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Another Example Of Thuggish And Unpunished Actions Of Russian Bureaucrats

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Another Example Of Thuggish And Unpunished Actions Of Russian Bureaucrats

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A shooting incident took place in the town of Kamyshlov in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast (region) on May 4.

According to reports and video evidence, a member of the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Dmitry Ionin used a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the courtyard of the hotel-restaurant “Lensky”.

Following the incident, police arrived the secene.

In own turn, Ionon claimed  via Facebook that someone alongside him “shot from a toy automatic rifle.” This is ridiculous.

The video clearly shows that Ionin opened a serial fire from an automatic rifle. The secene is surrounded by multiple family dwellings and is located near the children’s playground. The uploaded videos allow to see young children playing near the scene.

Another Example Of Thuggish And Unpunished Actions Of Russian Bureaucrats

Click to see the full-size image

The May 4 incident once again demonstrated an open disregard of the standards of public peace and moral from the part of the Russian bureaucracy, which considers itself the “new aristocracy”.

In April, SouthFront reported a shooting incident in the city of Kazan, when the man was filmed using a semi-automatic firearm in the city center, near the administrative building.

Unfortunately, in both cases, active participants of the incidents faced no real punishment.

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Starting a side project in Russian crime reporting and/or criticism of Russian bureaucracy?


Is this a threat ? :)


Of course not. This piece suggests an unexpected new editorial policy twist, and it prompts a new breed of comments, like the one below. You pick an isolated incident illustrating how power and money induces people to lose it, and then some commenters jump on it as a pretext to generalize. “Russia is a shithole,” etc. Russia is just a country like any other, regular people live there, with all the human imperfections. The so called friends of Russia (Saker, for instance) laud Russia on abandoning socialism and switching to capitalism, but this is exactly what capitalism does to people. They, some of them, get too much money and power and they lose it (others lose it over extreme immiseration). None of this would have been possible under socialism. Enough calumny is being heaped up on Russia, and I would not expect Southfront to contribute. Could this be due to their dwindling crowdfunding income?


i have always liked Russia and supported them in Ukraine and Syria! However i do have Russian friends, ive been there 3 times and spent a total of 6 weeks there! I know that 6 weeks doesnt mean shit, but it gives me a perspective!

Too much corruption! Illustrated by the ego of this cunt in the video! If this cunt in the video is a bureaucrat, then its a perfect example as to why Ukraine and Russian politics are almost as bad as each other!

Why is this piece of shit any different to Saakashvili or Berezovski? Because this CUNT is doing whatever the fuck he wants and he doesnt give a fuck about anyone else! Why does this cunt have power?

Russia does have corrupt politicians and you fuckin know that!
But so does other countries!
The difference is that NOBODY GETS AWAY WITH SHIT LIKE THIS in Australia, USA, Europe after it being caught on video! NOBODY!!
And nobody is dumb enough, powerful enough or egotistical enough to do such a thing anyway!

So if you want to defend this, start by explaining why the fuck it exists in the first place! How can people be so powerful that they can get away with this after it being caught on video?
How can someone be so powerful that he has the balls to do such a thing in a neighbourhood with kids being there?

Like i said, “White Niggers”!
Get rid of them and then u might get some respect!


You don’t know for sure he got away with it. I am not defending this. But you should keep your shirt on, and be careful in your choice of words. As for corruption, we learned from the best. America rules itself and the world, to the extent that it rules it, by corruption and violence alone.


This nut is a QAnon. Maybe he should enlighten us as to why Trump has never faced jail for collusion with mafiosos. Why?…because he was never prosecuted (and won’t be), just like the entire Bush admin. Affluenza is alive and well in the US. How many US pols have gotten away with rape, child abuse and conspiracy? The Franklin Scandal involved a whole lot of Repugs and was lead by top people in the GOP(midnight ‘tours’ of the WH), but national news ignored it. Even with documented evidence by reporters and investigators, the government investigators ruled it a hoax. Investigator Gary Caridori and his 6 YO son died when their plane blew up (due to a bomb). The FBI have been credited with his death by subsequent investigators. Then there’s this, concerning Paul Wellstone, practically the only one calling out Bush on Iraq… http://www.oilempire.us/wellstone.html Yeah, bureaucrats in the US are held to account.

