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Another Round Of Escalation Between Hamas And Israeli Military In Gaza

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Another Round Of Escalation Between Hamas And Israeli Military In Gaza

FILE IMAGE: Israeli battle tank

On July 19, the Israeli military announced that a projectile was launched from the Gaza Strip at Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israeli. The Israeli military didn’t clarify if the projectile hit Eshkol or if it was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-rocket system.

In response to the shelling, a tank of the Israeli military destroyed an observation post of the Hamas Movement in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian news agency Shehab reported that one fighter of Hamas was killed and two others were injured as a result of the attack on the post.

In an official statement, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, confirmed that one of its fighters, named “Abd al-Karim Ismail Rudwan,” was killed in the Israeli attack and vowed to avenge him soon.

The tension between the Israeli military and the Hamas Movement may escalate in the upcoming hours, as the millitary wing of the Palestinian group appears to be determined to strike back. A limited military confrontation between the two sides, similar to the one we saw last week, will likely happen.

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Does anyone else think that it would be better for everyone if a quick and decisive battle or treaty settled this rather than this no-war no-peace scenario?


Anyone can fire a projectile that may or may not damage a pile of dust, Israel immediately destroys a another piece of Syria. Israel specifically attacks Syrian infrastructure and people but Syria does not retaliate for fear of the crazies provoking WWIII. According to some already underway.

Turn off the TV, spend time fighting your addictions and for God’s sake don’t vote either. It is the only thing giving “them” any legitimate mandate. Them are the ones on TV who tell you want you want to hear when running for office and then do all the things you hate once in “power”. Does anyone remember a western leader who did not follow this agenda?


HAMAS !!How long will it take you to realize you should have ,long ago, resorted to full-on GUERRILLA warfare tactics, and ONLY within the so-called entity called ISRAEL by those FAKES???

It took my Irish BRETHREN ,foolishly, I might add, 600 years and we lost over 5 million of our Brothers and sister. Is that what you want, or can you learn from our mistake.We could have saved millions of lives if we had acted right way instead of doing what you are stupidly doing now

Only when we used GUERRILLA Warfare and took it to London, did we finally win, and that was in late 1850s into the 1900’s, ending with VICTORY for our REPUBLIC in 1949/59

WAKE up.

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