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Another Threat To Ukrainians: Kiev Releases Criminals To Fight Russia (Video 18+)

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Another Threat To Ukrainians: Kiev Releases Criminals To Fight Russia (Video 18+)

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The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine claimed that former military personnel who are ready to participate in fighting against Russian forces are being released from prison. This was reported by Hromadske TV with reference to the prosecutor Andriy Sinyuk.

Thus, prisoners, former military personnel who committed crimes during their service, including war crimes, are being released from prisons, pre-trial detention centers all over Ukraine.

The formal criterias for their release was their “combat experience, services to the state and sincere repentance” are taken into account.

For example, Sergei Torbin, who was convicted of organizing an attack on the Kherson activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk, was already sent on a “combat missions” with a unit of “about a dozen more people whom he chose among the currently convicted.”

The former commanders of the Tornado and Donbass battalions, Ruslan Onishchenko and Semyon Semenchenko, are also among those who may be released soon.

Obviously, the crowd of armed bandits will join the gangs in Kiev and other cities. They will not be able to inflict any significant damage to the Russian armed forces on the frontlines, but the civilian population will definitely suffer.

The Ukrainian authorities are releasing former military prisoners to participate in hostilities, the office of the Prosecutor General reported.

A sharp increase in violent crimes, primarily robberies, rapes and murders should be expected in the Ukrainian cities.

The local authorities have already distributed weapons to all the thugs in the capital. As a result, random shootings are still heard on the streets, and casualties among civilians have already been reported, in addition to cases of violent robberies on the streets. Now real criminals are getting weapons.

The same tactics were used by the main architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler. This is how the SS unit of Oskar Dirlewanger was created, which then broke all the records for the war crimes.


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Objective of the banderistan chunta is clear: Kill as many of Russians as possible, create as many of problems for Russia as possible, destroy as much of the infrastructure as possible! They dont give a shit about the lives and welfare of their own citizens at all! It only proves that what Putin said about them is true!


Spetsnaz will take them out and becoming heroes of Ukraine.

jens holm

Thats a simple version by Simpletons. Who is Putin. If its the Russian even giving threat by nukes, I do understand it.

He lost it again. If he dies, he there are made none replacers. Thye will go back to 1917 themself and try again in the same way.


Where’s the snow? This wasn’t filmed in 2022!


These are true war crimes and these people need to be hunted by Russia and publicly executed ASAP!

Retired Troll

What disgusting Zio-Nazi Uki criminals. Russia should use TOS on Kiev.

jens holm

You descriebe the russian creation well. But it dont exist.

Zionists being nazis as well.

Retired Troll

It is amazing that the Russians have not taken out the electricity , communications and the internet. They should have launched an EMP attack before sending in the forces.


Taking out electricity in the city would make it into a dead trap (as would any city after 2 – 3 days). It would lead to numerous civilians causalities – that is the thing Russians are trying hard to avoid..

jens holm

Yes, they see and demand it as a liberation walkover only. Now they see its not but more as a surpice party.

Bigg Chungus

This is the problem. Russia is fighting the war with 19th century standards: avoiding civilian casualties, minimizing collateral damage, and abiding by the Geneva conventions. They had the ability the whole time to bomb infrastructure, cut the power, and cyberwar the place to the 1970’s. Every cellphone video coming out from Ukraine is because of Russian restraint.

But the Ukrainians are utilizing every bloody, barbarian tactic to cause maximal bloodshed: opening prisons, arming everyone (blurring the line between civilian and combatant), and trapping people in Mariupol, Kharkiv, and Kiev to use as human shields. This situation IS what America CLAIMED that Iraq was. It is a disciplined and cautious professional force versus no-holds-barred, post-morality irregulars.

And there is nothing more infuriating than seeing the complete lack of critical thinking amongst the general European population, millions of whom are out protesting today. I will never again give even a second thought to those who claim that Europeans are intelligent people.

jens holm

Most of that is highly incorrect or worse.

jens holm

They has expected just to walk in and take over. It was the same for Tjetjenia 2.

They think we all fear them and bow 5 times towards Moscow. The skizzo is total. None here will invade Russia even there was no Rusians.

That goes for Belarus and Ukriane too. We just want them too be able to choose their own destiny. Choose.

We do wish to devellop them to be better producers for their own stuff als well as their own. By that they has money and can búy Our stuff and raise their livingstandards.

Thats something for something. We already do that with many parts of the world if they wish to. By that they are affiliates and normal fair by Western Economics.

It has nothing to do with Russia unless they are as they were. Its them being all the way with DRR debying Marshall help and its many plusses by USA – USA for oen benefit as well.


It’s the CIA controlled thugs the Russians want removed not the Ukraine people, that’s why the planning has been so meticulous, only Americans carpet bomb a country to kill an ant.

Florian Geyer

The US has very recently extracted ISIS from Kurdish jail’s to the US terror training camp in AlTanf.

The US has now announced that all sanctions of weapons to rebel held areas in Syria are being relaxed.

The Biden gang announced this in a ‘Jens Psaki walk back ‘ statement at the WhiteHouse.


Also apparently Russia was taking out of SWIFT

jens holm

Not yet

Yamil Perezstein

USA sponsors Sunni salafist terrorism, in Syria, in Libya. USA sponsors Banderist nationalist terrorism in Ukraine.

jens holm

Sure. Biden will convert tomorrow having 7 wives taking over the Syrian leadership.

The PMs there would be hardworking houseclaners as well.

The non integrable Syrians wil be donated to Putin as an Oblast in Sibiria. They will do fishing along their artic coast thinking they are punished by having dark only about 5 month a year.

