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Another Look At Trump’s Decision To Withdraw Troops From Syria


Another Look At Trump's Decision To Withdraw Troops From Syria


US President Donald Trump officially announced a decision to withdraw troops from Syria on December 19. The Trump administration provided no official information about the schedule of the expected withdrawal or any other details. According to reports in the media and other sources, personnel of the US State Department were withdrawn from the war-torn country within 24 hours after the announcement. The troops pull-out is expected to take place within 60-90 days.

Trump’s decision caused a mixed bag of criticism and support among US allies and geopolitical opponents. In particular, France declared that ISIS was not defeated and it is going to keep forces in Syria.

On December 26, the Russian Foreign Ministry released an interesting statement commenting on the situation with the US troops withdrawal.

“We are closely monitoring the execution of the decision made by US President Donald Trump on December 19 to withdraw the American army from Syria. We understand the importance of this decision, which, according to our assessment, is to contribute to a comprehensive settlement of the situation,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed. “We do not completely understand all the reasons and incentives of this move; there is no clarity regarding the temporary withdrawal schedule for the US military either.

Zakharova added that Moscow “is still being guided by media reports that the full withdrawal of the US land force from northeastern Syria, the Al-Tanf area, may be carried out in two to three months.”

The foreign ministry representative added the following:

“American official representatives make it clear that the withdrawal of the army from Syrian territory does not mean the end of the activity of the so-called international coalition led by the US in the fight against the IS [ISIS].”

“US officials have no strict, unequivocal statements regarding their own strategy; these are all unfinished hints and veiled wordings.”

“This suggests that the issue allegedly concerns the transfer to the next stage of the counter-terrorism campaign.”

“Does it mean that the Americans may continue air strikes and restricted land operations on Syrian territory from home bases beyond this Arab republic? The question is still open.”

She further emphasized that the control over US-held Syrian territories should be returned to the Damascus government.

The main meaning of the fresh remarks by the foreign ministry spokeswoman is that Moscow [the foreign ministry and intelligence services] does not understand clearly the real reasons behind the decision of the Trump administration to withdraw troops from Syria. The Russian side is likely concerned that the reasons behind the decision could be not only “positive” [a move towards de-escalation] but also “negative” signal.

Furthermore, most of the complex military diplomatic decisions are rarely based on some factors. Such decisions are baused on a wide range of complicated issues and factors. Some experts say tha the troops pull-out is a part of the wider deal between the US and Turkey, which may lead to the shift of the Turkish attitude towards the conflict in Syria and actions of Russia and Iran in the Middle East.

Another possible factor, which may have lead to the troops withdrawal from Syria, is that Washington is withdrawing diplomats and forces from the combat zones because the US leadership is preparing for possible conflict in other regions around the world, first of all in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.




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  • stary ujo

    Never believe biggest liar all around the world ! Hes psycho patient . Neocons explain him , his fantasy .

  • Lazy Gamer

    Trump campaigned on this promise then he delivered. Especially when the Democrats are to gain house control next year when the investigations will finally be decided, and his wall(another promise) has less chances of being funded. He is looking for reelection in 2020 so he is delivering something to his base. Plus, businessman that he is, he just maybe does not see the investment done by his regional partners to reduce the costs. Next, he definitely wants turkey still aligned with US seeing that sdf control is a red line for turkey. Fourth, he truly believes in America first. Which means it is not the policeman of the world, nor would he be more compromising on issues integral to domestic interests so as to accomodate intl alliances and concerns.
    I am astounded sometimes that people will demonize US intervention then demonize US withdrawal. lol

    • Snowglobe

      “I am astounded sometimes that people will demonize US intervention then demonize US withdrawal. ”

      I agree.

      The entire world know that the US should never have been in Syria, and a lot of other countries. Now all I see is condemnation of the withdrawal, assigning malicious and treacherous motives for the withdrawal and hypocrisy in all directions.

