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Another Ka-52 Attack Helicopter Crew Returns To Russia From Syria

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Another Ka-52 Attack Helicopter Crew Returns To Russia From Syria

FILE IMAGE: Marina Lystseva/TASS

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

A Russian transport aircraft brought the crew of a Kamov Ka-52 Aligator helicopter to a Russian military airfield after they accomplished their missions in Syria, the Russian defense ministry reported on Thursday.

“On Wednesday, the helicopter was prepared for transportation and loaded into an Ilyushin Il-76 military transport plane at the Hmeymim airfield,” the ministry said. “By now, the pilots and the helicopter have returned to their home base in Russia.”

According to the ministry, the crews continue to return from Syria. Fifteen aircraft, aircraft maintenance personnel and medics have already returned to Russia.

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Russian troops and air-force should stay put in Syria until every inch of Syria is completely liberated from the terrorists and their allies.

Wise Gandalf

Russians will not fight for united Sria. They promuse, hold out of help, but will not do. Wake up!

Feudalism Victory

Not militarily no but theres other levels

Wise Gandalf

Where russians were always weak. This is the sad reality.

John Whitehot

so far it’s only israel, the us and their dogs that stood put in syria.

that said, it has been repeatedly stated that the russians will keep planes in khmeinim and ships/marines in tartus.

planes and choppers going home means that the amount of combat tasks are decreasing, which no matter how much zionists and jihadists will except, means that the defeat of terrorism is nearing completion.

Feudalism Victory

Russia cant fight turkey and the us. That situation requires diplomacy.


Would be okay if Russia would sell Syria a decent air defense system. The US and its handler Israel can bomb at will. Russia has radically changed their attitude right after the US did it’s missile attack. Prior to that the Russians had warned of dire consequences if an attack was made but did nothing.
Since then the talk has disappeared, and now they are leaving. I smell a rat in this somewhere but can’t put a finger on it. Also remember the Putin, Netanyahu meet in Moscow. Having a grand time with Putin in the Victory Parade while Israel was bombing Syria. And no comments from Russia.
Wait and see I guess.

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