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

” Maybe he should enlighten us as to why Trump has never faced jail for collusion with mafiosos”
There needs to be collusion with mafiosos first in order to serve a sentence.



“As for corruption, we learned from the best”
No, America learned from YOU! Russia!
Hence the push for national socialism and communism and censorship of what is called “hate speech”!

America was / is also hi-jacked by jews and is going through the same thing Russia did in 1915!
A Socialist Zionist Revolution is occurring!
Calls for National socialism and communism are occurring! Censorship of one type of speech and propaganda being pushed to confuse peoples ideologies (divide and conquer)
Pro transexual, Pro gender pronouns, Pro feminism, Pro Islam etc etc!
How can someone who supports feminism also support Islam at the same time? How can someone who supports LGBTQ also support Islam at the same time! Yet they do! This is divide and conquer! divide them all into competing ideologies and send the nation broke with socialist schemes and endless wars while the new Zionist HQ (which is easier to control) is being built and empowered! That new HQ is China!
The difference is that American people have guns and will fight for their rights!
Russians gave up quite easily because they did not stand up to the Tyrants!
Hence Russia became a Military state! A Jewish Military state!
All the bad things Russians did (even though they saved Europe) in WW2 was done by Jewish officers!
History is repeating itself in America! But they will fight back! Russians did not fight back OR did not fight enough!
So although America turned bad, they also are now turning good again! Because the idiots on this site dont know that there is an Intel war happening in the USA right now just as it did in russia that Put Putin back in charge and Russia back on the right track!
The CIA under Obama, Bush and Clintons were a Globalist Intel Agency that set fourth transferring industries, technology and wealth to China, place a digital spy grid, a social credit system and a President for life where nobody has rights and only one political party exists where nobody votes!
Easy to control!
This is what is occuring and it will be sitting right on Russia’s door step!
The same country who openly copies Russian technology and calls it a J-10!

They dont give a fuck!

This video is an example of what happens when you DONT pull all the weeds out! Russia needs America and America needs Russia because they are both Christian! Otherwise u have Atheist China ruling the World via Communism!

Putin and Trump are on the same page!
But Putin cant afford to allow America to have the Petro dollar anymore!

But i have a feeling that since Russia is full of oil and gas and America is full of oil and shale gas that these 2 christian nations can come together and change the world for the better! Just need to get the Jews out! Stop enriching the Chinese! Stop giving them our technologies! Stop selling them S-400’s and SU-35s so they can copy the engines!

People who think China invented new heat resistance tech are morons! They cant even make supercruise engines! They copy their tech from Russia and they steal tech through the Clinton pay for play server in her bathroom! Because thats the way the Globalists want it! They want a new Zionist HQ!

First the Zionists tried Russia and then created the Soviet Union! From what i hear, Christianity was practically outlawed (which is kind of happening in America now) and the word “russian” was also never used! “Soviet” was the word used! Nationlism was outlawed!

Then they tried the USA but the false flag attacks on kids in schools didnt stop Americans from relinquishing their guns! Politicians are expensive to corrupt! Creating dirt on them, laws for spying etc etc! Its all too much!

So a new plan! Turn China into a super power!
Enrich and control China and put the UN as the new head of the world (behind the scenes) but allow China to appear as the Tyrant nobody can stop!

America and Russia can stop this!
I believe they will!


I do not share your picture of how things are or were with Russia and the world. Also you sound completely manic and desperate. You think in terms of niggers and shitholes, in terms of fuckers and fuckees. Have a good life with all that dirt and the hearsay your “friends” provide! I am getting tired of this thread and am leaving town tomorrow. And what in the hell is this? “The false flag attacks on kids in schools didnt stop Americans from relinquishing their guns!” Americans have relinquished their guns! Well i’ll be…

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

“As for corruption, we learned from the best”
No, America learned from YOU! Russia!