      • Brother Ma

        I do see malicious motives. The Us has to prove she is trustworthy all over again. People would do well to be like me; do not trust her.

        • Snowglobe

          Fair enough. The malicious motives that you see are to do with the withdrawal?

          There is no need to discuss malicious motives about the US entering Syria, or anywhere else….because the truth has been exposed and what needs to be done is for these crimes against humanity to be ended. If it was up to me, there would be a lot of people hanging over what has happened. Personally I would start with Hillary, and I have a long list after her.

          “The Us has to prove she is trustworthy all over again.” I think of this slightly differently. The US government needs to purge herself of the corruption and filth that has metastasized completely through the higher ranks. A failure to do this makes the probability of the US becoming trustworthy again impossible.

          There are already huge lists of fired and retired FBI, Congress, House, CEO’s, Bank Executives, Hollywood moguls, (They even picked up Kevin Spacey yesterday). Even so, this is not enough. Congress too must be purged and as I type this it has not been done. We are down to the wire. I am hoping that Trump keeps the government closed until the purge is done.

          With most comments that I put in this forum I add “Time will tell”. The clock has been ticking for two years, and with me the clock will be running out soon.

          Only after a purge of the US congress can the US right herself and be back on track. Then it will be the beginning. Then Trump will need to continue what he is doing and it is the same thing that Putin did for Russia. Putin gave the Russian people their dignity back, and I hope to see Trump give the American people their dignity back.

          About the withdrawal? In my opinion it is a good thing.

          • Brother Ma

            Well said. I hope what you say comes to fruition.

          • Snowglobe

            I hope so too.

            I just took a peek. Trump has just starting with his twittering again. It looks like he is picking a fight. ;-)

      • US credibility has a rather serious problem. It began with Colin Powell in the UNSC waving a vial of “anthrax” and has only gone down since then.

        Actually …. pretty much …. US only opens it’s mouth to sneeze or lie.

    • Ewan

      Don’t judge Trump’s “withdrawal” too soon. US forces are leaving Afghanistan too (in a drawdown) to be replaced by Zionist Christian Eric Prince’s Blackwater murderers. Perhaps the Pentagon has the same in store for Syria. The US will not leave Syria because Trump says so. Syria is a major cog in the works for US foreign policy in the ME. To think that the US will just walk away is naive in the extreme

      • Lazy Gamer

        The man seems sincere in his position. Either he extends and breaks the bank or starts being fiscally responsible. What I dont trust is the military industrial complex and the other players in the ME to pull him back.

      • The upside about the US using mercenaries is that mercenaries are fair game to kill and killing them won’t spark international incidents.

    • I am astounded sometimes that people will demonize US intervention then demonize US withdrawal. lol

      I’d suggest that those who demonise US intervention are not the same those who demonise US withdrawal? The latter being those who appreciate profit in war and hegemony and the former being those who think the US should go home and bloody stay there.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    What is missing from this is the fact that U.S. Special Forces are apparently not leaving Syria!

    That alone means that this “withdrawal” is mostly heresay and symbolic.

    The facts are that the U.S. was ordered into Syria by their Scum Jewish masters to destroy that country and I seriously doubt that plan has changed.

    • John Whitehot

      “What is missing from this is the fact that U.S. Special Forces are apparently not leaving Syria!”

      special forces only perform forward controllers missions to direct airstrikes but don’t fight any ground war.

      this means that they are not going to effect anything on the ground and if someone engages them or attacks their areas they just retreat

  • Ronald

    “The control of the US held Syrian territories should be returned to the Damascus government”.
    Dear Ms. Zakharova, this can only be achieved by Russia announcing, not asking, the so called “Coalition” that Russia is implementing a no-fly zone over all of Syria immediately.
    Although allowing 60 days for US troop withdrawals, and that Russia, not Turkey will ‘sort out ISIS’ east of the Euphrates, beginning with the Oman Gas Field.
    This is the moment for Russia to “Stand Tall, Stand Strong”.

    • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

      Spot on! The Syrians and their allies shouldn’t just be twiddling their thumbs. They should announce their own plans to recover occupied Syria and back it up with appropriate force deployment and use, if necessary.
      That is how sovereignty is established or re-established in this case.
      One can clearly see why the US/EU/NATO/Israeli gangsters are emboldened whenever RF diplomats open their mouths.
      They need the help of “diplomat” Shiugu to speak the language these gangsters will understand.

    • Brother Ma

      Bravo. The only reasonable way to go forward with some backbone.

  • Jesus

    “””Some experts say tha the troops pull-out is a part of the wider deal between the US and Turkey, which may lead to the shift of the Turkish attitude towards the conflict in Syria and actions of Russia and Iran in the Middle East.”””

    Let’s not forget that Trump decided to pull out of Syria contrary to Pentagon’s agenda that had Mattis fired. There is too much made about Trump’s motives and subsequent moves. Yes, Pentagon is trying to hold on to what it can, however, this was Trump’s move and the Pentagon is trying to do damage control.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      according to them damage control. With the move US is making in syria open the doors so turkey is in full partnership with US especially giving also to the turks Guellen or how ever his name is spelled, so now UK/USrael can use turkey as they was planning to use her to take over the natural resources of russia under their control.

      Now the game is either lose big time or win big time and each small player as turks are despite what global players temporarily put them in between them as a buffer and they look much bigger than they really are as the turks up to this point. If turkey is to survive this game on the long run, her survival relays on thew west it is also the bridge between the Uk/US combination and china. To russia turkey is a pain in the ass because in all hot spots against russia in caucasus and the balkan area turkey is in direct conflict actually is the main player against russian interest.

      I think now is the time that none believers of the direction took and the logical ending after the partnership between turks and russians. No longer can be a make believe game where alliances can be made because is also the time where players chose what they think is the side who will win.

      • Jesus

        We will wait and see, I personally do not see Turkey as a major player after the US withdrawal, the axis of evil is contracting and not expanding. All these presuppositions are fine, however, for the US, ME has been a black hole of resources, manpower and responsibility that could have been used far more intelligently.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          in syria YES is contracting so is only natural to expand in other areas of interest to balance the loss.

          • Jesus

            I do not see Turkey as a reliable contractor, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Iraq would easily outmaneuver the Turks.
            The vision of enlarging the Ottoman Empire is a wet dream.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I was not talking of syria and syria is not the globe but a small piece of it. Stop looking at one pixel of the picture.

          • Villainess

            Obviously, Turkey is unreliable, but most dangerously, it has full NATO membership, with the entire NATO system ready to pounce on any that attack it.

            I think that established military relationship makes it much more likely that the U.S. Empire might now use Turkey as the tool to best break Syria.

          • Jesus

            Turkey is an invading force against a sovereign country, that sovereign country has asked allies to come and help her. I do not see NATO advocating article 5 against Turkish adventurism in Syria.

          • Ewan

            Break Syria? that window of opportunity has long since passed.
            the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah coalition is the most powerful regional force.
            That fact will not change soon. Hence the Sunni Arab regimes rush to befriend Assad again. They are simply accepting the new reality – perhaps with strings attached like forcing Assad to ditch Iran – but that will never happen.

          • Villainess

            Yeah, Assad is still standing with strong allies around him, not lynched in the street like Libya’s Gaddafi, with Hillary or any of her neoliberalCon partners in crime gloating in Washington.

            But the U.S. has cut off the important chunk for the Washington/Israel/Saudi oily plans. France claims they will step up as Trump steps out, but will they also embrace ISIS for the sick needs of Empire and with the continuing trust of the betrayed-yet-again Kurds? Will the Turks comply with Trump/NATO’s demand and their own not-so-secret wishes or let Peace reign?

