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Another Turkish Bayraktar Combat Drone Crashes In Libya (Photos)

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On May 2, a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) crashed in the district of Arada near the Mitiga International Airport. The semi-civilian airport, located east of Tripoli, is known to be hosting Turkish troops.

Sources close to the Libyan National Army (LNA) said the UCAV was shot down by the army, right after taking off from the Mitiga International Airport. These claims are yet to be verified by any independent source.

Local sources released photos showing the wreckage of the Bayraktar TB2 in Arada. The UCAV was apparently armed with at least one MAM-L laser-guided small-diameter munition.

The Bayraktar TB2, which was developed by Turkey’s Bayraktar, has an endurance of 24 hours and an operational range of up to 150 km.

Another Turkish Bayraktar Combat Drone Crashes In Libya (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

Last week, sources in the LNA reported that a UCAV of this type was shot down near Bani Waled. These claims turned out to be a propaganda stunt.

Several Bayraktar TB2 were indeed shot down by the LNA, and possibly UAE forces, over the last few months. However, Turkish UCAVs of this type are still carrying out airstrikes on army troops to support forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).


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Xoli Xoli

Useless drone just as Erdogan.

Jacob Wohl

I wouldn’t say that, considering Turkish drones destroyed 8 Syrian pansir systems, 30 rocket launchers, 20 self propelled artillery pieces, 100+ tanks and at least 5000 soldiers within a single week. Regime’s military capability in Idlib was reduced to less than 40% after the Turkish drone strikes were over. Think about that for a minute.

Black Waters

There’s no evidence of such numbers. Making up numbers again?, it doesn’t surprise, knowing from where you come from.

good american

I’m surprised he didn’t say 6 million pansir destroyed.


Or the Turkish propaganda wasn’t based on reality.
There wasn’t even that number of Pantsir-S systems in that area where they operated.
But one also need to add that the TB2 operated by crossing the border and returning to Turkey within minutes and if they shoot them down in Turkey then Turkey has the right to use NATO article 5 so they need to add a safety zone.
The attacks in Syria was conducted 0-30km of the border into Syria
In Libya Turkey can’t hide behind a border and that’s why they are shot down in masses.

cechas vodobenikov

jackie avoided prosecution for fraud in Arizona by agreeing to post fake news provided by the CIA—u would think they could find someone that wasn’t functionally illiterate

Rhodium 10

Accord Russian military sources only 2 Pantsir were damage by guide artillery and have been repaired!….accord Syrian sources 24 Turkish drones were shot down in Idlib and Aleppo


shalom, where is the evidence? shalom shalom to tel aviv.


So useless to change the course of of Civil war in Libya againts all the helps , mercs from Russia , UAE , KSA and France.

Haftar as getting Triploli in a single day ,and that was 6 months ago , what happened ?. LOL

Xoli Xoli

Then the traitor fake ceasefire of well known traitor who is on Rothschilds payroll kick in.

Rhodium 10

Near Mitiga are operating UAE Pantsir systems!.. surely have been shot down!

Jacob Wohl

libya is lucky they don’t have to deal with the IDF, otherwise they’d have NO PANSIR left! Ha!

Rhodium 10

Syria is lucky because have 40 pantsir system which allow that IAF and USA can launch 500 cruise missile along these years…and nothing have happened ( some warehouse and a building complex)…..another country would be destroyed …remember that Iraq was destroyed and defeated in 1991 with just 360 cruise missile….coalition jets airstrikes were useless as 74 of them were lost in less than a month!…

Jacob Wohl

yeah iraq lost 90% of their air defense in 1991, genius.
thats why they were completely overwhelmed in the 2003 invasion.

Rhodium 10

Iraq was under UN weapons embargo


shalom, I am lucky, that you provide first-hand propaganda from tel-aviv.
shalom shalom

Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: Regime operated s300 and pansir systems are 100% INEFFECTIVE against Israeli fighter jets and cruise missiles. They cannot see or down anything Israeli!https://twitter.com/Intel_Sky/status/1256490214060679170They cannot detect or shoot down

Bobby Twoshoes

Wow, Soviet era tech isn’t as effective now, what a revelation. Thankfully the link to the source article you obviously didn’t bother to follow says that modern Chinese radars have helped to significantly increase the effectiveness of these obsolete platforms against kike aggression.

Pave Way IV

….ah, what was the reason again? Oh yeah, a P-8 detected the Ruskie SAM’s ‘operational frequencies and codes’. Wait a sec – you said that was for the S-400! Who would have thought those sneaky Russians would just re-use the same ones on all systems? Damn you, Putin!

cechas vodobenikov

fake news from the CIA—the ancient s-200 obliterated (2)f-16 US girl jets w ancient s-200 soviet era defense systems piloted by the Israelis—crawl out your covid cave jackie…


shalom shalom, have you been sniping palestinian kids today? was it a fun?
shalom shalom, 6 million cremated in KZ, hahaha.

Hadi Heidary

any military equipment such as drone,tanks,fighters etc etc … can only be effective for the first few month of a war , after that everyone start realizing their weakneses and shooting them down like flies.


Not entirely – depends on adaptability and role – witness highly effective/lethal T-72 and Shilka quad 23mm in Syria, Konkurs/Kornet and TOW-2 against APC,ACV, bunkers etc.. and AKM/AK-47 variants still the individual weapon of choice – as for AD-SAMs they may not shoot down latest fighter-jets with advanced ECM but still act as deterrents and force the enemy to stay outside their range and use stand-off AGM – thus Close Air Support is limited to expendable UCAVs – European Tigers, US/Israel Apaches are too expensive to risk even in a “lo=tech” warzone these days.

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