……..you have got to be kidding me……..
Let me guess. American *ssholes on the road, also learned to drive like that from Russia…..

Anja Boettcher

Why should anybody in the world be interested in respect of an undeducated nation of imbeciles and cowardly massmurders?


So if it was good news from Russia, you was ok with that I guess.


This website is purported to be a frontline reporting source. God knows there is no dearth of frontlines. There is a long (and clinically meaningful) way from some guy shooting blanks into the air somewhere in Siberia to calling Russians the “white niggers” of the world, like one character on here does. He just kinda leapfrogged the distance. Why not stick to where people are actually getting killed? Why do i even have to explain? Is it not obvious?


Sticking to where journalists are actually getting killed, since they are the on the front line of the information war https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_Russia

Anja Boettcher

That’s what I suspected long ago: That all these apparently pro-Russian websites are meant to be traps, intended intoxicating the Russian collective psyche as well as to relations between Russians and non-Russians critical of hegemonial ‘western’ (US) policies. A classic divide and rule tool, nothing that had ever anything to do with the alleged intention to form bridges.

(Not that they are very successful, though. Majority of Germans have quitted long ago, after commenters crowded who regularly cheer up Nazism.)

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

I. have not seen. a more objective and level headed comment on Russia even since the Maidan fiasco.
I can not applaud this enough.


We all know why Russia is a shit hole now!
So is Ukraine a shit hole because of Russia?
We all know that Russia isnt a shit hole because of Ukraine!
Is this why Europeans hate Slavs?
Are they just simply an inferior race?
Are they the “Niggers” of white people?
Ive heard this before!
Some people say Armenians are the niggers of white people!
But i say, go straight to the source!
Its time we started calling low class Russians “Niggers”! Put them in their place!
Fuckin Niggers! Gulag slave cunt niggers who were elevated by Jews! (Shame)


Go to Lee Ho Fook’s, get a big dish of beef chow mein.


FO back to China, we don’t want your kind here.




It is usually a good thing to know something. So, good for “we all”!


been there!
My Russian friends made the name “white niggers” of their own people!
They educated me on Russia!
From pre WW1 Rothschilds killing the Tsar family, to the Jewish Takeover via Trotsky, Marx and Lenin (all German and British agents) and the Jewish funded Bolshevik takeover!

I know what Communism did to you!
i about the lifestyle you had!
I know how everyone lived off the breast of Russia and would sell each other out in order to get benefits and stay alive!

This breeds Niggers!
You became slaves!
You were the Jewish Soviet military state!

You have broken from this now but you still have jews at the table of power! Therefore you still have WHITE NIGGERS ruling your nation!

All the smart Russians died in the Gulag!



Putin is trying to fix this, but the Jews have too much power!


You’ve got some nasty friends pal. Be careful who you take your education from. Learning from Russians to hate Russians? A traitor to his own people is never a reliable friend or source of learning.



“Learning from Russians to hate Russians?”
Russians who hate soviet and jews!
Russians who hate Ukraine!
Russians who said “imagine growing up and you are wearing the same clothes as all of your friends because they were made in mass! Only choice you got was the colour! Imagine your neighbour trying to screw you over by telling shit you have to authorities only to have themselves benefit for policing their own neighbourhood! imagine living in a very cold and dark land where your survival depends on the government to give you all you need therefore you have to do all they tell you!”

They said a lot of Russians still think like this! It has been programmed into them and it will take a few generations to get it out! They said its like a cancer! Western people will never understand it!

He loved Russia pre 1915! Sends me photos of those days! How they were a great nation!

Says ukraine is like a little brother but u cannot trust them! They have always stabbed Russia in the back! Tells me that a lot of the Kremlin leaders are Ukrainian Jews!

He loves his country so much that he hates it! if u can understand that!

He believes that Russia is being used!
He believes that Russia is truly owned by the UK!
He believes that any country with a red flag and is communist is actually owned by the UK
He believes Communism is a British invention!
He admires the UK! How such a small country ruled the world!
He understands that the Russian Tsar stood up to Rothschilds plans of reserve banks and was murdered for it and Russia suffered from the take over!

