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Another U.S. Service Member Killed In Afghanistan

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Another U.S. Service Member Killed In Afghanistan

BALA MURGHAB, Afghanistan–U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Kevin Healy exits an Italian Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter. (ISAF Photo by TSgt Laura K. Smith)(released)

On July 12, the U.S. Army announced in an official statement that one of its service members died of “a wound sustained during a combat operation in eastern Afghanistan.” A soldier of the Afghan National Army (ANA) was killed and several others were wounded during the same operation, according to the army statement.

The U.S. Army didn’t reveal any details about the incident. Furthermore, the army said that it will withheld the name of the service member killed in action until 24 hours in accordance with the policy of the U.S. Department of Defense.

This is the second service member of the U.S. Army to get killed in Afghanistan this month. Last week, Corporal Joseph Maciel was killed in what was reported to be an “insider attack” by a rogue soldier of the ANA.

The service member was likely killed during clashes with the Taliban or ISIS as they both control large areas in eastern Afghanistan. However, to this moment the two groups have not commented on the incident.

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Daniel Miller

This is wasteful we need to pull out…..

Tudor Miron

You can’t. CIA can’t afford to loose control of huge heroin production and traffic.

You can call me Al

Remember the loss of US life is just collateral damage. “We are sorry, but you need to look at the bigger picture of the US defense”.

“OH ah, damn right, Mr Trump.”

“Sorry for you loss”

“Shit happens USA – USA – USA”.

Dumb bastards.


If they pull out their leader of the free world face would be smeared in shame.
In another case dozens of their pilot complained of hypoxia like effect riding their hyped up stealth aircraft but what they can do when they have bought them.


It will give the stealth pilots a sexual buzz . Far more expensive than an orange in the mouth and a polythene bag over the head as well :)


About 5 US servicemen everyweek dying in Afghanistan.

Promitheas Apollonious

and why any one should care?

Daniel Castro

I care, and sure hope to see this number increasing.


The greatest jew LIE is that America would stop fighting wars if their casuality rate was dramatically higher. The yanks have happily fought many wars with significant numbers of American dead. It is the JEWS who demand that others die on their behalf.

SF runs this pro-jew propaganda nonsense as a DISTRACTION from covering real war stories, like the recent video of Israeli trained death squads operating in Cameroon. The most sickening video shows cameroon soldiers stating they are emulating the jew snipers when they execute two women and their young children, as their jewish trainers taught them to do so.

The atrocity video from Cameroon is one of the worst I have seen in my life- mostly because the jew trained soldiers involved are PROUD to be filmed as they shoot dead the two mothers and their little children. Sadly the best place to see the video is on the ‘gore’ sites, since the jew controlled mainstream media is currently censorng the video out of existence. Some twitter feeds have it as well.

Daniel Castro

All I know is these murican soldiers engaging in murderous activities out o the territory of their country should all die a painfull death, they deserve no mercy.

If this would make murica stop the wars of aggression is another matter, murican soldiers deserve to die one way or another.

Promitheas Apollonious

and it is the morons who follow the jews, who die, who gives a shit?


I know I don’t. :)

The US soldiers have a choice. Be part of a genocidal war that has achieved nothing positive for over 16 years OR leave the US military and get a proper job.


“genocidal war” lol you’re a dumbass of the highest possible caliber. If this was a “genocidal war” then every Pashtun in the country would be dead by now


Did you really up-vote yourself? That’s lame, dude.


It’s like of laughing to your own joke, while everybody stares… And he’s right by the way. It’s a genocidal war.


Lol how mad do you have to be to screenshot it?

Look up the meaning of genocide and euthanize yourself.


Aww… My secret is blown! What do I do?
Come on, let me kiss you! You’re so sweet…


Even the US has to constrain herself as in Vietnam where the US murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians BUT were politically unable to use overt mass destruction weapons, even though the US carpet bombing and use of Agent Orange came very close to WMD’s.


Because that could just as easily have been you.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think so slave. You, maybe. me not a chance.


Oh, so as long as you and your pocket book is safe you don’t care who suffers? Doesn’t that render everything you’ve said moot since you’re just lobbying fools to do your dirty work for you?!?! What does that make you as a human being!?!?

Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure you attempting to say something here. Single cells as yourself i know is hard to express themselves.

Try again. I give you two more tries out of the goodness, of my humoring you, heart.

