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Another Meeting Between Netanyahu And Putin Is Expected On Thursday

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Another Meeting Between Netanyahu And Putin Is Expected On Thursday

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 11, 2018. (Yuri Kadobnov / AFP / Getty Images)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Moscow on Thursday and hold a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Israeli PM’s office announced on Tuesday.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the visit. However, he didn’t provide details regarding the agenda that will be discussed by the two leaders.

“An agreement has been reached that on April 4, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will fly to Moscow for a brief working visit. On April 4, such brief working talks will be held and the sides will synchronize their watches,” the Russian news agency, TASS, quoted Peskov as saying.

Netanyahu spoke with Putin over the phone last Monday. The two leaders discussed the situation in Syria and the continued coordination between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Russian military.

“You know how important this relationship is for Israel,” Netanyahu said after the phone call, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Last February, Netanyahu visited Russia for the first time since the downing of the Russian Il-20 intelligence plane over Syria in September of 2018. Moscow had held Tel Aviv responsible for the incident that led to the death of 15 Russian service members.

Netanyahu’s new visit to Moscow is taking place five days ahead of the Israeli elections. The prime minister has been working hard in the framework of his election campaign to present himself as a key power broker in the Middle East.

It’s expected that following the upcoming talks Netanyahu will claim that the sides have reached “understanding” and Moscow is de-facto supporting the U.S. decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israel as well as Israeli airstrikes in Syria.

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Bibi wants to make clear to Putin what must be the Russia position about Syria, Iran and the whole middle east. Bibi is the boss.


If that is the case, the subordinate always bows to the superior, I see Nethanyahu going to Moscow to kiss Russian ass for some favors, I do not see Putin coming to Jerusalem to take orders from him.


“””It’s expected that following the talks Netanyahu will claim that the sides have reached “understanding” and Moscow is de-facto supporting the U.S. decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israel as well as Israeli airstrikes in Syria.”””

Russia’s position on Golan Heights has been stated, US’s demands that Syrian forces withdraw from the Golan Heights border are ridiculous and retarded, and Netanyahu can lie without impunity about his alleged agreements with Russia, so that he can get re-elected and forstall the corruption charges he is facing.


Possibly; but if it were any other leader coming to Moscow, the conversation would go a little like this: “You’re not doing too well in the polls; your cell is being prepared for you in the Tel Aviv slammer; you humiliated me at my own Victory Day parade; and oh you murdered our aircrew. What do you have to offer us to make it worth our while dealing with you?” Instead, it seems to be understood that the transaction is that Israel takes and the goyim give. You gotta be jealous of how they just roll everybody.


Russia does not give Israel anything for free, Russia’s concern is to maintain the peace in Syria without starting a conflict where Israel tries to be relevant dragging US along.
Syria needs time to rebuild economically and militarily, and any attempts by Israel to stir the pot will not be tolerated by Russia.
The SCO are goyims and they are not rolled over by Jewish power, actually Jewish power is desperately trying to maintain their influence by threats and sanctions, India did not roll over, Iran did not roll over, China did not roll over, and neither has Russia rolled over.
SCO is on a trajectory of ascendancy while the western axis is on a declining trajectory.

Saddam Hussein

Even Putin is pushed around by the Zionist regime.


Well, i guess Putin never made a secret out of his jewophile stance, and proclaimed it in several interviews. Even though some here are still stuck in their dreams thinking otherwise.
His personal life experience with German fascism shaped this belief, and the loyalty he therefore feels for Israel is only logical.

Putin also never made a secret about that he views Israel as a top Partner, maybe his most important and preferred.
And on some way i can understand this:
His hope is, that with Israel as an Ally, he could influence the USA better than with any alternative.

He knows Trump is in Bibis pocket, so he hopes that some benefit (loosing USA sanctions against Russia) fill develop.

BUT: It seems Bibi play Putins hope. In the real world, sanctions only get harder, and Russia will likely have to live with them. Hoping Bibi would make USA stop the sanctions is delusional IMHO.

The Stavka / Russian military leadership does see this very different: They know, that Russia will have to fight the NATO to win, and hoping on a deal with the USA deep state would be futile.

I just hope, Putin will wake up to this reality..

Jens Holm

I see Russians as winners of WW2 cant see Jews comming back to, where they came from. Therefore they partly are protected, where they went.

I partly see the same for USA. USA are mainly made by Europeans, where most of them had a hard time in Europe.

But of course We in top of that see World politics.

Jens Holm

Not at all. They have had agreements for many years and continue them changing things here and there.


When a King grants an audience to someone, it’s the King who makes the rules, and if you offend the King, you might just lose your head.

Putin agrees to meet with Netanyahu, because it gives him pleasure to watch the Zionist grovel at his feet.


since netanyahu travels to moscow it’s to beg for something and Putin can grant him or won’t grant him what he comes begging for. as has been seen before, netanyahu has a tendency to stretch the truth quite a bit after having travelled to moscow on a begging trip so it’s likely to be the case this time around as well.