He hates that Russians were brainwashed!

So if you understand what he hates and why he hates, you will see he is a patriot!


No you keep this “learning” all to yourself.


you care what i think!



We had a fine lifestyle under socialism. Russia never had communism – it was a distant goal. What am i to think of all this malarkey? Everyone a British or Jewish agent? Are you 10 years old? Get serious for god’s sake. You should read some books, or something. I don’t know where to start with you. And it’s useless, seeing that you run on misinformed righteous fury alone. Please stop polluting my mailbox with notices that you commented again.


I have history, logic Russians, Ukrainians, Videos and Pictures on my side!
What do you have?

I have friends (Andy from st petes, Lana from Karkov, 2 artems, one from Karkov and the other from Kiev, i have Valentina from Moscow, Zhana from Belarus, Yulya from St petes, Yana from Zaporazya AND MANY MORE) THEY ALL DISAGREE WITH YOU!!!

He now lives in the Dominican Republic!

His father built Medium Ranger Ballistic Missiles whilst his mother was the Equivalent to the “Surgeon General” in St Petersburg!
He would have been considered an upperclass russian!
This guy is so smart you wont believe it!

This guy will educate you!!

Your socialism came at a cost!
If you believe it was “fine” then you are one of the “programmed” people he talks about!

Let me guess, did you try to trade things to get better things?
Try hard to get a Western Video / movie?
Try hard to get certain western electronics?
You had to keep certain things you had a secret so others wouldnt find out?
If you didnt then u were not well off!

My friend from Ukraine said when he was a kid, they had to hide their stuff! Hide how much money they had! As a kid he loved life and was happy but his parents did their best to get them out!

So what you are telling me is that the Russians and the Ukrainians who moved to Australia with the same stories are full of shit?

Is that what u are telling me?

I have no problem putting my friend (or friends) into this chat and i will watch you have a bitch sessions and use google translate!
They will eat you alive!

Dude i can send you photos and videos that will embarrass you! Its ok to be proud of your country, but its not ok to ignore that u have a problem!
Why is Russia the only country who’s population decreased in the last 30 years?
Does that not illustrate to u something?

Do you know how many Russians live in my city?
They took over whole neighbourhoods and all their shops have Russian writing on the windows! they fled to better places!
Deal with it!
If they wanted warmer weather they wouldnt come to Melbourne, they’d go to Brisbane!


Everything comes at a cost, at least everything that’s worth anything. You sound manic. Next thing you’ll be shooting people up at the post office, or some synagogue, or the Russian embassy, or whatever happens to be emblematic of the object of your rage at the given time. Now get lost!


“They” one of them was well off! didnt even need to serve in the army!
The rest were as poor as hell! The entrance to their building was blacked out from fires and smelled of piss!
But the rich one is highly educated! He knows the difference between the Western mind and the Soviet mind! He knows you were slaves! You hate the Jews but you dont know why! You have all been programmed! You still suffer from this!
Dont worry youre not alone! When i was in thailand, a Russian guy (older, in his 50’s) was saying that “Stalin was good”! hahaha

OK so here i go, be honest! Was Stalin good?

This could be the question that finally shows your true colours!



Stalin was a great son of Russia, never mind his ethnicity.


“Stalin was a great son of Russia, never mind his ethnicity.”

Yep, that’s what i thought you’d say!
I rest my case!

(Remember he was a Georgian Jew and apart of the Bolshevik JEWISH gang that was funded by the Rothschilds to kill the Russian Tsar and bring Communism to your country!) I guess you do love Saakashvili and Berezovski after all!)


And you love him!

Like i said, you were brainwashed!
And 30 million people leaving your nation is all the proof i need!

We are done here!