            Syria’s sovereign survival depends on many pieces that are still in motion and I am still holding my breath.

        • Ewan

          100% . and there are many proofs of your statement, especially the inability of the US to gather a coalition of the willing (NATO buddies) to bomb Syria meaningfully even when they created false flag chemical attack pretexes. More proof is the US’s inability to change anything on the ground in Syria.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        No Hasty Conclusions….I still keep your point of view in the back of my mind…. Turkey is still a Wildcard…. if the Turks betray the Russians or Syria again…. they can be totally destroyed if it is up to me…. Traitors should Hang High this Time…. Erdogan better stick to the original plan or Suffer the Consequences… buying Oil from ISIS & Sending Headchopping Mercenaries like the FSA & Nour al-Din al-Zenki will be Forgiven only once….

        • m newman

          isn’t that the pick of isis w/ white helmets beheading that poor little boy, I guess Ivanka only cares about some children

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Elites do not care about the Scum…..they only care about themselves….

        • Brother Ma

          I have not forgotten what these sons of sows did. I am still waiting for Russian or Syrian special forces to show me their heads lined up on the pavement.

        • Ewan

          Turkey should always be dealt with as an enemy of Syria. Erdogan is a duplicitous dog.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            In my opinion the Turks themselves are responsible for their Leadership….but the Turks cannot Steal an inch of Syrian Land….they should apologize to the Syrian Peoples instead for what they have done….Stealing Land is a Declaration of War and thus should be treated with a proper response….I do not think anyone is out for more War….except IsraHell, Washington, London & Paris….the Alliance of Satan is getting Smaller & Smaller

          • Sinbad2

            Wars are about money(power), at this point in history China has all the money.
            The US pretends to be rich, but owes more than it can ever repay.
            So it is in the best interests of Turkey to side with the winners.
            Turkey was never a willing ally of the USA, it was like most American allies, that is had a gun in the back of its head.

            China and Russia offers peace and wealth, America offers warfare and poverty, which would you choose?

      • Brother Ma

        I hope this is a trap set by Russians to smash Turkey. I know I am sick of Turkish games in Idlib as it is!

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          lets see if you are right. i hope you are

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Iran can’t really threaten Israel (with a ground invasion) if the U.S. is ‘policing’ within the west of Iraq.
    Possibly Trumps calculus? (cutting off the supply lines)
    U.S. presence in Syria simply not logical if the U.S. is militarily present in remote regions of Iraq.

  • because the US leadership is preparing for possible conflict in
    other regions around the world, first of all in the Balkans and Eastern

    Isn’t it unlikely they’d withdraw from Syria to look for conflict against Russia in Europe? Russia is not only better fortified in that region but they would also endanger their EU allies rather grievously. Another “American war” would surely be Iran with hopes of entangling Russia in it but then why withdraw troops from Syria?

    I wonder if the reason isn’t something simpler and more mundane – they have lotsa nasty unrest brewing at home, infrastructure and social services have gone to hell – and they’ve run out of money? Sure they “just print more” but they’ve been doing that for rather a long time now and the interest has to be paid….. perhaps they’ve reached that crux where the money coming in is no longer sufficient to pay the interest/daily accounts? With debt growing at $44,000 a second and interest paid at #1.5B a day – the empire’s wheels are finally (at last) grinding down to halt?

    Just a thought – ‘cos it seems to me they still posture and talk (a lot) but don’t actually do much.
    Also there was that report/article somewhere about planes not flying, boats in trouble, under/no maintenance, inadequate/poor training etc etc. Let’s just say – they don’t appear to be sitting pretty for the mightiest military ever seen and that overblown “defense budget.”

  • Sinbad2

    Never believe anything the Americans say.

  • Yeah, anything is possible. But, there is an option I never take into consideration. Namely, it is that Yankees have decided for helping restoring peace in war-torn ME. It’s utterly improbable – practically impossible.