To avoid Republicans winning the next USA election, he will take in many mexican.

In most of the year all in Syria only with have somberos and nicer haircuts below i. Only one tatoo is allowed. Its says: Gates never was here.

jens holm

You probatly painted the white house Yourself too.

Gerhard Umlandt


Gerhard Umlandt


jens holm

You can find maps about it. You dont.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Criminal CIAisis run Kiev regime went full tard.

jens holm

The Gremlins can be helping hands, if they send some.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots will cry and rage 🤗

jens holm

By that You can be mister wet T-shirt


From the very first day Ukraine is a huge security threat to Russia. The West used Ukraine as a military base against Russia, the same as Taiwan against China. Russia has the full right to defend themselves. Bido sanctions are useless here.

jens holm

If wereally has, there would not be a single russian soldier there.

Russians has no right to defend themself. They are not attacked. Its in another country as well.

Ukraine is history

nothing to say other than the west will cease to exist.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ukraine is history
jens holm

Its almost like that already. You are totally blindfolded about it even You has internet and can searh for how we are and how we are doing.

Living On Mars Podcast

Is it happening in Kiev??


There’s something radically wrong with a site purported to be a serious news site that allows spammer bots to fill the comments page.

jens holm


Russian Airforce (not working in ukraine)

NATO is literally providing 24/7 AWAC, ELINT and SIGINT intel to Ukrops from Romanian/Poland airspace.

Meanwhile ZERO Russian drones, ZERO A-50 AWAC, zero SU-35 doing constant CAP to secure airspace from TB2 drones. Just sending hordes of unprotected armored convoys getting attacked by remnants of Ukraine’s airforce and drone fleet with intel from USA/NATO.

Embarrassing and ridiculous. Either let the Russian Air force do their job or get out of Ukraine. This is becoming a huge loss of equipment and life for nothing. No major cities taken let alone encircled.

jens holm

I allow me to add sme of my old stuff.

It was a big mistake Hitler told all Slavaes had to be killed as spendables. In 1923 he could see Poland in the middle og germany and the big Russia as enemies.

But he could have takes Ukraine fast as numner one in another version of Barbarossa making a new indeoendent country there.

By that they could make food, iron, coal and nikel protecting that area from communists as well. That would have been a great help people doing it a free persons against Communisme. If they took it fast, they also could make a new Rostov krivoj-Rock industrial center saving a lot of transportations.

My own calculations twice(with or without Internet) that the chance for winning would become 50:50 BUT they had to defeat the Sibirian troops comming in between the Casoic Sea and Moscow.

By that the plans by Hitler was much better. He didnt know the russian capasity. I took Out leningrad to later for the Nazis.

Their retreat later would be more sober as well – so to speak,

Russian Airforce (not working in ukraine)

You’d think after the Russian Airforce experience from Georgia 2008, Ukraine 2014 and Syria since 2015, they’d have established complete air superiority by now. But NO. High command is allowing thousands of troops to travel deep into UKROP territory without a single drone, A-50U, or SU-34 providing them intel or air support. Very sad but even more embarrassing honestly.

I’m no supporter of NATO or UKROPS but allowing TB2 to strike two convoys is embarrassing. This is a clown operation. And the generals are at fault for grounding the RUAF from doing its job.

jens holm

Its not like that at all ven You seemes to use Your logic sense.

Ukriane for years has been lost for Moscow and Russia. You write to bombarde them and kill and kill. How can those people be a part of Russia if You let them kill.

The drone versions of Yours are not true as well. Number one is Russia show its not advanced face very well. You also ignore those Ukraininan troops are very well prepred defending their own homes in a very qualified way.

The main reason in mistake is not a military one. Putin and more believe in teir own propaganda and act by that.

A typical defence against heavy armed troops is to spread out and hide in small units and arrive and leave. Today they has to remember infrared as well. By they can be like many small moskitos hitting hard making big grenades and missile troops and then hide again.

I agree in the drone part. It can be very difficult to find hidden enemies. But we see Russia in the Syrian desert still thinking,they can bombarde ISIS away. But where are they. They are deep below dribking tea, sleeping, making plans. Upstairs the have studied the terrain into last stone in detail and know excact where ot put out machineguns and mines.

You might bombarde those Ukrainians into civile losses to they give up, but they will not stop being mpore hostile then ever and remain so. Russian soldiers and some kind of communist regime wont be safe there ever.

jens holm

You also ,most likely are right telling that nato gives some kind of helping hands. It makes sense Ukriane had to have reorganized itd defence and now has replaced old weapons or just added new ones.

That goes for the structures too. They now has been reorganized to defen themself.

Before in USSR it was going west and low distance nukes. There are no threats from west.

It should be understand we in west just want normal relations as to most of the rest of the world. Thats giving and creating jobs. We are not UNICEF. Thay cant buy Our stuff if they have no money are products for us. thats named as western economies. Most of that is not done by states but private companies in Kapitalist best to the price in competition.

Nato is same ting. We has no capasity to attack Russia. Why should we. there is nothing to steal there. Its like taking over an old not running car, with no seatbelts or worse.

But if we let States join us, they will be protected. Or else it would be a joke beng a member. Those new ones are east of us. By that Nato expands East.

And I will remind any, that we didnt collapse USSR. Russia collapsed twice within 100 years because they for devellopments and keep in very bad systems not even in harmony with socialisme and Marxisme. Some other Feudal Elite took over.

Upperclass and workers. Same devastating construction as the Tzars had.

And yes, We let Ukriane remain unprotected – And what happend. They never will join their enemy since Denekin.



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