Sounds like we are discussing hidden personal secrets here, bad ones. Are you are blackmailing me or something? What of what you have could possibly embarass me? Scenes of dazzling affluence from your emigre friends? The Soviet union was xtremely well stocked on electronics in the 1970s, my childhood and early teens decade. We craved expensive Soviet hi-fi turntables for the most part. I was raised by a solo mother, en engineer in a naval enginerering complex in a small town, i never saw a cent of child support from my father, and yet i never wanted. I do not wish to fight with these your famous friends but i’m not afraid. It’s just going to be a “shut up!” “No you shut up!” kind of “discussion.” Their life went its way, and mine has gone its own course. What is there to discuss! And what is there to fight about?


Wow, this paragraph sounds like a surrender! Is that what you did when the Bolshevik gang arrived? Must be in your blood!

” i never saw a cent of child support from my father”

Lets be completely honest shall we! No single mother gets child support from the father of the child! Even today! Thats why most of these women are doing Web Cam sex!
Why are women selling themselves for sex in Moscow to pay the rent? not prostitutes but just normal women who cant pay their rent! WHY? Then they get pregnant! Then nobody pays support! A vicious cycle!

Governments dont give out financial support to anybody except for pensioners! They raised the age for that! They CERTAINLY dont give out money to unemployed nor single mothers! So lets be honest! The drunk Fathers leave their pregnant mistress to herself and she does what she needs to do to survive! i know this, u know this! What does that breed in Russia?
Why do i say this? Because the same thing happens in the USA!
Black single mothers!
But they get food stamps! Your women sell themselves on the street, do web cam sex or eat out of rubbish bins (which i have seen)!

And you love this?
You love your country that has the worlds MOST natural resources! You are the richest nation in the world and yet your society is shit!

Thank God Putin is bringing back the Orthodox Church (which is also Corrupt) your high Priest has to photoshop his expensive watches out of his photos! But still i believe Putin is doing a good job! i like him a lot! the whole world likes him!

But dont sit here and tell me your country isnt a shit hole!
Single mothers, prostitution, poor living conditions, no financial support ye the richest nation in the world!

And u trying to tell me corruption doesnt exist?
u trying to tell me its not a shit hole?
u trying to tell me these women who whore themselves, drunk bumbs and corrupt politicians arent WHITE NIGGERS?
Ive seen better systems in Africa!

So dont tell me your country is great! i live in a great country and i still hate what we do!

Yet u trying to tell me Russia is great?

Russia was AWESOME pre 1915
Then you were slaves!
now u are brain washed white niggers!
But Putin is saving you!
Thank god for Putin!

Truth hurts dont it!


Not trying to shock!
Ive already done my job :)
i just exposed the Soviet mindset! thank you for illustrating this out in the open! Did u love the Gulags too? did u love your Jewish Kremlin? did u love what they did to all of the smart people in Russia who posed a threat?
Did u love not being able to openly follow christianity?
Did u love wearing the same clothes as your friends?
Did you love 30 million people fleeing your nation as soon as they got the chance to do so?
Do u love being the richest nation in the world who just raised the retirement age?
Do u love having no govt child support?
Do u love getting really sick and using remedies to cure yourself rather than seeing a Doctor?
Do you love your public medical places that look more like a poor orphanage?

But no matter what, u will still love your country because u think that being loyal matters! Even tho your country has fucked you over!

YES, they fucked you over! Richest nations shouldnt fuck over their own citizens! Richest nations dont lose30 million people in 30 years!
Richest nations dont have leaders with billion dollar homes whilst having piss smelling apartments and no financial support!

You proud of this? You wanna be loyal to this? Go ahead, be loyal! Be dumb and loyal! Just like a dog! woof woof white nigger! Good slave!

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

Ive already done my job

Job being the keyword there.
What’s it like working for Kiev?


i am against Kiev!
i support Russia and have done since the Maidan in 2014!
Again u are like a child wondering into a conversation u know nothing about!
This guy MISH likes Jews!
Supports them!
Defends the guy shooting his AK in a playground!
He Loves Stalin even though he knows he is a Georgian Jew!
So if u are mainstream pro Russia and Pro SAA on this website, why are u defending a guy who is Pro Communism (said so in his own words) loves Stalin and defends the guy in the video shooting an AK near kids?

