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JUNE 2023

Another Day Of Still Local War In Eastern Europe

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In the afternoon of February 19 and on the night of February 20, the Ukrainian army continued its attacks in the direction of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The artillery cannonade does not calm down. Around 1 a.m. on February 20, the southwest of Donetsk was subjected to heavy artillery fire. As a result of the shelling, another section of the gas pipeline on the outskirts of the city in the village of Ivanovka, the Kievsky district, that located on the bypass road that connects Peace Avenue and Kievsky Avenue, was hit. In the city center, Kirovsky district, Petrovsky district, near Donetsk airport, Makeyevka, Gvardeika, strong cannonade was also heard. After a short lull by 2 a.m., the shelling of Staromikhailovka village with heavy weapons resumed. There are numerous video and photo footage from the ground.

The situation is similar in Luhansk. Shots can be heard on the outskirts of the city and in the center.

Self-defense forces’ armored vehicles are moving in the streets of Donetsk. Ukrainian sabotage groups are operating in the city. At this moment there is fighting on Stratonavtov Street.

Earlier, on February 19, a Ukrainian saboteur who participated in the February 18 blowing up of the car of the head of the DNR People’s Militia in the city center was detained. He gave extensive testimony denouncing Kiev’s terrorist activities.

Footage was also published of the discovery and neutralization of a car filled with 200 kilograms of TNT equivalent explosives, which the Ukrainian saboteurs had planned to blow up under a bridge while a convoy of buses with women and children being evacuated to Russia was passing through.

Another Day Of Still Local War In Eastern Europe

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, it is the residents of Donbass who are responsible for all of these actions, and the Ukrainian army has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, the saturation of Ukraine with NATO weapons continues. Another C-130 aircraft filled with “military aid” to Ukraine from Canada. Rifles, assault rifles with telescopic sights, night-vision and surveillance equipment were unloaded at the airport in Kyiv (Boryspil) a few hours ago.

In the Rostov region of Russia, a state of emergency has been declared on Feb. 19, and in the Voronezh and Volgograd regions of Russia, a state of high alert have been also declared.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who is leaving his post this year, said that all signs “indicate that Moscow is ready for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He is probably right about the current situation. Russia is not left with a chance to stand aside. It is surprising that Moscow is still trying to bring Kiev to its senses through diplomatic efforts.

At the same time, since the night of February 19, the armed units of the unrecognized republics began to actively respond to Kiev’s aggression. As a result of the counter-artillery fight, several firing positions of the Ukrainian army were destroyed and about 10 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed and wounded.

Residents of areas in Donbass that are under Kiev’s control publicly accuse the Ukrainian military of being the ones destroying their homes, not “Putin. Ukrainian journalists film all of this while the military walks by dejectedly.

For its part, the Russian Federation continues to return previously withdrawn units to the areas bordering Ukraine. There is video evidence of the movement of heavy artillery and tactical missile systems. Front-line aviation is concentrating on airfields for hopping.

Another Day Of Still Local War In Eastern Europe


A full-scale war would be catastrophic for the entire region, including Western European countries and, of course, Russia. Amid of the ongoing events, it is the leadership of the core European states that must make a difficult decision whether to stop the aggression of Ukraine, namely to go against the intentions of the Washington elites and their satellites to wage war at any cost or follow meekly to the slaughter. Unfortunately, being watched the actions of, for example, the German leadership; it is hard to believe in the first.


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Karl Wolfe

The German “leadership” has been castrated by the NeoCons and 70 years of anti-German propaganda and Slander. Sooner or later it will come to be their turn once again in the meat grinder to serve the War Pigs with their deaths: that is the only thing that pleases the Satanic canal in DC and Davos. Jesus was really whom He claimed to be. Boy are you scumbag war pigs going to pay. I look Forward to the time. So forward.


What “leadership”? German people are not violent. Like most people in the entire world they want to live in peace and dignity. Most people don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes. The so called “pandemic” has opened some eyes. The smart ones leave the country (around 200’000 each year). They go to countries offering them more personal freedoms, regardless of the country’s economical and social status. They don’t mind a poorer or “underdeveloped” country. They don’t see it like that. They feel happier with a simpler life where **they** can decide how to run **their** life and not the corrupt government.

the end

False, a blatant lie. Everyone is guilty, since they elected these bastards on the throne in the first place. If you want, go and pick out the exceptions.


Therein lies the rub. Democracy only gives the illusion of choice. You only have a choice of the lessor evils. So this is what you get.


Ty granáty poslala tato pani : https://www.janacernochova.cz/o-mne/


Imagine being a country like Russia, having colossal capacity to defend your nation and your people, but then not doing it and just watching as your people are bombarded and your country surrounded… Will Russia awake or die in it’s sleep? Or maybe by the time they wake up it’s already too late.

I hope Russia does not allow this to pass otherwise the world will just suffer more under the mandate of the self-chosen terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivanus59

At the moment Putin is handling the situation just right,let the Nazis in Kiev and their American puppet masters make the first move,they hate it because he won’t start the war they want,they are crying and raging with frustration. LOL!!

Reactionary Monarcho-Socialist Metalhead

Trudeau’s diary:

Ukrainian far-right = good Canadian far-right = bad


Depicting the Canadian Truckers as “far right” is outright Hate speech they only want not to be jabbed and protest against it PEACEFULLY and NOT slaughter Women and Children.


It’s time to quit blaming everything the Ukraine government does on “the west”.

If your country and people were not corrupt this wouldn’t be happening, no matter what the influence.

Christian J. Chuba

1. Will flooding a poor country like Ukraine with ‘small arms’ ever come back to haunt the U.S. / EU? The U.S. (maybe), the E.U. (yes) – I bet many of them are drooling over how much money they could get for a few of those crates. 2. What is Putin’s plan? Evacuate or is he arming Donbas / Luhansk.

Yamil Perez

He’s probably right about the invasion, Scooby. Putin is so predictable that he bores me to death. If he can bore as many other Ukranians soldiers to death just like me then maybe he’ll have more chances of winning quick enough without destroying the entire economy of Mother Russia.

James USA

Our government is pushing the Ukraine President to attack the Eastern break away provinces to goad Russia into intervening militarily so the sanction of stopping Nord Stream 2 pipeline can go into effect. Once that happens our USA gas and oil companies can sell Germany and the rest of Europe natural gas at twice the price!


only that Germany going bankrupt at these prices. This will be the death sentence for German economy


Like Putin wants to turn the Ukraine into another Syria. Sorry to disappoint the Pentagon but this project just isn’t going to happen.

peter mcloughlin

Yes, it is “still only a local war” – for now. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/

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