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Another Military Helicopter Crashes In Afghanistan’s Faryab


On December 12, the Taliban claimed that its fighters had shot down a helicopter of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) over the northern province of Faryab.

“Amid ongoing Operation al-Khandagh, an enemy helicopter has been shot downed in the area of Sar Hawz of the district of Pashtun Kot late today, killing and wounding all gunmen inside,” the Afghan group official news agency, Voice of Jihad, said in a a short press release.

The Taliban launched Operation al-Khandagh launched on April 25  in response to Washington’s decision to increase the US military presence in Afghanistan.

Two days after Taliban announcement, Afghan sources released a photo of the destroyed helicopter, which forced a spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, Ghafoor Ahmad Jawed, to address the incident.

Another Military Helicopter Crashes In Afghanistan’s Faryab

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According to Jawed, issues related to high load of flights and maintenance problems were behind the helicopter crash.

“When a helicopter plans a flight, the time and other matters are checked, but sometimes mechanical issues occur and besides that, we are in an intense war,” the TOLO TV quoted Jawed as saying.

Naqibullah Fayiq, governor of Faryab, also denied the Taliban’s claims and told TOLO that no Afghan service members were killed or injured in the incident.

The helicopter was identified a Russian-made Mi-17. The AAF operates more than 50 Mi-8\17 helicopters in its “Special Mission Wing.” These helicopters are mainly used to support the special operations of the Afghan National Army (ANA) Commandos.

The AAF lost ten helicopters in the last nine months, most of them were Mi-17s. During the last two years, the NATO singed several contracts with companies in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia [all members of the US-led pact] to maintain this type of helicopters without involving Russia. This may be the reason behind the bad technical condition of these of helicopters. Russian defense experts had warned the NATO from relying on inexperienced companies to maintain them.

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  • Zionism = EVIL

    US morons had over 5,000 such “crashes” in Vietnam and several hundred in Iraq as well. Must be something in the air :) The Saudis scumbags also have a lot of “crashes” in Yemen that led them to accept defeat.

    • John Wallace

      One of the major pushes to get involved with the Viet Nam war was the anticipated helicoptor and aircraft losses which would need replacing thus making lots and lots of money for the company . Fact..

  • H Eccles

    any Yanks blown to bits?

    just askin..

    • John Wallace

      No they all jumped out and para-glided to Kabul where they all safely landed at the airport missing all the incoming motor and rocket rounds . Didn’t think the Yanks were stupid enough to crash and die surely.