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Another Day, Another Attack On U.S. Forces In Syria

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Another Day, Another Attack On U.S. Forces In Syria

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On July 13, Syrian Arab News Agency reported a new attack on the military base in al-Omar oil fields that is hosting US troops in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside .

Local sources told SANA that “columns of smoke rose from the vicinity of the US occupation base in al-Omar oil field, without any information about the volume of the losses.’’

Another attack took place on July 11, when missiles targeted the same base. No details on casualties or material damage were provided. The attack was due to a “home-made missile”, believed to have been fired from areas controlled by Iranian-backed militias in western Euphrates, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Rocket attacks on military bases hosting U.S. forces in Syria became a daily routine.

Iranian-backed forces deployed in the Syrian government-held part of Deir Ezzor were reportedly behind all recent attacks on U.S. bases in al-Omar and CONICO.

The resent escalation is a result of the June 27 US strikes on positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Four Iraqi fighters were killed in the strikes.

Another Day, Another Attack On U.S. Forces In Syria

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Amid the on-going attacks on its facilities, the US-led coalition has recently sent more than 20 military vehicles to the Al-Omar oil and Conico gas field from the Rmelan military base in Hasakah.

According to some sources, the United States has allegedly begun deploying air defense systems at its base at the Conico gas plant northeast of Deir Ezzor, days after the installation of an air defense system in the al-Omar oil fields.

“The air defense system includes shoulder-mounted missiles and other special flight control systems to counter any new attacks,” the sources said Raialyoum news agency.

Meanwhile, new reinforcement arrived to Hasakah governorate. According to SANA, a convoy of the US vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistic equipment has entered the Syrian territory through al-Walid illegitimate crossing coming from the Iraqi territory to support the occupation’s military bases in Hasaka countryside. It reportedly consisted of 37 trucks, in addition to three trailers carrying new armored military vehicles and eight other trailers loaded with huge camouflaged boxes.

This is the second large reinforcement during a week. On July 7th, a convoy of 44 US occupation vehicles entered the Syrian territory through al-Walid crossing including oil tankers, refrigerated tankers and trailers carrying bulldozers.


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Exactly how it should be. Multiple attacks each day until americans get tired of filling body bags and losing money. They assume their illegal occupation will last forever?

Marcelo Rodriguez

Estos convoyes que traen material logístico para las Fuerzas Armadas de los EE.UU, deben ser también blancos de los ataques de la resistencia, colocando a su paso IED y trampas explosivas, se deben intensificar los ataques hacía los campos petroleros, y de gas ocupados por las fuerzas extranjeras. Así como bases e instalaciones de suministro de energía, provocando la ira de los pobladores locales, que se levantarán en contra de las fuerzas de ocupación.


F*ck off – English please!

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