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Another Explosion Rocks Turkish-Occupied Areas In Syria’s Aleppo (Videos)

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On July 11 morning, a booby-trapped car exploded in the Turkish-occupied city of al-Bab in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

The car bomb blew up near the al-Bushi mosque, which is located on the city’s northern road. Videos shared by locals show the extensive material damage caused by the fairly large explosion.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least four people were injured in the car bomb attack.

Kurdish forces are usually accused of orchestrating such attacks in Turkish-occupied areas in northern countryside of Aleppo. Nevertheless, ISIS remains a key suspect. Last month, the terrorist group resumed its activity in these area. Its cells carried out at least three attacks.

The Turkish military and its proxies are not taking any serious steps to secure their areas in northern Aleppo. Now, these areas are witnessing a state of lawlessness.


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Jens Holm

I styill think using fx Allppo, Anbar or Homs with no details tell nothing about where things are and give no feeling and learning in geografy as well. Al Bab or fx Manbij are not related to Aleppo at all in my mind.

In by mind Aleppo province as well as fx Raqqa are related to the days of Osmans, where they not were divided into Turkey, Syria and for Raqqa even more of Eufrat in Iraq.

Its the same for Iraq. Those names used to entlight people is bad Geografi. I made sensem when there was no uprise and Turks wasnt there.

It also ignore any possible solutions, where one could be those wast areas such as parts of SDF and the Afrin, Idlibe, Azas and Al Bab areas as a solution partly could be their own.

I need the solution part in this Forum very much. Southfront of course are not repsible for that, but I do reflect allmost all here think they can win the socalled war and all aree loosers and dayli by turned off lifes, wounded forever and devastating dammage down to burning food even their is a great lack of it all over.

Maybee Im just an unimportant sideliner but I feel less and less for people living in this quagmire. I do have it about the Golan as well as the Westbank and for that matter Gaza and Israel.

Do any of this seldestruction has rights for attension anymore. The best solution seemes to be all the ones killing each other hardly knowing why kill each other kiils each pther, so the more then 10 millions Syrians, which are the peacefull normal part, can come home and do, as they did starting just after stoneage again.

I would like to help those homecommers but hardly none of the rest. Apart from the SDF kurds none of those people even has a program for any future. Very much also seemes to have started because 50% of the men and about 100% of the vomen had no jobs – same for the fiaskos in Bagdad and Teheran.

The main reason for a lot seemes to be those millions of little people are paind into licence to kill as agent 000 or being forced to and even children jobs are made.

Other stupid reasons could be that the many warwidows are cheep and by that You can buy a wife for almost nothing. The stupid reason of course is, that those women has no choise, because they are not allowed to support themselves(apart from in the SDF).

M.A. Lamett

Use goggle translation for good sake. You are like a mumbling drunkard!

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