What dirty work the mercenaries from west, are doing for me? I told you many times to not mix your drugs.


Do you really expect us to care for the US soldiers’ sufferings? I would if it didn’t become norm for the psychopaths and sociopaths to join the US armed forces to kill with full impunity. Now if someone joins the US army and actually believes they “serve”, it’s the exception not the rule.

The US armed forces are professional armies. meaning there’s no conscript or “volunteer” there. They receive salary for that which is more or less the same amount an unskilled worker would earn.

Nobody’s forcing them to enlist as it’s not mandatory. I’m all against murder of conscripts when they’re not in battle and are not harassing the population, doesn’t matter if they’re Iranian, Turkish or Ukrainian. But it’s not the case with the US soldiers, is it?

In this case, I care for the suffering of Afghanistan’s people which the US causes, directly with it’s armed forces or indirectly by arming and supporting various extremist Wahhabi terror groups, despite what they claim. These unfortunate people are between a rock and a hammer.

Hereby I invite and encourage you to join the rest of actual, normal human-beings.

Promitheas Apollonious

then he lose his/her salary.


Maimed and mentally broken were unaccounted.



This video shows an official military death squad operating in Cameroon. The death squad is based in a joint Israeli/French/American military facility in that African nation, and the members of the death squad were trained in Israel.

The excuse given by the soldiers for happily filming the atrocity is that they were copying their Israeli instructors, who boasted about how the jews proudly film the jew sniper actions in Gaza.

SF will NEVER cover this jewish atrocity, for Putin insists that all jewish crimes are censored from Kremlin outlets.

Jewish monsters butcher women and children on film, and Trump, Putin and the jewish media (BBC etc) all proclaim that the jews are entitled to ‘self defense’. These Cameroon butchers laugh as they state they also are entitled to shoot women and children in ‘self defense’ just as their jewish instructors trained them to do so.


If this was in Afghanistan, why are they called ISIS? Why the fuck are they even STILL being called ISIS?!?!?!?!? Is it easier to spell than Daesh?


YES :)

Pave Way IV

The MSM shifted the narrative at several points, either encouraging or discouraging the use of ISIL, ISIS or the currently-correct self-labeled IS. The MSM eventually jumped on the new, fun, fresh label: Daesh. I was too tired to figure out what kind of evil neurolinguistic programming clownfuckery they were up to at the moment, and made a conscious effort to just keep calling them ISIS. No real logic to it – just “Fuck the MSM’s self-assumed authority over names”.

Daniel Castro

Excelent news!


In Asia times F35 vs A10 close air support test rigged in favor of thr F35. Oh well money really shorten the view.


It bothers me that people talk about the war in Afghanistan like it’s a thing of the past. It ain’t over yet! Same people, new faces.

Christos MK

I don’t give a flying fuck. Americans want to minimize my country’s territory and give it to these pseudo-“Macedonians”.

Promitheas Apollonious

then I guess, is time you get off your ass and do something about it.

Christos MK

We need to overthrow our shitty marxist Greek hating president!

Promitheas Apollonious

Maybe what you need is start thinking like an Ελληνας, and not like a narrow minded political follower. Your solution changing one piece of σκατο, for another is not a solution is same shit different name.

Traitors of the motherland are traitors no matter what color they come from.

Lena Jones

We’re in Afghanistan for the opium and the lithium. NOT for democracy.

The global opium cabal is headed by the CIA. It’s how they get funds for their criminal ops that they know are illegal and won’t pass thru the senate.

Pretty much everything electronic needs a lithium battery these days and our IT industry (always in nefarious cahoots with MIC), needs all the lithium they can get their hands on. Lithium is to technology what oil is to traditional industry. Therefore we’re still in Afghanistan so that our IT and MIC corporations can fleece the natural resources of yet another poverty-struck nation.

Simply put, tragically, shamefully, our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for the benefit of the terrorist activities of the CIA and to line the pockets of a handful of corpo elites.

Our politicians are truly despicable imperialists. Why do most Americans just passively accept that? We need to shake off this vile mindset that it’s okay to cross continents and oceans and destroy other nations just to fleece them, when clearly, our domestic rule of law will put ordinary citizens behind bars even if they steal a single chocolate bar!

What we deem illegal at home should ALSO be equally illegal for us to do overseas.

Fayez Chergui

May he go to hell

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