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Another Wing Loong II Combat Drone Crashes In Libya (Photos)


The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on May 24 that its air-defense units had shot down a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) near the town of Bani Waled, southeast of the capital – Tripoli.

Nevertheless, photos of the UCAV wreckage revealed that it was a Chinese-made Wing Loong II. According to available information, this type is being operated in Libya only by the UAE, the main backer of the LNA.

A day earlier, the LNA claimed that it shot down a “Turkish” drone near the town of Qaryat. The drone also turned out to be a Wing Loong II. Two other similar incidents took place on April 19 and May 16.

Some experts believe that the LNA shot down the UAE’s drones by mistake, while others speculate that Turkish forces are responsible.

Turkey may be targeting UAE drones with some type of mobile air-defense systems, which were deployed in Libya. Another possibility is that electronic warfare (EW) means are being used to bring down the drones.

Another Wing Loong II Combat Drone Crashes In Libya (Photos)

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  • Hyper20

    ghahaha, what a bunch of f0king retards.

  • Luigi

    Day after day the LNA is proving that they are a bunch of losers.

    • EZZk

      And what are those turkic whores in Tripoli?

  • Chris Peratikos

    Probably because they have already shot down all the Turkish ones… no worries

  • swedish_viking

    LNA seems poorly organized when they don’t know friends from foe and don’t know what others are doing and where.

    • Xoli Xoli

      Putin interference in military planning and counter measures make its allies losers.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Sooo, where are those couchcommanders that had a prophecy that drones and UAV´s would end all manned aircraft?
    Due to the almost complete lack of situational awareness and “gut feeling” drones/UAV will never effectively replace manned aircrafts.

    Drones and UAV´s are a force multiplier (in this case a force subtracter :-D) and a INTEL gathering tool, not a force replacer or boot-replacer.

  • Probable failure of chinesium componentry