Did you just wonder into this conversation with your head up your ass or do u actually believe in what he believes too?
If you do, u came to the wrong site!

comment image


I said you had some nasty friends. This only applies to people who actually live in Russia and badmouthe their homeland. Those who have left, let them blather all they want. They have a vested interest in putting down Russia and the Soviet Union, to justify their life choice.


They love Russia! They hated the soviet Union!
You love both!
Thats the difference between you and them!

Most Germans love Germany but hate the NAZI Party!
Some of the dumb fuckers (like you) Like the NAZI Party and Germany!

Guess which one you are in this analogy?



MISH: “Stalin was a great son of Russia, never mind his ethnicity.”

Russian friends who left Russia: “The older generation were brainwashed dude! They think Stalin was good. Stalin sent a lot of good people to the Gulag”

1. you are one of the brainwashed!
2. 30million people left your country (only nation in the world who’s population DECREASED)
3. U defend this asshole in the video (you also ASSUMED he was using blanks) Even though the neighbourhood and the children 10 feet away wouldnt know if he had bullets of not!
4. You defend this asshole, u love stalin and your population decreased and RUSSIANS say Russians were programmed (brainwashed) by Communism!



“This guy will educate you!! They will eat you alive!” Nice friends. First they educate, then they eat you alive. No, thanks!


Worst play on words ive seen! You are butt hurt to attack a commonly used phrase “eaten alive”!
Why did you steep down to being a “Phrase nazi”?
Cant i use phrases such as “whats good for the goose is good for the gander, cant see the forrest for the trees, shit all over you, bitch slap”
Whats wrong with those phrases?

OK i translate for you Mr. Politically Correct Communist!
Eaten alive actually means “they will educate you on all that you think is to be right to be in fact wrong”!

How does that sound?



Wow, you bring such a crowd of individuals to bear upon me! Thanks for the info!


Thats plenty to lean on! I notice you havent attacked my history lesson either so there must be things u agree with!
As i said i support Russia in these wars because the enemy of my enemy is my friend!
U still havent come up with a good reason for defending this moron in the video! U seem to love ur russia so much that u turn a blin eye to the shit! Come on, i know first hand how shit it is! ive been to the neighbourhoods where the building entrances are blacked out from burning fires and smelling of piss! I been up those little elevators that can only fit one person and sound like the rope and pulley is about to break!
Dont tell me your country isnt a shit hold when i can upload video to prove it!
This guy doing what he did in this video goes along with all i saw! Drunks, bums, poor hospitals! Yet u have the most resources in the world!
U can blame other countries thats fine but in truth there is only 2 things u can blame!
Communism brought in by the Jews who took over your nation and your weak people not fighting back hard enough! And the second is corruption!

Illustrated above!

i KNOW your country is a shit hole! I live in australia! i know the difference clearly!

And its because of dumb asses like u and this fuck head in the video!


There are too many things wrong with your “history lesson.” Can’t even touch it, it stinks. So long! I’ll be offline the next few days


Smart enough to get the fuck out and live a nice life where MANY russians now live!
Dont forget you are the only country in the world who’s population DECREASED in the last 30 years! You lost 30 million people!

Those who could afford to get out, got out!

So dont tell me my arguments arnt substantial or compelling!
I have FACTS on my side as well as Russians!

Every single person on this site is WELCOME to travel to russia and see it for themselves!

But i must say, when i went in 2007 and then again in 2016, the difference is huge!
Not as many drunks or bums on the street! Many McDonalds now i notice (used to be only one in St Petes)! I remember seeing good looking women wearing adevrtising signs on them in the street! Such a shame!

I remember walking down the street and seeing a 10/10 female walking in her high heels. she was breath taking, then she turns left into a building that smelled like piss!

The richest nation in the world and u got CUNTS like this guy in the video, no financial support, raising the retirement age, women selling themselves to pay rent, web cam sex whores and single mothers who’s goverments do not find or try to find the fathers to make them pay child support!

From what i have learned, Women work and men stay home!
Of course thats not the majority! But it is a regular occurrence!
SHAME on your men! SHAME!

HENCE “White Niggers”!

