support it which is easy to do right now since the only force bleeding afghanistan is outsiders like america daesh etc pp

Chris Gr

You told me that you support the Taliban. And Liwa Fatemiyoun are fighting in Kashmir against India.


i support peace tranquility security prosperity and alot of other nice things which afghanistan was not allowed to have thanks to american occupation

Icarus Tanović

You support daesh. Al Nusra. Al Jazeera. Al Bazira. Al Zenki. Al Wallah mubarak. Al answar al twahid.
And you support same sex marriages.

Chris Gr

Those groups supported Bosnia in the war. Also, remember that Al Qaeda used to train in Hezbollah camps?

Icarus Tanović

They support your tramping generous thanks ass giving.
Actually, yes but it, was vice versa. Hezbollah used ISIL camps, when they used to get rid of rats and other pathogenic animals and pest.
About other thing, it is your assumption
Because when you are under my submission
You get mouth resumption.

Chris Gr

No, wikipedia says it. Al Qaeda supported Hezbollah despite being Shia. And you are talking about male body all the time. Why don’t you go to a gay brothel to relax?

Arch Bungle

Wikipedia is a Jewish lie-rag.


What about AL Erdogan 😂

Arch Bungle

Everyone supports the Taliban. In one form or another.


Saleh was a bitch who richly deserved what he got.

Chris Gr

Why do you say so?

Arch Bungle

Look it up on wikipedia since you trust them so much.

Arch Bungle

And he deserved it.

Chess Master

Saleh was a politician and a dictator, Saudis bomb thousands of civilians and the dictators ass kissers don’t care. Love for statesmen is a religion that makes people blind to crimes. Should be noted that Houthis strikes are more precise than American strikes – they were bragging with “surgery strikes” in 1999.


so saudi hits electronic and water facilities anda pharmaceutic depot how would saudis feel if we hit their desalination plants i mean all of them because it is equal to the crimes of this month by ksa let alone their entire crimes combined against yemen during these years

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Rodney Loder.

Ansar Allah are very brave and professional l will personally go there to Yemen and congratulate them from my base camp in Damascus as soon as l can, but unfortunately I cant get out of Kangaroo Valley at the moment, however I’m getting better and better with regard to riding the dirt bikes, l have a 250 and 450 KTM both regestered race bikes and my own race track, maybe Assad will find somewhere for me to ride in Damascus, l don’t want to be a burden when I get there but I am Jesus Christ after all, and l can bring peace to Yemen by creating a unification of Islam without the scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab who was never listed in Heaven, l know as l just come from there 71 years ago.


Matthew 7:15


for a 1000 years there is no reason to listen to the likes of you who quote western christian texts and in fact a 1000 years it is now that orthodox including russia should better start to do what it doesnt so that you clowns will look like the imposters you are

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

You are a ridiculous clown with your anti Russia/China rhetoric. Without these two nations you would be decades behind. Learn some respect fool. Your zionist stupidity is showing. ;)

Chris Gr

Communist China made many crimes. The crimes against Tibet is the most appalling one.

Arch Bungle

The crimes of Communist China pale in comparison to the colonial West.

Tibet has thrived once Mao removed the feudal lord (aka Lama) who kept the peasants in enforced serfdom and amputations for minor crimes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

it remains as before christianity has 2 from 10 points jews have minus points from 10 and muslims have 10 of 10 when it comes to their correctness and the understanding of escatology

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Arch Bungle

You’re all wrong.

Buddhism is the only pure truth.

Arch Bungle

The Christian bible is a wad of crap compiled by the Roman emperors to control their vassals.


Killed them all fucking Saudi Wahhabi motherfuckers.

Icarus Tanović

Just keep it up brothers and sisters! 400 millions is with you. They cry theirs crocodiles tears for years if Yemeni freedom fighters advancing and liberate town by town. But if Arabia Saudia kills entire school bus in Yemen, they’re silent. They cry foul. That is what is left for them to be vampires and hyenas.
Run, run, run with your little gun, you can’t do me, you can’t do me none.
So bust your fun, bust your gun.

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