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Another Prisoner Exchange On Ukrainian Front Lines: Success Of Russian Diplomacy

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Another Prisoner Exchange On Ukrainian Front Lines: Success Of Russian Diplomacy

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On the morning of February 4, Russia and Ukraine conducted another prisoner exchange. The exchange took place through the mediation of the UAE leadership. It involved dozens of prisoners of war, reportedly including some military specialists. The recent exchange also revealed that the Kiev regime hides the real number of prisoners of war it receives from Russian captivity.

63 servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces have returned from the territory controlled by Kiev, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters in the morning. According to the Russian ministry, the exchange was the result of a complex negotiation process which involved the leadership of the United Arab Emirates.

The ministry also claimed that “the group of released Russian servicemen includes persons of a “sensitive category”, whose exchange became possible thanks to the mediation efforts of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates.”

The Ministry of Defense clarified that currently all military personnel are on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“They are provided with the necessary psychological and medical assistance, as well as the opportunity to contact relatives,” the report says.

Russian military officials did not clarify who the servicemen of the so-called “sensitive category” were. The media suggested that there were some valuable military specialists among them.



A few hours later, Kiev officials confirmed the exchange, declaring another Ukrainian victory. Kiev returned 116 of its servicemen during the prisoner exchange, two of them are officers, the rest are common soldiers and sergeants, the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak wrote in his Telegram account.

“Another major prisoner exchange. We managed to return 116 of our guys, defenders of Mariupol, Kherson partisans, snipers from the Bakhmut direction… . Two of them are officers and 114 are soldiers,” he wrote.

The bodies of two dead foreigners, Christopher Matthew Perry and Andrew Tobias Matthew, were also reportedly returned to Ukraine.

Today, Ukrainian servicemen who remain alive in the Russian captivity are not exchanged and have to wait for their release because the Kiev regime has to exchange the bodies of foreign mercenaries first.

The statements of the Kiev official were questioned by the Ukrainian politician and journalist Anatoly Shariy. According to him, only 55 Ukrainian servicemen were exchanged. He supported his claims with an official list of Ukrainian prisoners of war, which included only 55 names.

Photos and videos of the exchange also do not confirm that more than a dozen Ukrainian servicemen are being exchanged.

Another Prisoner Exchange On Ukrainian Front Lines: Success Of Russian Diplomacy

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Another Prisoner Exchange On Ukrainian Front Lines: Success Of Russian Diplomacy

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Ukrainian journalist suggested that Kiev was lying about the number of returned servicemen in an attempt to hide its diplomatic failure. Earlier, the exchanges of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine were not equal, and Kiev received at least twice more soldiers than Moscow. This time, according to the documents, the exchange was almost equal, and Kiev was probably forced to release some valuable Russian servicemen.

It should not be excluded that dozens of Ukrainian servicemen were not included in the lists for some reasons or could be exchanged unofficially.

The participation of the UAE leadership is noteworthy. This happened amid the growing trade turnover of the Emirates with Russia, as well as the strengthening of the leading political role of the UAE in the Middle East. Apparently, the personal ties of the head of the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation Ramzan Kadyrov with the political leadership of the UAE played a certain role in establishing ties through the Arab Emirates. For its part, the UAE leadership also cooperates with Western elites and intelligence.

This time, Turkey did not participate as a mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. It is worth noting that previously all exchanges conducted through the mediation of Turkey were unequal and were carried out according to the 1:2 or 1:3 scheme in favor of Ukraine.

The recent exchange of POWs is a significant  for Russian military diplomacy.


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A good news for both sides.


I am not that certain that returning to a frontline to die is better for a Ukrainian soldier than staying in a Russian POW camp for a while. Seems like a better way to wait out the end of the war.

Last edited 1 month ago by Klausenburgischer

Not for the Ukrainians, they will go back to the front lines, no doubt about that. They should have asked for asylum.

Vlad the Sissy from Rumania

I am still waiting when will the libtards send their flying niggers and their screaming faggots to do anything 😆😆😆😆🏳️‍🌈🖕🐒🖕🐒🏳️‍🌈🖕 The hippie nation of cucky JFK and the sissy nigger MLK is dead.


Given that the Ukrainians and their Five Eyes handlers claim that the armed forces of the failed Ukrainian CIA project won great victories at Kharkov and Kherson, shouldn’t there be tens of thousands of Russian prisoners behind held by the Ukrainians? I mean, unless the Russians really did just withdraw from the territory, leaving the Ukrainians to reoccupy abandoned boonie country? The Ukrainians seem to put everything related to the conflict on social media, but I never see the vast haul of prisoners taken in their successful Kharkov and Kherson operations.


I am amused today as every paper article mentions these “Grand victories”. but then I remembered that they also feel Debaltsevo and the turkey shoot in Ilovaisk are and were great Ukrainian Victories. I will admit for Ukraine and the AFU, they were both par for the course for their abilities.

1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

” were unequal and were carried out according to the 1:2 or 1:3 scheme in favor of Ukraine.” Come on Russia, are you stupid or just playing stupid? Jesus Christ


Neither, it is just hard, cold mathematics. Russia at the moment manages to kill about 8 Ukranians for every Russian killed. So returning 2-3 Ukranians for 1 Russian still is a good exhange in the end.


No, because when Ukrainians take Russian prisoners, they keep some of them in order to exchange them for their own and kill the rest!!! If the exchange rate was equal, they wouldn’t kill the rest!

Johan P

I seriously doubt that. Sadly, the Ukranians seem to enjoy torturing and killing PoWs and do so anyway. Other hard math fact; Sending 200 troops back to Ukraine while receiving 100 back means a net of 100 mouths less to feed. Not an issue for Russia, but for Ukraine its the other way around and they are short on everything anyway.


OK, but even if they killed some Russian POWs eventually, they’d think TWICE before doing it, so they might keep MORE of them alive! Russia had no problem feeding a few hundreds or thousands POWs, it has enough food and resources for that. Don’t forget many Russians have been killed too, so there are less mouths to feed in Russia anyway. (which is actually terrible because Russia has a huge demography problem… Putin has said repeatedly that this is one of the biggest problems Russia faces, and he’s right.)


Strategically, Russia should start offering hope for all ordinary Ukrainian soldiers: join our forces today, rule Ukraine tomorrow.

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