P.S i love Putin! thank God for Putin!


I find that i cannot hate you or even be mad at you. You live in a fantasy world with your own reality and your own history. And you are conversing with some fantasy person here, not me. Most of what you say is just too far off the mark. Congrats though. You have suceeded in embarassing me. Now i’m embarassed to have tried to talk to you like a human being, as if you were one, and embarassed to have posted so many comments when i should not have posted any. Anyway, i thought you guys in the west and places adjacent to the west appreciated diversity. We could agree to differ, i.e. be diverse.


We both Believe Russia is doing the right thing in Syria and Ukraine!
We both believe Russia is stopping the monopolar world and is the only country capable of doing so!
We both agree Putin is a great leader!

But we both disagree on Russia being a “Shit Hole”
You love Jewish Stalin who was apart of the Rothschild Jewish Bolshevik Gang!
I think he was one of the reasonS why you became White Niggers! (GULAG SLAVES)

You see :)
There u have it! Agree in some areas and disagree in others!

You defend the asshole in the video and i dont!
You even said “he was probably using blanks” LIKE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IF HE WAS!
Do u think the neighbours know if he is using blanks? Or the little kids on the play ground just 10 feet away!



AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

Ignore him man.
I went through a few of his posts and one thing is clear:
he is either a troll
or brainwashed beyond repair


i am more pro russia than him!
He liked Communism
He LOVED Stalin (his own words)
He defended this guy shooting his AK-47 in a playground!

And you defend him!

i am Pro Russia and Pro Putin!

So where the fuck do you stand in all this?
Do u see me as a bully?
Maybe u should find out what our stances are first!



comment image


comment image


I know what, fool? Where do you get the chutspah to pose as Mr. Knowitall?


my love of “wanting to know all”!

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

Not enough explanation points or capital letters.
The post did not seem pressing enough


you need the whole conversation in context!
Let me give you the short cut you want!
Look below and then maybe u will understand why he defends the guy with the gun in the video!
comment image

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

A bit of an emotional response there, don’t ya think?
I am honestly just concerned and want to make sure you did not choke on all that foam coming out of your mouth as you typed this…


you should read my other posts on this same page!

Tommy Jensen

Socialist speaking? “Further the automatic riffle were 2cm too long and didn’t comply with due regulations punishable with 6 month on parole and 5000 rubles”. “The lazy aristocratic Russian police didn’t do anything on this too”.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Bit of a prick.
Should made to clean toilets and put on a good citizen course.


Bureaucracy always fancies itself the new aristocracy, regardless of which country or company. They always think of themselves as elevated above the common folk or workplace. In part because anyone who is genuinely willing to help people or do actual work never lasts that long in the job. They either quit or are made to quit. So only a certain type of people remain.


What charges were brought against Dick Cheney for shooting someone?

S Melanson

What kind of article is this? Sort of like a drive by shooting, with Russia the intended target. I have criticized Russia but regarding specific policy choices that I think should be rethought. But this article is like a cheap shot, I mean, really. How many nations police forces have not acted in this way at times (some would say all the time) – to serve and protect the important people by enforcing the law to keep the little people in line. Rich and powerful are treated differently than the weak and poor, this. Is a very old story.


The guy was probably shooting blanks, no one was hurt, and the police did respond. He has immunity, being an MP, so they will probably file a complaint against him. Big fking deal. But apparently it is to some commenters who are seething with blind rage against Russia for some reason.


Anyone thinking the US is better than this should google the word ‘affluenza’ in regard to a legal defense.

Harry Smith

The most spicy moment, this guy is leftist from “Spravedlivaya Rossija”. Another example how it may be if leftists ban the civil guns.

AmounRah ✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

The article should have been titled:
HEY GUYS! We found another thing we want to point out to stick with the ‘Russia bad’ narrative! I mean, who cares about the details, the most important thing that someone that looks bad happened in Russia and we get to use those soundbites we are supposed to use again! yeeeyyy!

I know it’s probably longer than a professional title but shouldn’t the title be more-or-less an honest summary of what the article is about??

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