But, rest assured Iran will be on the agenda and naturally the Golan heights. that moronistan (aka usa) all of a sudden agrees to consider the golan heights as a squatters’ territory doesn’t really cut the mustard if the rest of the world, france, germany, uk und zu weiter, doesn’t acknowledge the golan heights new status. and I suppose a russian confirmation would strengthen netanyahu’s position remarkably but it’s extremely unlikely and then you have hezbollah, netanyahu’s headaches ain’t going to disappear in the near future.

and Putin would never go back on palestine and the rights of that people, now usurped by the squatters.


Yup, Putin gets His orders from the Tribe, and Russia have already kicked Hazb out, is kicking the Iranians out, doing nothing with the Kurds, and now, Golan, after throwing out over an 100 000 people from that region, of course, it have to be given to the ISISraelis, right, we arent Anti-semits are we.

Just watch, again, Putin is just buttcheek spreading and will do what He is told to do.
Syria was an convinient sham, wasnt it, Syria is loosing this war because of Russian cowardness, corruption and greed, aka Genie oil, and so on, Lebanes oil is in danger, the reason for ISISraels for now just verbal attacking Lebanon (Hazb of course), the cost line in Gaza is highly vitale for the oil ind. Egypt is so rotten you cant expect anything less than unconditional assliking from them against ISISrael, since Egypt is doing the same level of crimes against humanity as ISISrael, but somehow the Jewish bitch in Kairo, gets away all the time, to me Egypt is simply evil, but hey, what is the comon langauge among them, oil and gass, and that, ladys and gentlemen is what is going on right now, how to deal this inbtween the large corps.
And so on.
Nope, ISISrael will get what it wants, never doubt it, despite some uh…… Putin acid tripping hooligans faity tales about Russia and Putin, to me, after the initial blending of the so called help to Syria is gone, completely gone, we sit left with this, the chopping up of the levante, this is the reason for Trump to viden the arena, to have Lebanon as an target, that is whats coming, and so on.

Putin is already back stabbing them all, Iran and Syria, I know that the moment the war against Iran is kicked on, Russia will not lift an finger, since this attack is due to ISISrael and the Imperial banana republic Moronika.
Putin have no trust anyore, sorry, and why am I not even surpirced, that bothers me.



Yikes lol! People can say what ever they want right or wrong but this is fact: Until the Russians came and bailed out Assad ISIS or what they are called were having a field day and the Russians put a hurt on them and also put them on the run Period….

Jens Holm

Thats right. Russian came because Assads were close to collapse and would have.

It might have been a good idea. So far 550.000 has died as well as there are destructions for billions and more billions to it.


you’re wrong,as usual.

Jens Holm

When You throw that much of Your own dirt at others, You must be very clean Yourself :)

Being responsible is same thing. If You are that little responsible, You should let Israel and USA run Your areas in stead of resisting and blaming.


Yes Netanyahu goes to Moscow to pay homage to Putin, but you think Bibi is in charge?
I think maybe your brain is incorrectly wired?


Nothing special here. It’s part of bibi’s pre-election campaigne. I wonder why bother?! The UN should revoke the right of israhell to exist as a state and restore the state of Palestine.


right right and right – england and lloyd george had no right to give away the land to the jews so it’s basically a no-deal from the outset and can be revoked, either by all those countries that at one stage recognized israel as a sovereign country, which recognition now can be revoked for breach of everything (balfour declaration and the undertaking by israel to act in conformity with the laws that regulates human intercourse) which isael can be implied to have undertaken in exchange for the recognition.

thus israel needs to be shut down!


The UN didn’t give Israel to the Jews,

The Palestinians left Palestine and wanted the Arabs to spill their blood for the Palestinian cause.

Now the spoiled Palestinians want to regain control of Palestine using a new moronic proxy : the Iranians

It didn’t work for the Palestinians in 1948 with the Arabs it won’t work now with the Iranians

The inbreads of Palestine will continue to dwell in refugee camps for another 1000 years


hog wash- there was no united nations in 1918 when lloyd george succumbed to herzel’s begging and allowed the jews to settle in palestine. lg was apprehensive and realised it was doomed to go wrong and thus the balfour declaration, of which the squatters are in breach and have been ever since the first day. and tracking back it is obvious that 99 pct of what ails thr middle east has israel as its source and thus for a long lasting peace, the squatters need to be sent into their next diaspora – they could try moronistan (aka usa) although I suspect they would be as welcome there as pig in a mosque in jeddah!

Zionism = EVIL

Not if the retarded Jew pimp Putin can help it. Putin is so stuck up Nutter Yahoo’s arse that he can’t even see daylight. Russia is doing Zionist bidding in Syria and follows their orders.

