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UPDATED. Another Lie By Zelenskiy: “Civilian Airport” In “Peaceful Vinnytsia” Turned Out To Be Ukrainian Military Air Base (Photos)

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UPDATED. Another Lie By Zelenskiy: "Civilian Airport" In "Peaceful Vinnytsia" Turned Out To Be Ukrainian Military Air Base (Photos)

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UPDATE: The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed that on March 6, a high-precision long-range weapon destroyed the airfield of the Ukrainian Air Force in Vinnytsia. Three Ukrainian Su-27 fighters and three UAVs were shot down by Russian air defense forces in the air.

On March 5 and 6, the Ukrainian Air Force lost 11 combat aircraft and 2 helicopters.

On March 6, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky once again found a reason to call for the “humanism” of his Western colleagues and demanded NATO to close the skies over Ukraine. The reason turned out to be another fake, which was revealed by the Ukrainian military.

During another video address Zelensky claimed:

“I have just been informed about the rocket attack on Vinnytsia. Eight missiles against our peaceful good Vinnytsia, which has never threatened Russia in any way. … An airport was completely destroyed . … We demand every day to close the sky over Ukraine. Close for all Russian missiles, for Russian combat aircraft, for all those terrorists. Make a humanitarian air zone. … This is your humanitarian duty. … This is also the responsibility of the politicians of the world and the entire West. Today and always, ” Zelensky said.


The video made by the UAF in Vinnytsia confirmed that the city region were hit with missiles.

However, the serviceman of the UAF with the call sign Ignat spoiled the performance of Zelenskiy about the civilian airport and “peaceful good Vinnytsia”, claiming that the military base at the Gavrishovka airfield was destroyed. 

The serviceman also claimed that the strike was made from the territory of Transnistria, what is very unlikely, as Russian forces could easily launch them from Crimea as well as fom the Black Sea.


The UAF claimed that the military base was under renovation and there were no military equipment. The photos made on March 3 by Google Earth proove the opposite. You can check and see Ukrainian aircraft using the following coordinates: 49 14’02”N 28 37’40″E:

UPDATED. Another Lie By Zelenskiy: "Civilian Airport" In "Peaceful Vinnytsia" Turned Out To Be Ukrainian Military Air Base (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

The lies by all Ukrainian officials confirm that the communication between the Ukrainian General Staff and local military commanders is on a very poor level, so that they cannot coordinate the fakes they are spreading.


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Another victory to the ukrainian air force ! they have succesfully baited Russia into destroying their planes so that they could determine where the russians are shooting from, what type and how many weapons they have, and also where Zelenskiy is hiding ! bravo !


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Peppe il Sicario

They’re all partying it up with Epstein and Dandy Prince Andy!!!

Yamil Perez

Can’t you share some underage hookers with me? Please, I was taped to a lamppost all night and drunken Azovites spanked my ass all night and inserted long cold metal pipes inside. Cockroach Putin bla bka bla




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Moscow, Russia, 13 October 2021 – Russia will take a leading role in shaping the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, leaders from the Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum announced the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia.

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A Russian field battery based on 15 light field artillery weapons wiped out in Kherson oblast. Russia should prevent to CIA to provide UAF satellite intelligence about where his weapons are stationed. Russia should destroy any telecommunication system both civil and military asset. No more android shit in Ukraine

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Not every ukrobot news are valid in fact most aren’t.


Do you have prompted evidence? Please If so share It!


when ukrop move lips only lgbt believe


you’re right when you wrote that any telecommunication system should be destroyed, it is so dangerous

Martin Rapavý

I support the no-fly zone over Ukraine, courtesy of Russia.


now how can i escape? do i have to dress as a woman to cross the border?

James Brown

That show biz fag Zelensky likes to cross dress anyway. So it’ll be easy.


The Google picture is date 4/3/2020 not 2022


You are correct; I just had a look. Good spot. Our host needs to update this article.


done!just Photoshop the date, takes 2mins. The Ukrainian shit heads do it all the time


So they removed the base in the middle of the armament of Ukraine? Nope. It’s a military base ofc, why would Russia have attacked it otherwise?

Cyric Vigilius

Zelensky is a pathological liar. However, once again we see that Russia’s first day or two of bombardment was not sufficient if this was missed. They should have done much more. Why did they think the government would collapse instantly?

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Are you aware that Ukrain is about the size of Texas? U.S. needed 3 weeks to take Baghdad and they pretty much carpet bombed everything that was moving.

Last edited 1 year ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

And just to add, the US forces numbered 390,000 and they bombed the country to rubble for a solid week before they went in.

Lesco Brandon

It took them 6 weeks to take Iraq


I hope this operation continues for 6 months to a year—half Ukraine will be a wasteland —their own doing, the other half Russia. the gringo NATO cowards will learn a very hard lesson—Russia cares nothing about Western Europe or the angloshere:our future is with civilized p-eoples in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America

Last edited 1 year ago by Yuri
Greetings From Danistan

Well said. Leader of the Australia One party gets it-https://rumble.com/vw4o18-riccardo-bosi-ukraine-is-the-head-of-the-snake-26222.html


A year! This is my favorite reality show, the Pentagon say ten to twenty seasons. My new Game of Thrones. Will the Evil Putin win? Or will the Noble Zelinsky and His mighty Ukrainian warriors prevail against the Russian Horde? High drama, tragedy, treason, light comedy, constant perfidity, lies, greed. Whats not to love, and its all free thanks to CNN ABC NBC CBS and of course special thanks to Nato, Zewlensky, Putin and the entire cast of Ukraine, Best Drama Award to MSM, please pass the tissue best tear jerker of the year. I hope for many more seasons, my new favorite show!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗🤡

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

A cruise missile a day keeps Azovisis away 🤗


“You can check and see Ukrainian aircraft using the following coordinates: 49 14’02”N 28 37’40″E” – in all fairness Google Earth satellite photos are not real time, just like Google Maps satellite photos are not. Notice for example there is no snow anywhere and in fact most of the images show quite a bit of green in farm fields (i.e. about a month past planting season), so looks like images probably from May (for sure planting season has not started yet this year, in fact there is a lot of concern about that) who knows what year.

Last edited 1 year ago by CalDre
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Glorious Ukropisstan 🤕


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Correction: Biden let me suck your wrinkly nuts pleasr.


Anyone noticing that hand drawn symbol on his shirt? Thats one confused bat shit crazy nazi jew.


Maybe a strategy he picked up from Soros?

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Is where you need to aim before you shoot.


And Putin wane negotiate with this guy. Only fool could trust and negotiate with Zelensky. Zelensky betrayed his country and Ukraine people


He knows what would happen to him. The crazies tortured and killed the Parliament member of their negotiating group who had suggested some years prior making peace with Russia.


gringo cowards cry like little girls—-try an incursion—-the nuclear trigger is on high alert…the longer the ukrops refuse to recognize reality the better for Russia—more territory lost and the creation of awareness that your uncivilized opinion is irrelevant—

Yamil Perez

My favorite performance today was from Vladimir Zhoga getting shot to death very beautifully. It was very realistic performance. He knows how to put on a show. But don’t tell anyone that he secretly became a buddhist monk too and fled to China too. Right, Scooby?

Hawaii guy

President Z is starting to sound like the old crackhead DC mayor. MARION BERRY! Where’s my coke bro, got to go on air and plead my case, haha.


RIP Ukraine 1991-2022.

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