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

to quote.. Trump said clearly that he needs Arab money in exchange for the protection he is offering, otherwise “the Arab regimes won’t last for one week”

Thats not actually true. If the fat dude was to take his armies & military bases out of Arab countries he might find that they actually make peace and possibly form an alliance with Iran. Saudis have even hinted at this.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Arab league have been working feverishly on this since before January last year, King abdullah of Jordan, on behalf of the Arab League brokered the ceasefire in Southern Syria, then arranged for the US and Israel to agree to Assad retaining power, and also demanded the US and Israel help to remove Erdogan’s forces from Syria, they still haven’t managed to get rid of Erdogan’s forces though.

Tommy Jensen

US and Israel havent managed anything but trouble and misery.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t agree Tommy, since Trump’s came to power he’s greenlighted the Daraa/Quneitra campaign, sacked the FSA and ended all financial and material support for them, and not responded to the last few false flag CW attacks.
And way back in January last year he also directed the Kurds to go back to Assad and start renegotiating a new reconciliation agreement, but unfortunately the hard headed kurds refused to make a deal, they stupidly held out for complete self autonomy and Assad refused to give in.
And now most importantly, Trump’s announced his intentions of completely pulling out of Syria altogether [I think if it was up to Trump alone he’d already be out], and even though the NEOCON warmongers in the US administration are stopping a complete pullout for now, Russia, Iran and Assad will all still be happy knowing that Trump will definitely get out as soon as there’s no more legitimate [illegitimate] excuses to stay.
I see Trump as a part of the solution now, it’s only the imbedded US administration that’s still a problem, that’s the way I see it anyway, and I also think Trump’s more than holding his own against them, I think he’s winning.


The solution to a lot of the middle east’s, and humanity’s problems, is to get rid of Jews, permanently, as in extinct. By outlawing their evil cult and criminal organization. The Yinon plan has been a complete disaster for the region. It needs to be shut down by winning the Syria war and clearing the Jews out of the occupied territories. Including the Golan.

Hopefully the US loses this case:

“Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem (Palestine v. United States of America)

The Court decides that the written pleadings will first be addressed to the question of
jurisdiction and that of the admissibility of the Application

THE HAGUE, 30 November 2018. By an Order dated 15 November 2018, the International
Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, decided that the written
pleadings in the case concerning the Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem
(Palestine v. United States of America) would first be addressed to the question of the jurisdiction
of the Court and that of the admissibility of the Application. It fixed 15 May 2019 and
15 November 2019 as the respective time-limits for the filing of a Memorial by the State of
Palestine and a Counter-Memorial by the United States of America.”

– Relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem (Palestine v. United States of America) –


Manuel Flores Escobar

BIbi will ask to Putin to turn off Pantsir System…as both USA&Allies have launched (166 cruise missile) beside airstrikes in Al Tanf and Deir Ezzor and for other side Israel ( more than 300 cruise missile Agm 142 and Delilah along these years)…and nothing have changed and no significative damage!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes says Putin to Netanyahu, you can use the Golan Heights to blackmail Iran and Syria, we have no problem with that.
I’ve been looking at the war in Syria the wrong way lately, why would Putin really want the war to end. If it does end successfully with Syria regaining all it’s sovereign territory, Iran will then begin pumping gas into the EU, and by consequence, take over some of Russia’s market share, which though it’s still preferable to the Saudis getting a foot in the door [the Saudis would destroy the EU market and drive down prices as they always do], the Russians will still lose out some of their market share once the Iranians start pumping gas into the EU, that’s going to be a loss of tens of billions per year at a best case scenario.
I need to do some maths, what would actually cost the Russians more, the cost of an ongoing stalemate in Syria, or the cost of an incursion by Iran into the Russian dominated EU gas market, if it’s cheaper to maintain the stalemate in Syria with a half hearted war and the low costs associated with maintaining the stalemate, it may actually be preferable to Putin and Russia than an outright military victory in Syria, which might actually cost Russia even more in the long term.
I need to work out roughly how much this war in Syria is costing Putin per year now it’s wound down, and then work out what the loss of one third of the EU’s natural gas market share would cost the Russian economy, and I’m beginning to suspect I’ll find out the stalemate in Syria is costing Russia even less than the proposed Iranian pipeline will, and even if it was a 50/50 scenario costing the Russian economy equal amounts either way, at least with a stalemate war, Putin still keeps his diplomatic leverage he has over the EU countries that buy his gas, and he also gets to test out all his brand new military equipment in real life combat situations. I’ve read many reports that claim the Russians aren’t spending anything at all to maintain this war, the whole expenditure for the Syrian campaign comes out of their normal military research and training budget anyway, meaning it’s cost neutral and doesn’t cost the Russians one extra cent to be there anyway.
I keep thinking Putin’s actions and reactions are far too conciliatory when it comes to Syria, but maybe he’s just being selfishly clever too, I need to do some research and then some simple maths to get a better idea, maybe a long term stalemate in Syria is actually the lesser of 2 evils for the Russian economy, the way lesser of 2 evils in fact, especially if the war isn’t actually costing the Russians a red cent more than their normal budget allocation anyway.
Is this the real reason Putin drags his feet all the time when it comes to Syria, mmmm.

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